15 July 2016

Lucy Jessie Norman 1856-1924

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album


This is the best I could do with this photo, it didn’t scan well and obviously my knowledge of PhotoShop is not as good as I thought it was! Someone had done a bit of colouring with what looks like a crayon so that didn’t help either.

I can’t say with 100% certainty that this is a photo of Lucy Jessie Norman but from what is written on the back it seems quite likely. Someone named L J N was sending it to W W Clifford and as William Wigram Clifford was Lucy Jessie Norman’s future husband it seems she was sending him a photo of herself while she was either living in or visiting Lausanne in Switzerland in 1874, they were married on the 19 Oct 1876 in Jhansi, Bengal, India.

Lucy would have been aged 19 when this photo was taken, she was born in India about 1855, unfortunately a birth or baptism for her doesn’t seem to exist so that’s why it took me so long to unearth just who L J N was. Luckily I finally came across her marriage certificate that showed her father was Sir Francis Booth Norman, presumably her mother was his first wife Eliza Ellen neé Nisbett.

As far as I know William & Lucy Clifford had seven children, they were:- Frank Robert; Paul Adams; Lucy Emilia; Norman Hopper; William Patrick; Edith Melville and Maud Mary.

Sometime soon after Maud Mary was born in 1890 the family emigrated to the South Island of New Zealand where they settled in Timaru.

William died on the 7 Jan 1920 and Lucy on the 24 Apr 1924, they are buried together in the Timaru Cemetery in Canterbury, New Zealand.


Dawn Scotting

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