11 July 2016

Frances Ellen Norman 1857-1932

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album


I’m not quite sure just what this name is, it looks like Facey Mantt but in the end I decided upon Mrs Fanny Marett or Marrett 1891, what do you think, and is that Miss or Mrs? It was sitting in the album next to Henry Norman Marrett and his mother was Frances Ellen neé Norman, she would have been aged 33 when this was taken, she does have a young looking face with lovely skin but quite matronly for a 33 year old I would have thought.

Frances Ellen Norman was born in Punjab India on the 16 Oct 1857 and baptised there on 13 Jan 1858, the daughter of Francis Booth Norman and Eliza Ellen neé Nisbett, and the sister of Lucy Jessie the presumed owner of this album. Frances married Henry Richard Marrett in Bengal India on the 11 Mar 1878. In the English 1911 census they had been married 33 years and had two children both of whom were still alive, they were Ida Evelyn and Henry Norman Marrett.

Henry Richard Marrett was a Colonel in the Indian Army, he passed away in Ealing, Middlesex on 3 Jul 1916 aged 64 and Frances Ellen joined him on the 14 Oct 1932 aged 74, she had been living in Sandon, Essex.


Dawn Scotting

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