29 April 2009

Samuel Smith & Maria Isabel Stephenson of Ballymena, Dunedin

I currently have in my possession a really lovely old photograph album, on loan. The owner thought we might be able to find a descendant to pass it onto. Again there is not much information as to who most of the photographs in the album are of but we think the above couple are the original owners, probably Maria in particular.

album-front-cover album-page1

This is the photograph I started with, I've darkened the headstone to read the inscription. All I could read for sure is 'New Zealand' in the middle of the cross and the words 'Gunner R. A. S. SMITH'.


From the rest of the photo I knew that it was a cemetery for the War Fallen - but where? Thank goodness for the CWGC website where I found this (and thank goodness for Robert having three given names, Robert Smith would never have worked!):-


Interesting to note that the Brookwood Cemetery is the largest in the UK and that a military cemetery was added to Brookwood in 1917 and contains some of the dead from both World Wars as well as those who died in the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic. The land was set aside during WWI to provide a burial site for men and women of Commonwealth and American armed forces who died in the UK of wounds.

Robert Alexander Stephenson Smith was born in NZ in 1888 and this photo identifies him on the back as Robert Smith of High St, Ballymena, Dunedin. The second one has nothing written on it but I think it is most probably him with his mother. These are the only two photos of a child in the album.

robert-smith-blog robert-smith-with-mother-ma


Might this be an older Robert? On the back is written an address and the price of £16 which seems like a lot of money to pay for a photograph in those days, perhaps someone special to the album owner?

samuel-smith-blog  maria-isabel-blog

This couple were the first two in the album and as the lovely young woman looks like the one holding the baby I think this is Samuel Smith and his wife Maria Isabel nee Stephenson. John Richard Morris, the photographer, arrived in Dunedin in 1869 and in the early years of his photography business was partnered with a Mr Clifford but it seems he later branched out on his own which seems to fit in with the date of Samuel & Maria's marriage in 1887.

Evening Post, Vol 24, Issue 91, 14 Oct 1887, page 2


So now we know that Samuel Smith was Irish and that their home was probably called Ballymena after the Ballymena in Ireland. Actually I already knew Samuel was from Ireland because of this next photo, not a good photo at all but I was able to enlarge the headstone enough for it to be legible:-

samuel-smith-grave-blog samuel-smith-grave-enlarged

His headstone couldn't have been better! Which took me to the NSW BMD website to look for his death:-


then back to the NZ newspapers of the time:-

Otago Witness, Issue 2254, 13 May 1897, Page 31


From his listing in the NSW Deaths I was able to find a submission to the IGI on his birth and death in Parramatta, his parents were give as James Smith and Eliza Denison nee Taylor.

As far as I can see Samuel & Maria Isabel didn't have any other children. So Maria was left a widow after 10 years of marriage and son Robert was only 8 or 9 when his father died. Twenty one years later she was to lose Robert also. She never remarried and she died in 1957 aged 93.

One other photo in the album has a connection to Samuel, this one was taken in Coleraine, Ireland but again nothing to say who they are, possibly his parents and a sister although the two women don't look to be that far apart in age.

three-unknowns-in-Coleraine samuel-&-George-blog 

Lastly we have Samuel Smith with an unknown man, looks to have been taken the same day as the one of Samuel by himself (above).

This is a view of Ballymena House in High St, Dunedin, quite possibly the home of Samuel & Maria Smith.

Next time we well explore the Stevenson Family of whom there seems to be quite a few photographs.


Dawn Scotting


26 April 2009

Mary Josephine Lonergan

Josephine Lonergan
Mr Wright Aug 1919
Bessie August 1919
Chester Summer 1916
Cannes March 1919

These few details I found inside a small early 1900's photograph album that held 91 very small black & white candid photographs. Not much to go on to find out who this family were but nevertheless I wanted to give it a go.

I searched on FreeBMD for a Josephine Lonergan, absolutely no luck at all. I searched in the 1901 census, again no luck. Then I took all the photos out of the album to look at the backs and on the last page I found hidden underneath the last photo another five small photos plus a small business card:-


The five photos were all of this man with five young women, they were all dressed in black and he had a black armband so fairly obvious the photos were taken at a funeral wake. I didn't have much luck finding out who Mr A M Gregg was either. On the CWGC website I did find an entry for an Arthur Malcolm Gregg who died in 1942 aged 23, he was a pilot in the Royal Air Force 273 Sqdn. However, I realised the dates didn't fit as he wouldn't have been born when most of these photos were taken.

I wondered why the five photos and the card had been hidden because they really didn't seem to me to have been something someone shouldn't have. An affair of the heart perhaps? So in a burst of new enthusiasm I searched FreeBMD for a marriage between a Lonergan and a Gregg - BINGO!

Marriages Dec 1925
Gregg Arthur M Lonergan W.Derby 8b 775
Lonergan Mary J Gregg W Derby 8b 775

Now I'm onto something, Mary Josephine Lonergan perhaps?

Births Mar 1890
Lonergan Mary Josephine W. Derby 8b 496

Yes! Next onto the census, no luck couldn't find Josephine in any census, tried all sorts of spellings. By now I'm just about to give up and put the album away for another year when I decided to have a look at the 1911 census and found her on the first search!


So now I know where she was born and who her parents were I look again in the earlier census and find them in 1881, 1891 & 1901. They were listed in the index under Lavergne in 1891 and Lanagan in 1901!

Source Citation: Class: RG12; Piece: 2983; Folio 58; Page 54; GSU roll: 6098093.


Source Citation: Class: RG13; Piece: 3446; Folio: 68; Page: 20.


Here we have rather a large family of girls, in 1881 there were just two - Annie 4 & Theresa 2.

In 1891 the family had grown to - Bella 14 (Annie Isabella), Theresa 12, Agnes 9, Margaret 6 (Margaret Mary), Gertrude 4 & Josephine 1 (Mary Josephine).

In 1901 Bella & Margaret had moved away from home and there was a new daughter May aged 8.

The same five daughters were all still living at home in 1911 & single. If I have the right family then these are the five daughters:-


But then again they could be five of any of the seven daughters because I think the funeral might have been for their father who died in the first quarter of 1919. The man with the black armband is probably home from the war on compassionate leave, even though the fighting had stopped just a few months before, the final Peace Treaty wasn't signed until June 1919.

Father, Patrick Lonergan (or Lonegan) was born in Ireland about 1850, he married Annie Leadbetter in 1874 in the Prescott registration district of Lancashire, he died aged 68 in 1919. Patrick was a gardener and the family were living in Great Crosby, Lancashire at varying addresses in each census.

Bella the eldest daughter I found in the 1901 census living in Everton, Lancs, with her one month old daughter Dorothy Josephine, lost sight of Bella after that.

Daughter Margaret was 16 in 1901 and working as a childrens' nurse in Southport, Lancs, nothing further found on her either.

Daughter Theresa married James Long in 1925.

Daughter Gertrude married James A Lutas in 1914.

Daughter Josephine married Arthur M Gregg in 1925.

Daughter May might have married Frank Cole in 1922.

The following photos are just a few of the 96 in the album showing a cross section of the people in it. I would dearly love to find someone connected to this family to pass the album onto, surely there are a few descendants from so many daughters. I have no idea how the album ended up in NZ, a search of the NZ records turns up nothing that I can see.










That's a third of the photos, perhaps I'll post the rest another day and keep my fingers crossed that someone somewhere someday may stumble across my blog and recognise them.

What I know of the Lonergan Family Tree can be seen on WorldConnect here.


Dawn Scotting


25 April 2009

Philip Kennedy Scott Pasley 1884-1974


philip-pasley-front-blog philip-pasley-back-blog

  • Subject: Philip Kennedy Scott Pasley
  • Date: April 1885
  • Photographer: Hemus & Hanna, Queen St, Auckland
  • Found: Milton, South Otago

Philip Kennedy Scott Pasley was born in Napier on the 30 May 1884, his parents were Robert Charles Pasley & Eliza nee Thomson. Philip married Edith Muriel Clark in 1914, he died 1974 and Edith in 1967 aged 78. That is all I know about Philip although there is more to tell about the Pasley family.

Back in 1797 George & Anna Pasley were living in India where their son, Gilbert John, was born on 23 Oct 1797. Gilbert John was to become a Colonel in the army, in HM 49th Regiment, in later life. He married Amelia Kennedy, date & place unknown, and they had a family of four boys & two girls (that I know of), the eldest four were also born in India. The two youngest were born in Somerset where the family were living by the 1841 census.

Class: HO107; Piece 931; Book: 13; Civil Parish: Lyncombe and Widcombe; County: Somerset; Enum Dist: 5; Folio: 46; Page: 19; Line: 21; GSU roll: 474593


Gilbert John Pasley died in 1846 and his wife Amelia in 1891. The family were still living in the same house in the 1851 census and the unnamed male baby aged 12 days in 1841 turned out to be Robert Charles born on the 25 May 1841 (or thereabouts).

Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 1942; Folio: 143; Page: 14; GSU roll: 221101.
Civil Parish: Lyncombe and Widcombe 
County/Island: Somerset 
Name Age
Amelia Pasley 40 
Edward W Pasley 15 
Anne Jane Pasley 12 
Robert C Pasley 9 
Amelia E Pasley 5

By 1876 Robert Charles had migrated to NZ where he married Eliza Thomson. One of Robert's brothers, Edward William had migrated to NZ on board the vessel 'Maori' at the end of 1851 so perhaps Robert was on board also although neither of them are listed in the ship's passenger list.

Robert Charles & Eliza had a family of three daughters & one son:

Helen Edith 23 Jul 1877-1972
Ethel May 1879-1964
Mildred Amelia 1880 m Charles Hebdon Gregory 1905
Philip Kennedy Scott 30 May 1884-1974

In various editions of the Marlborough Express newspaper I found mention of Robert Charles being the Goverment Scab/Sheep Inspector. Then this in 1892:

Marlborough Express, Volume XXVIII, Issue 292, 12 December 1892, Page 2.
Pasley.— At "Highland Home," Ballater, Aberdeenshire, on the 18th October, 1892, Robert Charles Pasley, youngest son of the late Col. Pasley,  H.M.49th Regiment. Aged 51 years.

It seems he was visiting another brother, George Boles Pasley, in Scotland at the time of his death.


He had been afflicted with Addisons Disease 20 mths earlier and I suspect he wanted to visit family in the UK. His wife Eliza must have been with him at the time as I found her returning to NZ a month later:-

Name: Mrs R C PASLEY 
Date of departure: 23 November 1892   
Port of departure: London  
Passenger destination port: Auckland, New Zealand  
Sex: Female 
Occupation: Lady 
Ship: ARAWA 
Master's name: John Stuart
Steamship Line: Shaw Savill & Albion Co Ltd
Where bound: New Zealand
Square feet: 1950
Registered tonnage: 3268
Passengers on voyage: 148

What a shock for his children but especially little Philip who was only 8 years old when his father died. I haven't been able to find out anything about his mother Eliza nee Thomson after she returned to NZ. Perhaps she married again although no marriage found as yet.


One last item on Robert's brother Edward William Pasley:-

Mr Edward William Pasley, Collector of Customs, Gisborne, was born in the Bengal Presidency, India, in 1836, and is the third son of Colonel G J Pasley, of the 49th Foot. Mr Pasley was educated at Bath, England. In 1851 he came to this Colony in the ship “Maori,” and landed at Nelson. He remained with his uncle (who was farming) until 1855, and was afterwards sheep farming in the Wairau district until 1863. In 1864 he joined the Customs Department at Nelson as junior clerk, and subsequently worked up to the position of landing waiter at that port. In August 1876, he received the appointment of Collector at Blenheim, where he remained till December 1894, when he was transferred to Gisborne. He has always been connected with the Church of England, and has held various lay offices during his residence in the Colony. Mr Pasley was married in 1858 to Miss F L Huddleston, of Nelson, by whom he has had a family of eight daughters & two sons. (One of them being)
Mr Gilbert Kennedy Pasley, Secretary to Messrs Common, Shelton and Company Ltd, is a son of Mr E W Pasley, Collector of Customs. He was born in Nelson in 1870, and was educated at Blenheim, where he afterwards joined the staff of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, which he served successively at Oamaru, Gore, Dunedin, and Wellington, and was shorthand and corresponding clerk, when he left its employment in March 1896, to become ledger-keeper to Messrs Common, Shelton and Company. Mr Pasley was promoted to the position of secretary to the company in August 1900. As a volunteer he served in the Blenheim School Cadets as lieutenant, and was afterwards for a year in the City Rifles in the same place. Mr Pasley is an active member of the Gisborne Lawn Tonnis Club. He was married, in 1894, to a daughter of Mr A B Tuson, of Southland, and has two daughters.


Cyclopedia of NZ
NZ Electronic Text Centre
Scotlands People


If you or anyone you know is interested in this family please contact me to your advantage.

Dawn Scotting

16 April 2009

Vera Tregear 1881-1970

Today's photo is of a pretty little girl that looks like it has been slightly hand tinted. vera-tregear-original-blog vera-tregear-back-blog-orig

  • Subject: Vera Tregear
  • Date: c1883
  • Photographer: W A Collis, Cnr Devon & Brougham Sts, New Plymouth, NZ
  • Found: Milton, South Otago, NZ

Vera was the only child of rather an interesting man - soldier, surveyor, linguist, Polynesian scholar, writer, public servant, political reformer, of whom much has been written. Edward Robert Tregear was born on the 1 May 1846 in Southampton, Hampshire, England. In the 1851 & 1861 census he was living with his mother, Mary, in Southampton, his father, William James, was a mariner and not at home in 1851.

1851 Census - Class: HO107; Piece: 1669; Folio: 897; Page: 2


William James Tregear was born 7 Jul 1816 and baptised on 30 Jul 1817 in Marylebone London, son of Vincent Tregear and Catherine Sybil nee Hodgkinson. He died in Bombay India in 1859. William's wife, Mary nee Norris, died in Auckland on 3 Dec 1916 aged 91 years and is buried at Purewa Lawn Cemetery, Meadowbank.

On the 29 Jun 1863 Mary Tregear, her son & two daughters arrived in Auckland on the vessel 'War Spirit' after a 104 day passage from Gravesend, UK.

From an article found in the Dictionary of NZ Biography:-


Edward Robert Tregear, son of William James Tregear and his wife, Mary Norris, was born in Southampton, Hampshire, England, on 1 May 1846. He led a comfortable life there with his mother and younger sisters, Mary and Ellen. His father was a captain with the Peninsular and Oriental Line and was seldom home. Edward was an imaginative, scholarly lad, who proudly traced his Cornish ancestry to the mystic days of King Arthur, and steeped himself in medieval, Celtic, Nordic and classical legend. At seven he could read and write Greek and Latin.

Tregear's pleasant life ended abruptly with his father's financial ruin in 1858, probably through gambling, followed by his death from typhoid in Bombay, India, in 1859. The family was reduced to miserable circumstances. On 27 June 1863, 17-year-old Edward brought them to Auckland, New Zealand, on the War Spirit. They lived for three or four years in obscurity at Warkworth, before settling in Auckland.

Edward Robert Tregear met and married Eliza Emma Arden on 18 Jun 1881 at the Henui Church, New Plymouth. Eliza was the third daughter of Hamar Arden of Taranaki and had previously been married to Nathaniel Joynt in 1873.

Edward & Eliza's daughter, Vera, was born on 29 Sep 1881 in Hawera. On 19 Dec 1908 she married Herbert John Robinson at St Paul's Church in Thorndon, Wellington. She died in 1970 aged 89 in New Zealand.

This is what I found on Edward Robert Tregear in the 1966 Encyclopaedia of NZ:-


This photo of Edward Tregear I found on the NZETC website.


Including another photo and an article written about him here.

Lastly, today we went for a lovely walk in the autumn sunshine at Purewa Cemetery looking for Mary Tregear's grave. Although it shows the ravages of time I think you'll agree she has the most beautiful spot for her eternal rest.

mary's-grave2 mary's-grave1

In Loving Memory
Mary Tregear
Born 28th July 1825
Southampton England
Died 3rd Dec 1916
Auckland New Zealand
At Rest

From Mary's birthdate I was able to find a probable baptism for her on the IGI:-

Mary Norris
Christening:  21 AUG 1825   St Mary's, Southampton, Hampshire
Father:  James Norris
Mother:  Levinia

From that I ascertained that her parents, James & Lavinia, were living next door to her in the 1851 census (see above census page), I then found Mary at home with her parents & two sisters in the same house in the 1841 census.

Class: HO107; Piece 416; Book: 3; Enumeration District: 27; Folio: 13; Page: 21; Line: 4


Interesting to note the William Fox aged 15 living with them. Wondering if she was the Lavinia Applyn Fox baptism found on the IGI at Southampton in 1808, but that's a whole different story!

Dawn Chambers' family tree
NZ Electronic Text Centre
Howe, K. R. 'Tregear, Edward Robert 1846 - 1931'.  Dictionary of New Zealand Biography 
Carol Robocker's website


If you are a descendant of this family I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Dawn Scotting

11 April 2009

Thomas Richard & Charlotte Vivienne Roydhouse

Update on this photograph posted here in December last year.


Thanks to the well known Photo-Sleuth Cathy Mann we have been able to identify this family with about a 95% certainty:-

Father - Thomas Richard Roydhouse, born 1862

From left to right:-

Beryl, born 1885 - Norah on her knee, born 1892
Ivy, born 1891
Charlotte Vivienne nee Green, mother, born 1865
Jessie, sister to Thomas, born 1870
Ruby, born 1883
Johnson, born 1890
Thomas Garnet, born 1887
{A further son Bernard was born in 1897}

The Roydhouses were visiting family in NZ from Australia and we can even pinpoint the time frame the photo was taken. They left Australia late 1893 and were back in Sydney by Oct 1894. This photograph was taken by the missionary the Rev Dr William Gunn who was in NZ and obviously visiting the Roydhouse family at a residence known as 'Ngaipu' in the Wairarapa - see previous post for more details.

Since my last post I've heard from one of Dr Gunn's descendants who tells me that he was visiting NZ during this time frame. One down only about 44 to go Cathy!

10 April 2009

Norah Mary Cissie Mills

On the 3 Jul 1916 Norah sent this postcard from Whakatane to her sister Elsie.

norah-&-family-18 norah-&-family-1

A week earlier on the 26 Jun 1916 Elsie & her sister Ida send a postcard to their brother Leslie for his birthday. Leslie was at the City Freemens School in Brixton (London), probably a boarding school. The card was posted from New Cross SE (London).



Five months later on the 20 Nov 1916 Norah wrote two more postcards. One to her sister Elsie in which she mentions how lovely it would be if they could all be together at Christmas and that she hopes Bob is able to get home to be with them. The other one to her mother for Christmas.

norah-&-family-4 norah-&-family-10


On the 11 Sep 1918 Marjorie sent a birthday card from Greenwich SE10 to Mrs Mills.



I found the address on Google Maps, Wrigglesworth St is the one running off to the right, it seems #6 is one of the houses in the block of houses we're looking at.

6 Wrigglesworth St, nr Monson Rd, Lewisham, London SE14, UK

View Larger Map

On an unknown date Ida sent a birthday postcard to Norah and Elsie sent one to her Auntie Ada thanking her for the hair ribbon.





I've had these postcards for many years, picked them up from a secondhand shop on a whim one day, husband thought I was mad paying $3 each and $4 for the hand coloured one! I've puzzled over who the Mills family were all this time so now that the NZ records are online I thought I'd have another go at finding out and again I hit the jackpot, I'm on a roll! I concentrated on Norah as she was the only one I knew lived in NZ, for however long I didn't know though. This is her story....

I found a marriage in NZ in 1924 for a Norah Mary Mills to James Alexander Penman. I hunted in the 1901 UK census for Norah but just couldn't come up with a Norah who had siblings with any of the names above. Then I idly typed in her & her husband's name into Google and wow Peter's family tree appeared here. With lots more research into the NZ records and finally finding the Mills family in 1901 (listed in the index under MILLO) and consequently in other census I now have a small family tree for this family.


Henry Mills was baptised on 20 Sep 1840 in Hanslope, Buckinghamshire. On 17 Dec 1860 he married Mary Taylor, she was born about 1834 in Ockley, Surrey. On 28 Dec 1867 their son Henry Benjamin Mills was born in London. In the 1871 census they were all living at 28 Nicholas Lane, St Nicholas Acons, London. On 4 Jan 1893 Henry Benjamin married Isabel Frances Fortune [1qtr Islington RD].

In the 1901 census they were living at 311 Essex Rd, Islington, London.

Source Citation: Class: RG13; Piece: 186; Folio: 78; Page: 21.

census1 census2

Elsie Frances Sarah born 1 Aug 1894
Robert Henry born 16 Feb 1896
Norah Mary Cissie born 29 Sep 1897
Ida Isabel born 4 Sep 1899

Father Henry died on 27 Oct 1905 [4qtr Greenwich RD] aged 36. In the 1911 census in Greenwich, London I found wife Isabel with children Elsie, Norah & Ida as well as two more sons - Leslie Edward Fortune born c1902 in Islington and Ernest Albert born 4 Oct 1904 in Greenwich.

Further research found that mother Isabel died on 25 Jan 1930 in Auckland, New Zealand and is buried in the Waikumete Cemetery (5 mins drive from where I live). Isabel was born on 4 Feb 1868 in Cramond, Midlothian, Scotland to parents John Fortune and Sarah Ann nee Kettle. Isabel had a brother, Robert Henry Martin Fortune, who also came to NZ where he married Jessie Cameron Stewart in 1905, he died on 10 Oct 1920 in Whakatane and is buried in the Whakatane Cemetery.

Some, if not all, of Norah's siblings came to NZ & married here and some are also buried in the Waikumete Cemetery. The cemetery records are online and searchable so today armed with a few plot details we visited the cemetery to see if we could find some of them.


In Loving Memory
of Our Mother
Isabel Frances
Died 25th Jan 1930 aged 58
And of Our Sister
Ida Isabel Mills
Died 11th May 1931 aged 31
At Rest


In Loving Memory
My Dear Husband/Elsie Frances
John Albert/Loved Wife of
Lundberg/J. A. Lundberg
Died 24th Apr 1951/Died 2nd Oct 1954
Aged 70 Years/Aged 60 Years
Forever at Rest/Re-United

The headstones are not in good condition, covered in moss etc and I forgot the scrubbing brush I was going to take so we had to scrape it all off with DH's small pocket knife!

I have more photos if anyone would like them and for more information on the Mills family please check out my Strangers in a Box Family Tree on WorldConnect.


NZ BMD Historical Records
Peter Brown's Family Tree
Waitakere City Council - Waikumete Cemetery Records


If you know of/are related to any of the above families please contact me, I'd really love the postcards to go to a descendant who will treasure them.

Dawn Scotting