31 January 2009

Emmeline Overend Evans nee Bell 1851-1918

emmeline-overend-evans-smal emmeline-overend-evans-back

  • Subject: Emmeline Overend Evans
  • Date: about 1902
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Found: UK

Today's photo is an elegant lady named Emmeline Bell, daughter of John Bell & Henrietta nee Woodcock, she was baptised on 23 Jul 1851 at the Manchester Cathedral. She married John Overend Evans in 1874 in the Kensington RD. In 1901 & 1911 they were living in Lancashire with their two daughters Gladys & Beatrice. Emmeline's death is registered in the 2qtr of 1918 in the Prescot RD, aged 68. As far as I can tell John's surname was Evans and his middle name Overend so I'm not sure why Emmeline was know as Emmeline Overend Evans. John was the son of David Owen Evans and Ann nee Overend, baptised 11 May 1844 in Manchester, he was a Barrister at Law.

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30 January 2009

William Eric Neale c1907

wm-eric-neale-small wm-eric-neale-back-small

  • Subject: William Eric Neale
  • Date: 20 Jul 1910
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Found: UK

At first glance you would think this one would be an easy one to identify but again I only have a 'probable' not a 'positive'.

I found two birth registrations that fitted the bill:-

Births Sep 1907
NEALE William Eric Lincoln 7a 476 Lincolnshire
Births Dec 1908
NEALE William Eric Woodstock 3a 1020 Oxfordshire


Going by the date on the photo the first one in 1907 seemed the most likely. Both of them are listed in the 1911 census index. The first one was aged 3 living in Lincoln and the second one aged 2 living in Witney, Oxfordshire - 2 Apr 1911 was the date of the census so the first one still seems the most likely.

The Lincolnshire William Eric Neale's parents were Herbert Edward Neale & Margaret Eleanor nee Hayward, they were married in 1893 in Lincoln. In 1901 they were in Lincoln but with no children at home, in 1911 their only child at home was Wm Eric and the census says they had been married for 17 years, somewhat of a surprise I would say!

I was slightly confused with the word 'Cromer', is it a place, the name of the father in the photo, what? When I looked up a place named Cromer there are two in the UK, one in Hertfordshire and the other in Norfolk. In the 1911 census there are quite a few Neale families living in both places but none of them with the name William aged 3 or thereabouts.

From that I guess that seeing that the Cromer in Norfolk is on the coast, not that far from Lincoln, that they may have been on a holiday when the above photo was taken, what a shame there is no photographers logo on it.

Herbert Edward Neale was a Mechanical Engineer with three servants in 1911 so it looks like they were comfortably well off, he certainly looks like it in the photo - if it is him of course.

You will find more information on the Neale family of Lincolnshire in my Strangers in a Box database.

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Carl Hustedt

Today's photo is a postcard of Carl Hustedt, his name is written on the back but that's all the information there is. I have found a Carl Hermann Hustedt who is a likely contender.


  • Subject: Carl Hustedt
  • Date: Unknown
  • Photographer: E P Short, 35 Derby Rd, Nottingham
  • Found: UK

Hustedt seems to be an uncommon name in the UK, there are only 29 instances of that spelling on FreeBMD and some of those are the same people. In the 1901 census there are just four families with that surname. One of them is Carl Hermann Hustedt aged 9 son of Zillah Thirza, living in Nottinghamshire. Further research shows that Zillah Thirza Voce married Edmund Leopold Hustedt in 1887 in Nottinghamshire. Zillah & Edmund had two sons, Leopold Edmund 3qtr 1890 and Carl Hermann 3qtr 1891, both at home in 1901.

Edmund Leopold Hustedt was born in Berlin, Germany on 19 Apr 1853 and baptised 12 Jun 1853, son of Johann Heinrich Christoph Hustedt and Johanne Rosalie Mathilde Voigts. Edmund was a piano tuner in 1891, no record of him in earlier UK census, he died on 24 Sep 1896. I can find no Hustedt family in the 1911 census index.

The only information I could find about the photographer was that he took another photograph in 1915 so perhaps operating in the early part of the 20th century. Which does fit with the above photo of Carl being taken perhaps 1920 or so.

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Dawn Scotting

29 January 2009

Stop Press - Netta Hanckel

Information has come to hand that leads me to believe that Netta was the daughter of Alfred Woods Hanckel, although not yet proven.

From the India Office List 1933:-

HANCKEL, Alfred Woods, A.M.I.C.E., M.Sc., late Indian Service of Engrs. -- Apptd. tempy. engr., Bombay, 3rd Jan., 1903; asst. engr., Jan., 1908; exec. engr., Feb., 1912; serving under Nepal Durbar, Oct., 1917, to July, 1918; retd., Jan., 1927.

In the 1901 census Alfred was an unmarried engineer so it seems from about 1903 he was in India until about 1927 when he retired. It's not known if he returned to the UK or not but as Netta's photo turned up there he probably did, if indeed Netta is his daughter.

Reference: findmypast.com

Netta Hauckel aka Hanckel

netta-small netta-back-small

  • Subject: Netta Hanckel
  • Date: Unknown
  • Photographer: S Mahadeo & Son, Belgaum, India
  • Found: UK

I haven't had any luck in tracking Netta down but her surname is an unusual one in the UK where there seems to be only the one family with that surname upto 1901. Netta might be her real name or it could be a nickname and with no date on the photo it's hard to say. Although her surname is written as HAUCKEL I found that the name is varioubly HANCKEL or HAUCKEL, mainly HANCKEL.

My research led me to North America where I found the Rev Christian M Hanckel living with his wife Susan in Charleston, South Carolina in the 1850 census. At home were sons Charles 13 and Allan Stuart 19. Susan was Christian's second wife, his first wife, Ann Stuart, was the mother of his children.

Allan Stuart married Charlotte Bull Heyward about 1855 & she died c1860. By 1865 Allan Stuart was in the UK where he married Susan Marion Woods on 6 Jul 1865 in West Derby, Lancashire. Allan Stuart & Susan Marion had ten children between 1866 and 1882:-

Robert Stuart, Lily Marion, Allan Stuart, Edgar Alfred, Theodora Stuart, Alfred Woods, James Allan Stuart, Henry Middleton, Helen Middleton and Christian.

The only children I've found marriages for are James Allan Stuart and Christian, the rest either died young or were still unmarried by 1901. Allan Stuart became a natularised British Subject before 1891, he died on the 4 May 1894 and Susan Marion died 2 Jul 1884 in Pex Hill, Cronton, Lancashire.

I did find some information on the photographer but it didn't help as to the approximate date of the photo:-

Located at the far end of MG Road, past the malls, the pavement sales in shirts, handkerchiefs and hairclips and a couple of delightful second-hand book sales, the incongruous store gets its name from Gajanan Govind Welling — the `GG' of G.G. Welling, the present owner's grandfather and the first to venture beyond the family-business' commercial interests into creative photography.

But the story of the shop doesn't begin here.

The original photo-enthusiast was Gajanan's grandfather, Srinivas Mahadeo Welling who, sometime in the 1850s, ventured into independent professional photography with a gifted camera. Trudging from place to place in a bullock-cart taking pictures, laden with family possessions and bulky photographic equipment of the wet-plate era, including the essential dark tent, he is reputed at one time to have strayed as far away as Karachi!

His son, Govind Srinivas, set up the first store — "Welling Camera Works" in Belgaum, which, while being a regular photo-store, manufactured cameras and enlargers till World War II.

A lovely seasoned-teakwood and brass sample is still present. Opening in Bangalore in 1903, the store was called "S. Mahadeo and Sons", in memory of its creative founder, until G.G. Welling took over its running and operations, putting into place practices of the trade that the store still follows: quiet courtesy and attention to the customer touchingly the foremost.

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26 January 2009

Roger Michael Wreford

Today's photo is of a rather cute little young man, Roger Michael Wreford born at the end of 1901.

roger-michael-wreford-small roger-michael-wreford-back-

  • Subject: Roger Michael Wreford
  • Date: 1902
  • Photographer: R K Durrant & Son, 46 Fleet St, Torquay
  • Found: UK

First stop was FreeBMD to find his birth registration:-

Births Dec 1901
WREFORD  Roger Michael     Toxteth Park  8b 181

With the 1911 census now being online (although far too expensive to actually pay to look at a census page yet) I was able to find Roger Michael in the index living in Newton Abbot, Devonshire, aged 9. Onto the 1901 census where an entry for a couple of boarders in Hornsey, Middlesex looked promising:-

  • 3 Park Villas, Hornsey, Middlesex - Class: RG13; Piece: 1244; Folio: 69; Page: 4.
  • Charles H Wreford mar 34 Church of England clergyman born Clannaborough, Devon
  • Agnes A Wreford mar 33 born Mold, Wales

It was the A A of Agnes' name that caught my eye, the same initials as on the back of the photo. Back to FreeBMD for their marriage:-

Marriages Jun 1899
Lewis  Agnes Ada    Chester  8a 755   
Wreford  Charles Herbert     Chester  8a 755

Then back to the 1911 to find that Charles Herbert and Agnes Ada Wreford were also living in Newton Abbot. Of course this isn't proof they are Roger Michael's parents but it seems like a fairly good guess.

I do know for sure that Charles Herbert was the son of John Wreford and his wife Rahel Matilda nee Braund who were married in 1857:-

Marriages Dec 1857
Brannd  Rahel Matilda     Yeovil  5c 813   
Wreford  John     Yeovil  5c 813

Charles Herbert was living with his parents in the 1891 census in Clearbrook, Devon. His father John was the Magistrate for Devon aged 75 born in Nymet Rowland, Devonshire, his mother had the unusual name of Rahel Matilda Braund. I thought it was a misspelling of Rachel but apparently not:-

Christening:  16 AUG 1832   Hatherleigh, Devon, England
  Mother:  RAHEL

But then again perhaps Rachel is correct:-

  Marriage:  04 APR 1826   Shebbear, Devon, England

Who knows? On her daughter's baptism in the parish records and her marriage entry and death entry on FreeBMD her name is spelt Rahel in all instances, one wouldn't think it could be transcribed wrong three times, could it?

I wasn't able to find out who Sarah was but perhaps a sister of Agnes Ada who was a little harder to research before her marriage to Charles Herbert.

As before, if anyone is connected to this family and would like the photograph of Roger Michael please contact me by leaving a comment. You will find what I've found on this family in my Strangers in a Box Family Tree.

24 January 2009

Helena Margaret Corles

These two photos were an interesting little exercise trying to work out the cryptic messages on the back! As it turned out it was quite a simple task - that is IF I have the right family!

aunt-halford-small aunt-halford-back-small

  • Subject: Helena Margaret Corles
  • Date: c1860-1880 
  • Photographer: Herbert Watkins, 215 Regent St, London W.
  • Found: UK

mrs-arnold-small mrs-arnold-back-small

  • Subject: Clara Helena Halford
  • Date: 1868
  • Photographer: Elliott & Fry, 55 Baker St, Portman Square
  • Found: UK

First I looked at FreeBMD for a Corles-Halford marriage and found only one:-

  • Marriages Sep 1843
    CORLES  Helena Margaret     Worcester  18 439   
    HALFORD  William Stanford     Worcester  18 439

From various sources like the UK census, FreeBMD and the IGI I determined that William Stanford & Helene Margaret Corles were the parents of Clara Helena Ann Halford who was born in 1848. Clara married Henry Ernest Arnold:-

  • Marriages Sep 1878
    Arnold  Harry Ernest    King's Norton  6c 654   
    HALFORD  Clara Helena A     King's N.  6c 654

So the above photos are mother & daughter. I think Helena Margaret Corles is the daughter of William & Ann Corles of Worcester, Worcestershire whom I found in the 1841 census with Helena aged 15 living in College Precincts, Worcestershire. There were three daughters so presumably she's the '3rd Miss Corles' as written on the back of her photo.

If you are interested in their family tree you can find out more about them on my Strangers in a Box Family Tree database on WorldConnect.

There is one more photo that has the same handwriting on the back, unfortunately I couldn't find a link to the Corles-Halford-Arnold families, that doesn't mean to say there isn't one though.

mrs-sandland-small mrs-sandland-back-small

  • Subject: Mrs Sandland
  • Date: Unknown
  • Photographer: J Bateman, Canterbury
  • Found: UK



As before, if anyone is interested in this family and/or photographs please contact me by leaving a comment.

22 January 2009

The Archdall Family of Victoria, Australia

These three photographs I found on TradeMe (NZ's version of eBay). The family seem to have been in Australia so not sure how the photos turned up in NZ.

archdall-family-small archdall-family-back-small

  • Subjects: Henry & Margaret Archdall & son Henry Sutton Archdall.
  • Date: c1885
  • Photographer: Verey Bros, Castlemaine
  • Found: Helensville, NZ

The first place I searched was the National Archives of Australia, where I found the following entry:-

ARCHDALL HARRY SUTTON : Service Number - VX26011 : Date of birth - 04 Feb 1919 : Place of birth - CASTLEMAINE VIC : Place of enlistment - CAULFIELD VIC : Next of Kin - ARCHDALL H.

Series number B883 which turned out to be - the Second Australian Imperial Force Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947.

At first I thought the above photo of a young boy with his parents seemed likely to be the best candidate for Henry Sutton but I realised that the photograph is a lot older than a birthdate of 1919 suggests, it's more likely to have been taken in the 1880's or thereabouts. So I bit the bullet and paid to do some research on the Victorian BDM Homepage.

  • Birth 1878 Henry Sutton, father Henry Thomas H Archdale, mother Margaret Preshaw.
  • Marriage 1877 Henry Thos Hewan Archdall to Margaret Mathers Sevier
  • Death 1941 Henry Sutton Archdall, father Henry Thomas Hewin Archdall, mother Margaret Mathers Sevier

Which shows that Henry Sutton's mother had a different surname on his death entry to the one on his birth entry. On further investigation I found that his mother had previously been married, which fits in with my thoughts that she looked rather old for Henry Sutton to have been her first child.

  • Marriage 1854 Margaret Mathers Preshaw to George M Sevier

Henry Sutton had at least five Sevier half siblings - William George b1855 d1939,  Percy Nairne b1857 d1936, George Ogilvy b1860 d1917, Isabella Margaret b1862 (married Henry Benjamin Kilburn 1884) and John Charles b1864 d1934.

In 1915 Henry Sutton Archdall married May Willemena Wham. May died in 1952, she was the daughter of Samuel Wham & Jemenia Emilia Maguire. They had a son named Harry Sutton Archdall b1919, the one in the above dossier.

grandfather-archdall-small grandmother-archdall-small

  • Subject: Grandfather & Grandmother Archdall
  • Date: c1885
  • Photographer: Grourelle, 69 & 71 Swanston St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (photographer's name on the other photo has been cut off).
  • Found: Helensville, NZ

Grandfather Archdall is Henry Thomas Hewan Archdall born 19 Mar 1835 in Tintern, Wexford, Ireland, son of Thomas Hewan Archdall and Henrietta/Hetta Sarah Sutton. Grandmother Archdall is Margaret Mathers Preshaw born 10 Mar 1837 in Scotland, the daughter of William Fisher Preshaw and Isabella Will Ogilvy. Henry died in 1900 and Margaret in 1914.

Thomas Hewan had a few siblings and at least one brother, William Caesor Archdall, who also married & had a family in Australia.

Thomas & William were the sons of the Reverend William Archdall of Tintern, County Wexford in Ireland who graduated from Trinity College, Dublin University, County Dublin, Ireland, in 1793 with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). He was the Rector between 1798 and 1843 at Tintern, County Wexford, Ireland. He graduated from Trinity College, Dublin University, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland, in 1832 with a Master of Arts (M.A.). He held the office of Prebendary of Trecolme between 1843 and 1844. He lived at Seaview, County Wexford, Ireland, (near Fethard).


If anyone is interested in these photos and/or family please contact me.

Unknown Wedding Group - Ellis?

Today's photo is a lovely old wedding group, the only details on the back is a handwritten 'Mrs Ellis' - perhaps the bride or maybe her mother.


  • Subject: Unknown
  • Date: 1887-1930
  • Photographer: Berry & Co, 64 Cuba St, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Found: Thames, NZ

William Berry was a studio photographer in Wellington’s Cuba St from the 1890s to about 1930. Taken together, his photographs of people create a revealing cross-section of society.

New Zealand Photographic Company (William Berry), Artists and Photographers. 64 Cuba Street Bankers, Bank of New Zealand, Private residence, Cambridge Avenue, Established 1887.

Clara Catherine Cradduck

Recently I found a collection of forty old postcards all addressed to Miss C Cradduck at various addresses in Kent and Sussex, they are all dated from 1903 to 1912. It seems she was a postcard collector and her friends posted them to her from various places in England, Europe and Australia. They are a delightful snapshot of the era so I was interested to find out a bit more about Miss C Cradduck.

One or two of the postcards are addressed to Cath or Miss C C so I searched the 1901 census for her. One of the postcards was addressed to her at 'New House, Biddenden, Kent' and that is where I found her living at home with her parents and siblings. Although her name turned out to be Clara Catherine Cradduck it looks like she was known as Cath or Catherine. She was born 1885 in Biddenden, Kent, daughter of James Thomas CRADDUCK and Emma nee DEAN. Clara was the 11th child of 12 children, 7 girls 5 boys - Frederick Dean, James Charles, Lilian Emily, Annie Elizabeth, Eva, Hilda Emma, Tom George, Edgar, Benjamin Sidney, Alice Susannah, Clara Catherine & Eunice.

On the 8 Nov 1911 two of Cath's sisters, Hilda and Eva, boarded the vessel "Arawa" at London bound for Wellington, New Zealand:-

Name: Hilda CRADDOCK
Date of departure: 8 November 1911
Port of departure: London
Passenger destination port: Wellington, New Zealand
Passenger destination: Wellington, New Zealand
Date of Birth:
Marital status: Single
Sex: Female
Occupation: Housekeeper
The following people with the same last name travelled on this voyage: -
Steamship Line: Shaw Savill & Albion Co Ltd
Where bound: New Zealand

On 18 Jul 1913 they were followed by three more sisters, Alice Susannah, Clara Catherine & Eunice on the vessel "Ionic".

Name: Alice CRADDOCK
Date of departure: 18 July 1913
Port of departure: London
Passenger destination port: Wellington, New Zealand
Passenger destination: Wellington, New Zealand
Date of Birth: 1885 (calculated from age)
Age: 28
Marital status:
Sex: Female
Occupation: Domestic
The following people with the same last name travelled on this voyage: -
Clara CRADDOCK (born 1886)
Eunice CRADDOCK (born 1888)
Steamship Line: Shaw Savill & Albion Co Ltd
Where bound: New Zealand


I don't know if they were emigrating to NZ or whether they were just on a holiday. It seems likely that at least Clara Catherine stayed in NZ because she brought her postcard collection with her and it must have been disposed of in NZ at some time after her death.


1) East Hill, Ashford

Postcard No.599

Dear C, I got this PC when I went to Ashford the other Tuesday, only I've neglected posting it. Hope Mrs A is quite well, from June.
Posted on 26 Oct 1903 from Cranbrook to Cath in White Hill, Crowborough, Sussex.

2) Tappington Manor (Ingoldsby Legends)
Now a Bed & Breakfast Farm

Dear Miss C, I hope you are getting on alright don't forget to ... .. Stevens will see you when I get back tomorrow Tuesday. Love from all G Austen.
Posted on 8 Feb 1904 from Canterbury to Cath at the Post Office in White Hill.

3) Beautiful Clovelly (Devon)

Postcard: Raphael Tuck & Sons "View" Series 782.

Add this to your collection: from Arthur.
Posted on 13 Feb 1904 from Crowborough-Tunbridge Wells to Cath in White Hill, Crowborough.


1) Mr Chamberlain's Residence - The Grounds

Postcard printed by Delittle, Fenwick & Co, York.

No message or sender, posted on 15 Mar 1904 from Crowborough-Tunbridge Wells to Cath in White Hill.

2) Court Lodge Rd, Appledore

Postcard published by A H De'Ath, Ashford.

Dear Cath, Thanks very much for all you have sent me. Have you ever been here? It is very like it! With Love from Carrie. C M Avery.
Posted on 19 Mar 1904 from Cranbrook to Cath in White Hill.

3) Sauchiehall Street (Looking East) (Glasgow, Scotland)

Postcard from The National Series.

Dearest Cath, very many happy returns of the 20th. Please forgive card in place of letter, but I am just off to Madam Tusauds, so can't stop to write more. Please give my love to Mrs A & thank her for cards. Much love from your affec Mab. Posted 19 May 1904 to Cath in White Hill.


1) Marseille - 53 - La Place Des Capucines

Postcard: Phototvbie E. Lacour.

Dear Cath, a foreign one in return for yours, isn't it pretty. Please thank Mrs A for hers of this morning. Yesterday & today has been lovely quite a treat to see the sun, am just going for a walk, love, your affec Mabel. Posted 9 Mar 1904, to Cath in White Hill.

2) Stone St, Cranbrook

Dear Cath, I noticed that you had not got any P.C's of Cranbrook so have sent you one. Love Eunie. Posted on 17 Jun 1904 from Cranbrook to Cath at home in New House Farm, Biddenden, Kent.

3) Rabbit Shooting: In the Spinney.

Postcard by Raphael Tuck & Sons. "British Sports." Series 1409. Chromotyped in Saxony. Art Publishers to their Majesties The King & Queen.

Arrived home safely at ½ past ten. Mr C came to meet me. Am longing to hear how the photoes will turn out, love S C. Posted on 18 Aug 1904 to Cath at 7 Market Square, Dover.


1) On Hayes Common, Kent

After the original painting by S Johnson. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons. "Oilette" Series 1532. Chromotyped in Bavaria.

Dear Miss Craddock, I hope you enoyed yourself at Folkstone yesterday...E.T. Posted 12 Sep 1904 from Dover to Cath c/o Egglesden & Graves, Market Square, Dover.

2) Royal Parade, Ramsgate

Postcard published by Woolstone Bros, London. The Milton "Artlette" Series No 160.

Dear Cath, do I owe you a letter? Hope you are having good times. Suppose Nance is having a holiday at New House & Will too I think. Have you nearly filled your album, I am getting on slowly, with love Eva. Posted 19 Sep 1904 to Cath in Dover.

3) Fountain's Abbey - Near Ripon, North Yorkshire

Dear C, Hope I shall have an L from you on Thur shall be down as soon as you let me know. I can stay at Mrs B again. Love Prize. Posted 11 Oct 1904 from Crowborough-Tunbridge Wells to Cath in Dover.


1) The Avenue, Warkton - Near Kettering, Northamptonshire

Postcard: Valentine's Series

Well my dear little Peach Bloss how are you getting on I am having lovely weather so warm too. I went for a walk through here this morning from your Pear bloss.
Posted 25 Oct 1904 from Kettering to Cath in Dover.

2) General View, Ramsgate

Postcard: Pictorial Stationery Co Ltd, London. "Autochrom" (Colour Photo). Printed in Saxony.

I have not forgotten it is my turn to write, will do so soon. Went to Ramsgate Thursday had a jolly time. Love from Susie. Posted 5 Nov 1904 from Canterbury to Cath in Dover.

3) Ventnor (Isle of Wight)

Postcard: Valentine's Series.

Dear C, some of Mr A - PCs what do you think of them Love from Prize. Posted 8 Nov 1904 from Crowborough-Tunbridge Wells to Cath in Dover.


1) Steephill Cove (Isle of Wight)

Postcard: Valentine's Series.

Posted Nov 8 1904 from Crowborough-Tunbridge Wells to Cath in Dover.

2) Abend im Spreewald (Evening in Spreewald - Germany)

Postcard: No 1974.

Dear C, Thanks for P.C of this morn, had a very wet day Sunday but a beautiful day today very warm again. Love - Howard. Posted 22 Jul 1905 from Crowborough-Tunbridge Wells to Cath in Dover.

3) Eastwell Church (St Mary's near Ashford)

Postcard: By A H De'Ath, Ashford. Printed by Headley Bros, Ashford.

Dear C, Will write in a day or two & tell you all news. Hav'nt seen another exhibition in Shipping lately, have you? Love from "Hild". Posted 21 Mar 1905 from Cranbrook to Cath in Dover.


Martyrs' Memorial, Oxford

Dear Cath, have had rather excited times here today Wilmshurts Flour Mill at the station caught fire has done a lot of damage. I went down early in the morning & stopped till 1-30 then I wanted my dinner. Love from Howard.
Posted 16 Apr 1905 from Crowborough-Tunbridge Wells to Cath in Dover.

2) The Llangollen Bridge (Wales) - As it looks today

Postcard: Raphael Tuck & Sons "Chromette" postcard No 9404

Dear C, we have had two glorious days here proper Spring weather have you heard the cuckoo down your way it is quite gay up here with him now letter to follow Sunday. Love from Howard.
Posted 4 May 1905 from Crowborough-Tunbridge Wells to Cath in Dover.

3) Ville de Paris. Notre Dame.

Postcard: Raphael Tuck & Sons "Oilette". The "Wide Wide World" series, postcard No 7169.

Wishing you many happy returns of the Day. A D. Posted 20 May 1905 from Dover to Cath in Dover.


1) National Schools, Faversham.

Postcard: by A N Filmer, Faversham.

Dear Cath, just to wish you "many happy returns of the day". Will write soon. Dick is coming tonight, & going to stay tomorrow. Love from Hild. Posted 20 May 1905 from Faversham to Cath in Dover.

2) Fairlight Glen near Hastings

Postcard: by H Salmon, White Rock Library, Hastings.

We're having a very nice day at Hastings. It is a lovely place. I would like to spend a month here (that is all). How would you like a walk in F.G. How lovely? S.W.A.K. FB
Posted 29 Jul 1905 from Hastings to Cath in Dover.

3) Near Keston, Kent

Postcard: Raphael Tuck & Sons "Oilette". Series 1532. Picturesque England. Chromotyped in Bavaria. Painting by S Johnson.

Dear Cath, Thanks for letter & P.C. will send Fred's back when I write. No doubt you will see Hild soon. Isn't this glorious weather, hope it lasts. Love from June. Posted 18 Aug 1905 from Cranbrook to Cath in 7 Market Square, Dover.


1) Near Ben Lomond

Postcard: Series 121/5

Dear C, shall write to you tomorrow have not had time today been busy since 6 o'c in morning. Love Howard.
Posted 26 Aug 1905 from Crowborough-Tunbridge Wells to Cath c/0 Mrs Barwill, 48 St James St, Dover.

2) Buckland Church, Dover

Postcard: No 6558

64 Odo Rd, Dover. My Dear Craddy, Just a line hoping you are well & also to thank your for your card. I am pleased to hear you are enjoying yourself & also having lovely weather it is very cold hear today I am sorry to tell you my Father has been very ill this last week with Rhuematics but I am glad to say he seems a little better today & able to set up but will not be able to work for another week.(Never mind it will all come right in the future). With fond Love E.W. Hope to hear from you one day next week. Posted 14 Oct 1905 from Dover to Cath, New House Farm, Biddenden.

3) Ullswater, St Sunday Crag (Lake District, Cumbria)

Postcard: Davidson Bros Pictorial, Series No 7000 "Photo Color"

Jan 24th, Dear C, Thanks very much for letter & pretty P.C. Am sorry you have heard nothing from Deal. It would be nice if you get to Folkstone. Will write soon. Love from Cl.... Posted 24 Jan 1906 to Cath at home in Biddenden.


1) The Yarra at Melbourne, Australia

Postcard: Raphael Tuck & Sons, postcard 7292 "Oilette". The "Wide Wide World" series.

22 March, Dear C, What do you think of this for holiday weather. I hav'nt had one fine day yet but it is a change to be at home. I went to a Concert last night. Write soon. Love from "Cherub." Posted 22 Mar 1906 to Cath at 3 Kings Rd, St Leonards on Sea, Sussex.

2) High St, Netheravon

Postcard: Woodwards' Series, Devizes.

We are having a good time just going to have tea on the Tennis Court driving to Salisbury tomorrow will tell you all news next week. K.
Posted 4 Jul 1906 from Netheravon to Cath in St Leonards on Sea.

3) Kennington Lane, Nr. Ashford

Postcard: The British Mirror Series. 19/6 317.

Kennington. I have been wondering how you have been getting on. Hope to hear from you soon. Give little Alice a kiss for me. Love from Bess. Posted 21 Sep 1906 from Ashford to Cath in St Leonards on Sea.


1) Madeira Walk, Ramsgate

Postcard: Ross Series

Dear Peggy, So pleased to hear from you again, yes my cold is much better now, I shall soon be back. I am glad you had a nice time on Sunday last. Hope you are keeping well. L.E.
Posted 9 Feb 1907 to Miss "Peggy" Cradduck c/o Mrs Cramere, 16&17 Middle Row, Maidstone.

2) White Hill (North) Crowborough

Postcard: A H Homewood, Burgess Hill, Sussex

Dearest C, many thanks for your card. I went home on Wed, Mr C came in & said he quite expected to see you as well, wished to be remembered to you. Do you recognise this, a bit familiar "eh". Mother & M were disappointed not seeing you on G.F. M a little better again, still waiting for operation. Very cold here & some thunder today. Fond love Mab. Posted 12 Apr 1907 to Cath in Middle Row, Maidstone.

3) Hastings Castle

Postcard: Dainty Series. No 2081

Dear Miss C, I thought you would like a P.C of Hastings do you know this place we are enjoying it very much we went to the Pier at Hastings this afternoon and got caught in the rain. With love Fan. Still looking for a new Topping man. Posted 26 Feb 1908 from St Leonards on Sea to Cath in Maidstone.


1) St Clements Church, Sandwich

Postcard: The Rapid Photo Printing Co. Ltd. London

Dr C, was pleased to hear from you [untidy handwriting illegible] love from S.
Posted on 20 Aug 1910 to Cath at 67 Terminus Rd, Eastbourne, Sussex.

2) ?

[Somewhere foreign, illegible]

Posted 27 Aug 1910 to Cath in Eastbourne.

3) Victoria Square, Hull

Postcard: T W & Co.

170 Blenheim St, Hull. Dear C, pleased to get your letter which arrived this morning.You had put wrong number on, am having nice weather wish you were here we are all A1. Expect is wise be late when I get to E.B. but will go to F.W Wunday if fine. Hope you are keeping A1 went to the Palace last night with Sid. Love from Sa... Posted 5 Oct 1910 from Hull to Cath in Eastbourne.


Left) A Corner of Leicester Square, Penshurst, Kent.

Postcard: Raphael Tuck & Sons. "Oilette" Series 7116. "Picturesque Counties".

Dear C, thanks for postcards, will write in a day or two. Hild(a) isn't home yet so Ifield plenty to do. There is a concert at Biddenden Wed wish you were at home to go, with love Eunie.
Posted 4 Nov 1904 from Cranbrook to Cath in Dover.

Right) Clifford Inn Hall. Painting by Charles E Flower.

Postcard: Raphael Tuck & Sons. "Inns of Court and Chancery" Series 1537.

Dear C, have sent you another card for your collection had a nice layer of snow today Sunday, Love from Howard. Posted 1 Jan 1905 from Crowborough-Tunbridge Wells to Cath in Dover.


1) Quayside Station, Hull

Postcard: Valentine's Series

Dr C, arrived here quite safe soon after six. We are all first rate & send their love to you. With love from Sam. Posted from Hull 12 Oct 1911 to Cath at 53 High St, Maidstone.

2) The Old House, Sandwich - Where Queen Elizabeth stayed in 1572.

Postcard: The Chain Studio, Sandwich

Dear Miss C, I am on my holidays at Deal, sorry I couldn't get home to see you, I came on by train owing to the wet. I return next Sunday, hope to see you Saturday or Sunday week. I am having a look round Sandwich, hope you are well. Kind regards & love, yours etc T.T. Posted 29 Aug 1912 from Sandwich to Cath in Maidstone.

If anyone is interested in the Cradduck Family or the Postcards please get in touch with me.

19 January 2009

Vine Family Photograph Album

While visiting Arkwright's Antiques in Paeroa a few weeks ago the owner showed me a lovely old photograph album. She didn't want to sell it just yet as she would rather it went to someone in the family if possible. Stupidly I forgot to get a photograph of it (where on earth was I?) but she did photocopy four pages from the family register in the album, which btw is full of wonderful vintage photographs.

It was found in a garage sale awhile ago so I suspect there was no one left in the family to pass it onto and it was probably part of a deceased estate. Still, surely there is someone out there connected to this family who would love to have it, they can't have died out completely.

This is the family of Edward VINE born in London and Sarah Taylor GRAFTON born in Shropshire who married in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1865. If you know of anyone who might be connected to this family please either leave me a comment or get in touch directly with Arkwrights Antiques, 32 Belmont Rd, Paeroa, NZ.



Edward Vine was the son of Thomas Walter VINE and Jane nee THOMPSON, and although there is no baptism for him on the IGI there is for quite a few of his siblings who are all living in the same house with Edward in the 1841 and 1851 census at 20 Peerless Row, City Rd, St Lukes, Middlesex.

  • Edward's siblings were:-
  • Jane, Ann, Mary, Charles Boniface, Caroline, Thomas Walter, Elizabeth, Isabella, Henry.

Thomas Walter Vine was born on 21 Jun 1797 and baptised 20 May 1810 at the St Luke Old Street Church in Finsbury, London, the son of Thomas Vine & Ann BONIFACE.

  • References
  • ©ancestry.com
  • International Genealogical Index
  • Vine Family Register

The Morro Velho Gordons...

...is the name of the article in the NZ Genealogist magazine I found in my local library this morning. An interesting article on the family, while the details are more fleshed out they are very similar to those I wrote about yesterday. However, it does answer my question as to why these documents ended up in NZ. I quote from the article:-

Five children were born to them [James & Mary Gordon] but Mary, the youngest, was the only one not to pre-decease her father. James' and Mary's youngest son, John Stevenson, was the first to die. He contracted scarlet fever during a spell of leave which the family spend in the UK. He was only seven. James Muter Anderson, known as Anderson, sadly died an accidental death at age 30. In 1875, when acting as superintendent of the mine during his parents' absence, he slipped and fell among some machinery. He head was crushed, causing instantaneous death. The eldest son William Newell, a gentleman tutor, never married and died in England of a chest infection at age 55.

The elder daughter, Jane Grieve Gordon, had married Henry Frederick Meadows at Morro Velho in 1862. Their son, Frederick Gordon Meadows, was born there in 1863 and their daughter Annie Eugenia in 1866. This family returned to England for a time and then emigrated to New Zealand, eventually settling in Sheffield, Canterbury. After her mother's death Jane suffered a paroxysm of grief. She returned to London for a spell but this did not cure the melancholia from which she suffered until her death in 1892 of heart disease, at age 50.

The baby of the family, Mary Anderson, proved the most robust. She married James Crichton Bushnan* at Morro Velho. It seems likely that James was a relative as his father's Christian names were John Stevenson, the same as Mary's youngest brother. Ship voyages obviously did not daunt Mary, as she made a visit to New Zealand. The gold nugget which she'd had in her possession was donated to the British Museum.

* The various sources I found give James' surname as Bushman.

james-newell-gordon-small mary-mcqueen-anderson-small

Original photographs taken in 1868 by Augusto Riedel. Reproductions by Foto Fiddlers.

  • Reference
  • NZ Genealogist Nov/Dec 1998 - written by Margaret McGavin, great-granddaughter of Jane & Henry Meadows.

18 January 2009

James Newell Gordon & Mary McQueen Anderson

Today we have something a little different. While looking through a box of old photographs in an antique shop in Thames (NZ) a few weeks ago I came across this certificate:-


In the same box was this large photograph of a grave, the names on the grave had the same surname as the person on the certificate.


So I set about finding out what I could on the Gordon family and have come up with a most interesting family. None of it gives me the slightest clue as to why/how these documents ended up in New Zealand but there is one hope left - see end of this article.

The story starts with Lord Armadale of Armadale and Graemsay in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. Lord Armadale was Sir William Honeyman, son of Patrick Honeyman and Margaret McKay. William was born on 6 Dec 1756 in Orkney and on 6 Feb 1777 he married Mary McQueen in Edinburgh, Scotland. William's father married twice and he had many children, one of them was Janet who was a full sister to Lord Armadale.

Janet Honeyman was born 25 Mar 1758 and on 11 Jan 1781 she married John Lieutenant Grieve also in Edinburgh. Amongst their children was Jean (aka Jane) Grieve born 25 May 1786 in Peebles, Scotland, she married William Anderson on 28 Jun 1805 in Glasgow, Scotland. Jean & William named one of their daughters after Lord Armadale's wife, Mary McQueen.

Mary McQueen Anderson was born 28 Oct 1807 in Glasgow, on the 30 Jan 1839 she married James Newell Gordon of Ireland in the parish of Glasgow, Glasgow City, Lanarkshire, Scotland.


The children I have found for them are:-

  • William Newell born c1839 West Indies died 1895
  • Jane Grieve born c1842 West Indies married Dr Henry F Meadows 1862 Brazil
  • James Muter Anderson born c1844 West Indies died 1875 Brazil
  • John Stevenson born 26 May 1847 Islington, London died 1854 Islington
  • Mary Anderson born Jun 1850 Islington, London married James Crichton Bushman 1874 Brazil

James & Mary Gordon and their children are living in England in the 1851 census but have disappeared by the 1861 census and I can find no further mention of them in any English census until 1891.


1851 Census - Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 1499; Folio: 175; Page: 22; GSU roll: 87832. ©ancestry.com

From the cemetery photograph we know that John Stevenson died on the 5 Nov 1854 and his brother James Muter Anderson, died on the 12 Jun 1875 aged 30, in a mining accident in Brazil.

In the course of my research online I found a few books that mention James Newell Gordon as being the Superintendant of the St John d'el Rey Mining Co in Morro Velho, Brazil. One of them is 'British Enterprise in Brazil by Marshall Craig Eakin'. This book also suggests there was another daughter for James & Mary who married James Pennycook Brown but I have found nothing further on her.

Another book was 'The Romance of Lady Isabel Burton', written in 1867 partly by Lady Isabel, she tells of her visit to Morro Velho and its Environs in chapter 7. A small extraction says:-

Among other things, I determined to go down into the mine, which has the reputation of being the largest, deepest, and richest gold -mine in Brazil. We had been very anxious to visit its depths when we were at Morro Velho before, but Mr. Gordon had put us off until our return. It was considered rather an event for a lady to go down the mine, especially as Mrs. Gordon, the Superintendent’s wife, who had been at Morro Velho nine years and a half, had never been down. However, she consented to accompany me. She said, “I have never yet taken courage; I am sure if I don’t do it now, I never shall.”

James & Mary must have returned to England sometime after the 1881 census because Mary died there in 1885. Her death is registered in the 4qtr of 1885 (Gordon Mary Anderson M 77 Richmond S 2a 212) and in 1891 James is living with widowed daughter, Mary Ann Bushman, in Richmond Surrey, he's listed as a retired mining engineer. James' death is registered in the 3qtr of 1896 (Gordon James Newell 81 Richmond S 2a 220).


If you think you are connected to this family and would like the above documents please get in touch with me. Tomorrow I go to check my local library to see if I can find the NZ Genealogist Magazine that has an article on 'The Morro Velho Gordons' which might yield a NZ connection.

16 January 2009

Another Update on Charles Frederick Davies

Good news! Further to my posts on 27 Nov & 18 Dec about Charles Frederick Davies I've been contacted by his great-great-granddaughter Kimberley Davies Traum who lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Kimberley tells me that Charles Frederick emigrated to Canada about 1869 where he met and married his wife, Mary Ann Routh who was born in Ontario. In the 1881 census of Canada they were living in Montreal, Quebec with their four children - Florence, Frederick, Karl R and 6 mth old Maxton Routh Davies.

About 1893 the family migrated to the US where they were living in Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan in the 1910 census. In 1920 Charles Frederick was living with his married daughter Florence Geddes in Detroit and on the 4 Dec 1922 he passed away at his son Maxton's home in Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Ohio.

The bad news is that I made a horrible botch up of Charles Frederick's mother, she wasn't Mary Ann Burrows as I had thought - and I have no idea why I thought it at the time - she was Matilda Maxton, sister of his father's second wife Ann Maxton - and sure enough the both of them are in the marriage entries for the 3qtr of 1843 - luckily Kimberley was able to give me the details from Charles Frederick's birth certificate which proves who his mother was:-

    When and where born: Tenth of June 1844 at 1 Foxton Terrace, Islington
    Name: Charles Frederick
    Sex: Boy
    Name and surname of father: Charles William Davies
    Name, surname and maiden surname of mother: Matilda Davies formerly Maxton
    Occupation of father: Chronometer Maker
    Signature, description and residence of informant: C.W. Davies, Father

Finally, a few interesting facts about Charles Frederick's life from Kimberley.

When 13 years old he was appointed organist of St. Peter's Cathedral, 90 Kensington Park Rd, Notting Hill, London, winning a competition in which 15 of the most prominent organists in England took part. He was a pupil of [Dr Henry John] Gauntlett, G. B. Allen, and Lefébure-Wély. He was one of the earliest Fellow of the College of Organists and was the first organist of St. Alban the Martyr Church, Holborn. In 1869 he went to Canada, on the recommendation of Richard Redhead, to become organist of St. James’, Montreal. He afterwards held other posts, his last one being at Detroit where he was organist at the Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church for several years. He was president of the Windsor College and Conservatory of Music. In 1913 he founded the Windsor (Ont.) College of Liberal Arts, now a prosperous educational institution.

I'm amazed that from such old photographs with very little information on them that I've been able to find a descendant on the other side of the world in a relatively short time, and all done without leaving my computer. So a new home has been found for the Davies family photos, I'm so pleased.

14 January 2009

Hugh Nesbitt & Jane Elizabeth Latimer

Today's photos were rescued from a tip and kindly sent to me by Barry of Once Again Images. The good news is that someone took the time to write some details on the back of them.

Hugh Nesbitt LATIMER was born in Ireland in 1820, parents unknown. Sometime before 1864 he married Jane Elizabeth CLARE, marriage date unknown, Jane's parents also unknown.

hugh-&-jane-latimer-small hugh-&-jane-latimer-back-sm

  • Subject: Hugh Nesbitt Latimer & Jane Elizabeth nee Clare
  • Date: After 1895
  • Photographer: John Robert Hanna, 196 Queen St, Auckland, NZ
  • Found: Auckland, NZ

Hugh & Jane had the following children in Ireland:-

  1. Eliza Jane born 4 Apr 1864 in Dublin
  2. John Nesbitt born 13 Dec 1865 in Dublin
  3. Eleanor born 19 Jan 1868 in Dublin
  4. Adelaide born 8 Jun 1870 in Fermanagh
  5. Hugh Nesbitt born 8 May 1872

On the 8 Jun 1875 the family boarded the Carisbrook Castle at Belfast, it arrived in Auckland NZ on the 8 Sep 1875.

    08 JUNE 1875 - 08 SEPTEMBER 1875.
  • * LATIMER Hugh A, Jane E, three children
  • * LATIMER John C

Other settlers including the Latimers were all destined to settle in Katikati in the Bay of Plenty as part of George Vesey Stewart's vision of a settlement of Ulster gentry and tenant farmers, of which he would be patriarchal head. He wished the farmers to become landowners, and therefore insisted that all should possess some money. Without waiting for New Zealand approval of his plan, he invited members of Orange Lodges in Ulster to join him. Negotiations were long and difficult. After an extensive tour of New Zealand he chose as a site for settlement the Katikati Block, on the shores of Tauranga Harbour. He arranged with the Government for settlers in his first party to receive grants of land on conditions of occupation and improvement. This party, of 28 families, arrived by sailing ship in 1875. The second party, 378 in number, followed in 1878. For them Stewart bought land from the Government and sold it in farm lots. Stewart purposely included a large element of the governing and professional classes in Ireland. This “Ulster plantation,” says A. J. Gray, contributed “an atmosphere of culture and refinement that is seldom found in pioneering settlements”. Fortunately, their private means helped to carry Katikati through the depression of the eighties.

Stewart had painted prospects in glowing terms, but the settlers had to start from scratch in a wilderness, and the inevitable hardships produced deep resentment against the leader. But the settlement's origin gave it a strong community spirit, and an important lift came with the development of the famous Martha gold mine at Waihi, less than 20 miles away. Then dairying developed, and the success of Stewart's venture was assured.

Partial quote from an article by author Alan Mulgan, O.B.E. (1881–1962).

Two years after their arrival in NZ daughter Mabel was born. This photo was taken in Cambridge in Oct 1905 when she was aged 28. She died suddenly on the 28 Jun 1945 in Auckland aged 68 and is buried in the Purewa Cemetery, Auckland. (Purewa has a searchable database online here).

mabel-latimer-small mabel-latimer-original-small

  • Subject: Mabel Latimer
  • Date: October 1905
  • Photographer: Leo Isherwood, Cambridge, NZ
  • Found: Auckland, NZ

Hugh & Jane's daughter, Eleanor, married a Mr Smith and had a son named Roy.

eleanor-latimer-&-son-small eleanor-latimer-&-son-back-small

  • Subject: Eleanor & Roy Smith
  • Date: Unknown
  • Photographer: Tadema, Newton, Auckland, NZ
  • Found: Auckland, NZ

And their daughter, Adelaide, married Andrew Bell.

andrew-&-adelaide-bell-orig andrew-&-adelaide-bell-smal

  • Subject: Adelaide & Andrew Bell
  • Date: Unknown
  • Photographer: Unknown (unreadable)
  • Found: Auckland, NZ

There's also a photo of Miss Ellie Mulvany, cousin to Jane Elizabeth Latimer.

ellie-mulvany-small ellie-mulvany-back-small

  • Subject: Miss Ellie Mulvany
  • Date: 1885-1895
  • Photographer: John Robert Hanna, 134 Queen St, Auckland, NZ
  • Found: Auckland, NZ

One last photo with no <obvious> links to this family although the hand writing on the back seems to be the same as the others.

irene-whitton-henry-small irene-whitton-henry-back-sm

  • Subject: Irene Whitton Henry
  • Date: 1912
  • Photographer: Charles Joseph Ellerbeck , 46 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, NZ
  • Found: Auckland, NZ

Stop Press: I have already managed to track down Peter Baker in Australia whose children are the great-great-grandchildren of Hugh & Jane. If anyone else is connected to this family please contact me as I will be keeping scans of the photos just in case.