16 May 2009

Ada Violet Gilman 1891-?

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Subject: Ada Violet Gilman
Date: Easter 1918
Photographer: Alexander Studio, 103 Hoe St, Walthamstow
Found: UK

Ada Violet Gilman was born in 1891 in Walthamstow, Essex, she was the eldest daughter of Charles James Gilman and Ada Rosa nee Roberts. Ada's sister, Daisy Winifred, was born in 1892. In 1896 Ada Rosa died and in the 1901 census Charles' sister, Charlotte Mary, was living with them, she was still there in 1911.

Charles James Gilman was the son of Thomas & Jane nee Gorton, they were all living in St Sepulchre, London in the 1861 census along with another daughter, Florence Sarah.

That's all I know about Ada. If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Gilman family please do contact me, I would love to hear from you & it may be to your advantage.

Dawn Scotting


12 May 2009

Austin Ernest Albert Smart 1884-1966

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Might one of these young men be Austin Ernest Albert Smart? Austin wrote a letter on the back to his mother, Mrs Smart of Caversham, on the 23 Sep 1911.

Austin was the son of William Henry Smart & Annie nee Munro, he was born in 1884 in NZ. He married Mary Hammond Wright in 1913 and he died in 1966 aged 82, Mary died the year before aged 74. Mary was the daughter of David Archibald Hutchinson Wright and Alice Mary nee Barnes.

If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Smart family please do contact me, I would love to hear from you & it may be to your advantage.

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07 May 2009

Evelyn Mary Harriet Hanmer 1887-1969


This cute little girl is Evelyn Mary Harriet Hanmer, she was born on the 7 Feb 1887 to Edward Wingfield Hanmer and Catherine nee Hanmer.

Edward Wingfield Hanmer married Catherine Hanmer in NZ in 1885 and their other children were - Edward Henry John 1889, Humphrey Richard 1891 and Florence Catherine Alicia 1900.

Edward Wingfield Hanmer was one of sixteen children born to Rev Henry Hanmer and Sybella Elizabeth nee Gordon, he was baptised on 27 Jul 1856 at Grendon in Warwickshire where his father was the Rector.

Edward was living at home in 1861 and 1871 he was a pupil at a Grammar School in Newark, Nottinghamshire. By 1885 he was in New Zealand.

Edward's mother, Catherine, came from a different line of Hanmers, I found them on the Plantagenent Roll of the Blood Royal here. Edward's line of Hanmers I found in The Peerage of Britain here. So it seems Evelyn Mary Harriet comes from a long line of royalty.

Edward died on 28 Feb 1901 aged 44 and Catherine died in 1939 and was buried in the Waimairi Cemetery in Christchurch.

Surname: Hanmer
First name(s): Catherine
Date of death: Saturday, 20 May 1939
Cemetery: Waimairi Cemetery
Date of burial: Saturday, 20 May 1939
Block number: AN16
Plot number: 5
Age: 82 years
Address: 5 Stratford St, Fendalton, ChCh
Occupation: Unknown
Place of birth: Unknown
Years in New Zealand

Evelyn married a Mr Scott and she was a widow when she died in Christchurch in 1969 aged 82.


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Hanmer family please do contact me, I would love to hear from you & it may be to your advantage.

Dawn Scotting


01 May 2009

Mabel Caroline Claasen 1892-1961

Today's photo is a lovely candid shot of a young girl sent to her sister as a postcard in 1911.

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Mabel Caroline Claasen was born in NZ in 1892, her parents were Annie & John Henry William.

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Claasen married Annie Harvey in 1889, their other children were - Ethel Annie 1890 and John George also 1892. Mabel & John had consecutive reg numbers so they were probably twins, sadly John George died aged 7 days. Mother Annie died in 1899 aged 32 and John Hy Wm married again in 1900 to Martha Mathilde Simonsen.

John Hy Wm and Martha had a further 3 children before 1909, Eric Clarence 1901, Vera Pearl 1904 and Leonard John 1908.

John Henry William Claasen was born in NZ in 1864. There are no parents listed for him in the NZ Index but thanks to Beverley's family tree I found they were Johann Heinrich Christopher & Anna Margeretha nee Bensemann. John H C Claasen & Anna Margeretha married in 1857 in NZ. I think they were also the parents of Maria Eleonora Dorothea born in 1869 and they were the parents of Augustus Heinrich Friedrick born in 1875.

Mabel married Robert John Cockburn in 1913 and she passed away in 1961.

Jim & Beverley's Pedigrees
NZ BDM Database


If anyone knows anything about or are connected to the Claasen family please do contact me.


Dawn Scotting

Samuel Smith & Maria Isabel Stephenson - Part II

Today we're going to explore the Stephenson side of the above union.

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The second photo was taken probably not too many years after the first one. Francis Lawrence Jones operated his premises at 168 George St between 1890 to 1900. Maria Isabel Stephenson was the daughter of Daniel Stephenson who was deceased by the time she married Samuel in 1887. On searching the newspapers for his death I was overwhelmed with at least nine entries in various newspapers all very similar to this one:-

Otago Witness, Issue 1617, 18 November 1882, Page 9


From this I knew that Daniel's wife was still alive and that Maria had two siblings. He also had one brother named George who, it seems, was also in NZ.

Unfortunately Daniel's wife was never named in any of his death notices and even after finding his burial I still don't know who she was.

While I was searching the newspapers I found a few other articles about Daniel and in one of them it said he was part of the Scottish constitution who were at a meeting, from this I presumed that Daniel came from Scotland but after searching the records for Scotland for hours I gave up! So when I found the following burial record for him I was surprised to see that he was a native of England.

Northern Cemetery, Dunedin

Cemetery Details
Forename DANIEL
Age 47 Years
Gender Male
Date of Death 11 Nov 1882
Place of Death
Next of Kin
Funeral Director Geddes & Co
Location Block 104. Plot 1
Date of Burial 14 Nov 1882
Type: Burial
Notes Original reference:- N18821113
Occupation:- ACCOUNTANT
Native of:- ENGLAND
Years in NZ:- 7
Place died:- DUNEDIN

I was even more surprised to see that he had only been in NZ for 7 years when I knew it had been a lot longer (daughter born in NZ 1864). (I think whoever gave the details for his burial didn't know that Daniel had lived in Auckland before moving to Dunedin). Which set me to thinking about quite a lot of the photos in the album having been taken in Bristol and Newcastle on Tyne, surely they were from someone's family and Samuel Smith's were from Ireland so perhaps they were relatives of Maria & her father Daniel. I searched the 1851 census for a Daniel Stephenson born about 1835 and there was one in Bristol that caught my eye as I was looking through what seemed like dozens of Daniel Stephensons!

Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 1953; Folio: 127; Page: 1; GSU roll: 87353.


2 Albion Place, Bristol St Andrew, Gloucestershire
Mark Pratten Stephenson head mar 42 Proprietor of Houses born Bristol St Phillip
Sarah Stephenson wife mar 43 born Bristol Castle M
Mary Stephenson dau unm 17 born Bristol Stapleton
Daniel Stephenson son unm 16 born Bristol
Sarah Stephenson dau 13 scholar born Bristol
Isabel Stephenson dau 11 scholar born Bristol
George Stephenson son 6 scholar born Bristol Stokes Cross

Good start, a Daniel with a brother George. Found this on the IGI:-

Christening: 11 DEC 1836 Temple, Bristol, Gloucester, England
Mother: SARAH

On to the 1841 census:-

Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece 375; Book: 3; Civil Parish: St Philip and St Jacob; County: Gloucestershire; Enumeration District: 18; Folio: 4; Page: 2; Line: 21; GSU roll: 288784.


Here we have Mark Stephenson & his family but without son George who wasn't born until about 1844. On the second page there is a Daniel & Sarah Stephenson living next door. On to Google where I happened on the Pratten Family Tree and this small entry:-

...........J4 Sarah Pratten, bapt 1777 St George.
married Stevenson.

I've since spoken to the person who posted this tree and he tells me that he picked up Sarah's married name from her father's will but that is all he knew. Unfortunately the IGI hasn't extracted quite a few of the Bristol parish records so what follows is a little sketchy and is mainly from submissions to the IGI.

Sarah Pratten was the daughter of Mark Pratten & Sarah nee Plummer, she was baptised at St George, Bristol on 22 Mar 1778. She married Daniel Stephenson, date unknown, and they had three daughters - Mary Pratten 11 Aug 1805, Sarah 6 Dec 1807 and Ann Pratten 10 Feb 1811. Seeing that Daniel & Sarah were living next door to Mark (who is listed in 1851 as Mark Pratten Stephenson) I think it's fairly safe to presume that he was their son and named after Sarah's father Mark Pratten. Both Daniel & Sarah had died by 1851. It turns out that Mark Pratten Stephenson was born about 1808, calculated from his age at death - 84 in 1893. I couldn't find a marriage for him & Sarah either, Sarah died in 1889 aged 81.

Now we've established Daniel & George's family it's time to search further census to see what happened to them. In 1861 Mark & Sarah are living at 53 Kingsdowne Pde, Bristol with their three daughters and son George - Daniel is not to be found and I searched very thoroughly with lots of wild cards, nothing, zilch, nada, naught!

In 1871 they are still in the same house with daughters Sarah & Isabel, daughter Mary had married Ernest George Lorymer in 1869 & was living with him in Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire. No sign of son George (or Daniel) and again I searched very thoroughly for him with no luck.

In 1881 Mark & Sarah & Isabel have moved to Westbury on Trym also. Daughter Sarah had left home and was living elsewhere, she died in 1913 aged 75 having never married.

In 1891 Mark was widowed and living with Isabel still in Westbury. Isabel never married either and she died in 1926 aged 87. Although daughter Mary was only 36 when she married Ernest it seems they never had any children, Mary died in 1927 aged 93 and Ernest in 1907 aged 72.

I don't think we're going to have any luck in finding any descendants from Daniel's three sisters!


This page of photos were all taken by the photographer Holborn of 50 Park St, Bristol. They have consecutive numbers written on the back so it seems they would have all been taken on the same day. Possibly Daniel's parents, Mark Pratten & Sarah Stephenson and two of his sisters, maybe the two unmarried ones, Sarah & Isabel. H Holborn operated at 46 Park St in 1872 so maybe taken around then.


Top left photo was also taken by Holborn but at 46 Park St this time, possibly around 1872 also. I can't hazard a guess as to who this gentleman is, I don't think he looks like the previous gentleman.

Top right photo I think looks very like the shorter of the two young women in the previous lot, could be Sarah. Taken by J Philips & Co of 9 Clare St, Bristol, possibly taken between 1885 to 1889.

Bottom left was taken by R T Cartwright of 4 & 5 Clare St, he operated at that address in 1872. Possibly eldest daughter Mary Stephenson.

Bottom right was taken by A Barber of 18 Park St, Alfred Barber operated at that address from 1861 to 1868 (the last time he was listed in the Trade Directory of Bristol, it may have been longer). Possibly Mary's husband Ernest George Lorymer. Mary & Ernest were married in 1869, Ernest was a Corn Merchant.


Top left photo was taken by John Beattie of Strathearn House in Clifton, Bristol. John seems to have operated at that address from 1864 to 1868. This woman may or may not be the same woman as in the first lot of four photographs, I can't make up my mind. If so she is a few years younger in this one.

Top right was taken by F Snary of 26 Castle St, he operated at that address in 1889 although he was listed as Frederick Snary at the same address up until 1921. Not sure who this might be, possibly an older Mary Lorymer.

Both bottom photos were taken by William Clark of 27 Park St, his first entry in the Trade Directory for that address is 1890. I think they are possibly an older Mark Pratten Stephenson, who died in 1893 aged 84, and youngest daughter Isabel who was the only one left at home in 1891, she was 51 in 1891. This lady certainly looks to be rather tall & slim just like the earlier tall young woman.

These are my best guesses as to who the Bristol photos might be, all conjecture and totally speculative!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back to Daniel's arrival in New Zealand. I haven't found either Daniel or George Stephenson on a ship's passenger list yet but from 1869 to 1875 Daniel is mentioned in the Auckland newspapers:-

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXV, Issue 3596, 27 January 1869, Page 5

D. Stephenson is mentioned as having donated £1.1.0 to a good cause. On the same page is this advertisement for William Gregg & Co (see May 1870) and he's also mentioned at the Masonic Ball. william-gregg-&-co daniel-paper-24-5-1869

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXV, Issue 3744, 19 July 1869, Page 7

I, the undersigned, Daniel Stephenson, hereby make application to register the Royal Standard Gold-Mining Company (Registered), under the provisions of the 'Mining Companies' Limited Liability Act, 1865. <some deleted for brevity>
1) Name of the company is the Royal Standard Gold-Mining Co.
2) Place of operations is at the Karaka, at the Thames Goldfield, in the Province of Auckland, in the Colony of NZ.
3) Nominal capital is ten thousand pounds in two thousand shares of five pounds each.
4) Amount already paid up is nine thousand pounds.
5) Name of the manager is Daniel Stephenson.
6) Office of the company is at Wyndham-street, Auckland.
7) Names & residences of the shareholders:-
Henry Solomon Meyers, Auckland 250 shares
Nathaniel Phillip Meyers, Shortland 500
Daniel Stephenson, Auckland 500
Samuel Abraham Levy, Shortland 500
Benjamin Elkin Emanuel, Shortland 250
Dated 14th July 1869.
Signed by Daniel Stephenson, manager
Witness to signature: Henry Goldsmith JP
Messrs Beveridge & Ritche, the company's solicitors.

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXVI, Issue 3961, 3 May 1870, Page 7

An interesting event in connection with. St. Andrew's Lodge, 418, S.C, took place on April 25, at their regular monthly meeting, viz., a presentation to Past-Master Brother Stephenson. The R.W.D.P.G.M., Brother Beveridge, occupied the chair; and, after the regular business of the lodge, presented to Brother P.M. Stephenson a very beautiful past-master's jewel, reflecting credit alike on the donors and recipient. The jewel is of Auckland workmanship, and contains a fine diamond, bearing on the reverse the following inscription : — "A tribute of respect to P.M. Brother Daniel Stephenson, from the Brethren of Lodge St. Andrew, 418, S.C, for the faithful discharge of his duties as R.W.M., 1868-1869."

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXVI, Issue 3980, 25 May 1870, Page 1

Co-partnership at Auckland of William Gregg & Daniel Stephenson dissolved by mutual consent, dated 24 May 1870. Daniel informs merchants etc that he intends carrying on the business of the late firm of William Gregg & Co at the Auckland Steam Coffee Mills in Wyndham-street, Auckland under the firm of D Stephenson & Co.

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXVI, Issue 4032, 25 July 1870, Page 1

NOTICE. IN consequence of certain arrangements entered into, in connection with the late dissolution of partnership between D. STEPHENSON and W. GREGG, not being carried out, the latter has RE-TAKEN the BUSINESS into his own hands again, and is empowered to discharge and settle all debts due to and by the firm of D. Stephenson and Co.
(By his Attorney George Stephenson).
Auckland, July 22, 1870.
WITH reference to the above, it being our intention to close the business as quickly as possible, we have to request a settlement of all overdue accounts on or before August 1.
W. GREGG & CO. (By their Attorney George Stephenson).
Auckland, July 22, 1870.

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXVI, Issue 4075, 13 September 1870, Page 2

Cleared Outwards - Sept 12
Mary Shepherd, ship, 809 tons, Peck, for London. Passengers: Mr Daniel Stephenson

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXVIII, Issue 4689, 3 September 1872, Page 1

3 Sep 1872 stood as a candidate for the office of councillor of the City of Auckland.

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXXI, Issue 5657, 30 October 1875, Page 2

[Established 1864]
D. Stephenson & Co's
Celebrated Coffees
Are to be procured at all respectable Grocers' and 'Storekeepers' throughout the Province of Auckland
D. Stephenson & Co
Wyndham Street

Finally we come to this one:-

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXXII, Issue 5774, 30 March 1876, Page 1


So it seems Daniel & his family left Auckland & settled in Dunedin. There are a few photos that were taken in Auckland in the album:-


The two bottom photos were taken by G Pulman of Auckland. George Pulman operated from 1869 to 1871 when his widow, Elizabeth, took over the business. I would say these two photographs are of the same woman at different times. Looking through a magnifying glass they both have the same deep sunk eyes. The top right photo is a hand tinted copy of the one below it.

The top left photo has something written on the back which I'm still puzzling over:-


"For My dear Ma
.. Stephenson
20 years & 9 mos
June 10/76"

I think that this young man might be one of Maria Isabel's siblings but his birth year of 1855 seems to be a little bit early. The early birth NZ records don't give parents' names in the search results so it's hard to say if he was born in NZ or England. I did find a marriage for a Daniel Stephenson in England in 1863 to either an Annie Jordan or Emily Shurmur, but if that was Daniel where is he in the 1861 census?

If this photo is from a brother of Maria then the word 'Ma' might be his nickname for her. The photographer, Robert Henry Bartlett, was rewarded with the title "Photographer to His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh" in January 1871 so the photo is taken after that which fits in with the 1876 date.

Whoever Maria's mother was she may have come from Newcastle on Tyne where some of the photos in the album came from.

I haven't been able to find anything further on Daniel's brother George either, George Stephenson being too common a name. It was mentioned in Daniel's death notice that his brother worked for Messrs Gregg & Co so I presume he stayed in Auckland working for the same firm that Daniel had at one stage tried to take over. In another article I noted that William Gregg's attorney was George Stephenson. Daniel was listed as an accountant on his burial records so it seems both brothers were well educated.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot about this photo, we think the older lady in black is Maria Isabel because the brooch she is wearing is the same brooch that the young Maria was wearing. I'm not sure of the significance of the crescent & star in this instance but it could be something to do with where Maria's husband, Samuel, came from in Ireland. I did a bit of research and it seems the crescent & star are incorporated into the Coat of Arms of Drogheda in Ireland, whether that has any connection to Samuel I really have no idea, it just seemed like a good story!

maria-isabel3-original maria-isabel4-original

Which brings me to another little mystery - on the back of the second photo is written 'With Love Mother' but as far as I know Maria only had the one son, Robert, who died in 1918 and this photo was taken a long time after that! Also on the back of the photo is a photographer's stamp with an address of Wellington so I searched the Wellington Cemeteries online and found that she died on 20 Sep 1957 aged 93 and was cremated on the 23rd at the Karori Cemetery in Wellington.


Pratten Family Tree
Auckland Museum - Cenotaph Database
Auckland City Library - Photographers Database
Dunedin City Council - Cemeteries
Early Otago Photographers
NSW BMD Registry

Scotlands People
Wellington City Council - Cemeteries


I intend to research further into the Newcastle on Tyne connection but that will have to wait for a few weeks while I'm on holiday. In the meantime if anyone knows anything about or are connected to the Smith/Stephenson families please do contact me, I would love to hear from you and so would the owner of the album.

Dawn Scotting