09 December 2011

Could this be Winifred Elizabeth Hardie born 1900 in NZ?


  • Subject: Unknown
  • Date: about 1903
  • Photographer: Robert Barcham, Petone, New Zealand

This one was a little harder to find as I didn’t have much to go on except for what you see above. I could find absolutely nothing on the ‘La Cigale Art Studios’ but I suspect it was the name of Robert Barcham’s Photography business. It’s taken me all day to finally click on to the fact that Robert’s surname is Barcham and not Bareham! I couldn’t understand why I was getting very few hits in the NZ BMD records online and those I did get weren’t helping at all.

I then found that Robert Barcham, photographer, in the electoral rolls was living in Masterton in 1900, by 1905 he had moved to Petone, in 1911 he was in Island Bay, Wellington, 1914 he’d moved to Woodville and by 1928 he was in Hastings where he lived until his death in 1960. For those not familiar with NZ Petone is not far from Wellington so the time frame for this photograph is probably just after 1900 to sometime between 1911 to 1914.

Armed with this knowledge I then searched through the electoral rolls for a Hardie family living in Hutt Park, Petone. I’m still not sure whether the initial before Hardie is an ‘R’ or an ‘M’, maybe neither. In 1905 I found George & Elizabeth Hardie living at Hutt Park, Petone, George was an engine driver while Elizabeth is listed as ‘married’. In 1911 Elizabeth Hardie was still living at that address & still ‘married’ but George wasn’t listed, however, it seems he didn’t die until 1930 so he should be there somewhere. In 1928 George shows up again but this time living at 101 Tinakori Rd, engine driver, living at the same address is Winifred Elizabeth, spinster, Elizabeth is not listed so she may be the Elizabeth Hardie whose death is registered in 1918 aged 56 yrs.

On checking the NZ BMD Indices I found the following:-

1891/4605 Hardie  Herbert John,  Elizabeth & John George
1892/6264 Hardie  Ernest Charles,  Elizabeth & George
1893/7407 Hardie  Cyril George,  Elizabeth & John George
1894/13219 Hardie  Harold William,  Elizabeth & John George
1900/4188 Hardie  Winifred Elizabeth,  Elizabeth & John George

George’s full name was John George and checking back on the electoral rolls I found one entry for a John George Hardie in 1896 living in Tutaekara (Pahiatua region), he was an engine driver. Although they had been married for at least six years by then Elizabeth is not listed that year, perhaps it was too soon after women were first given the vote in 1893:-

On 19 Sep 1893 the governor, Lord Glasgow, signed a new Electoral Act into law. As a result of this landmark legislation, New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections.

There doesn’t seem to be a marriage for John George & Elizabeth in the NZ records, nor is there a death for a John George Hardie, no George fits the time frame but there is one George John who does:-

1930/12250 Hardie  George John  73Y

That gives a birthdate of 1857 which fits in with Elizabeth’s of 1862.

Papers Past was my next stop and here I found an article on Winifred’s marriage in 1928 to Charles Albert Ernest Purdey:-




















From this we gather that the bride’s mother wasn’t there, Winifred was the only daughter and that although her father received the guests at the reception he didn’t give her away.


Then we have a coroner’s report on the death of John George Hardie aged 73 in 1930, but was this the right person? Further investigation brought up the final proof in the Public Trust Notice:-

























One last note: Charles & Winifred Purdey had a son named Trevor Ian born in 1931 & died in 1947, he is buried with his father in the Karori Cemetery in Wellington. As far as I can find out they didn’t have any other children but as the NZ Birth Indices online stop at 1911 I can’t be positive about that. If it is the case then there are no descendants to claim Elizabeth’s photo, probably the very reason it ended up in a second hand shop.

ancestry.com; NZ BDM Online; Papers Past; NZ History


So there we have it, absolutely no proof whatsoever that the photograph is of Winifred Elizabeth Hardie but quite a nice lot of information about the Hardie Family of Petone & Wellington.

If any of the descendants of this Hardie family would like to have the above photograph (if it is her) I would be delighted to pass it on. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

08 December 2011

Amy Mary Trim 1870-1959


  • Subject: Amy Mary Trim
  • Date: Jan 1893
  • Photographer: Henry Wayland, Rembrandt House, 11 Lee Road, Blackheath, Greenwich
  • Found: eBay

Births Mar 1870
TRIM  Amy Mary    Wandsworth  1d 596

Amy was the daughter of Albert Trim & Ellen née Stedman, born 31 Jan & baptised 27 Feb 1870 at St Luke’s Church in Chelsea, Middlesex:-

baptism-web  Albert was a clerk and they resided at 32 Lockington Rd, Battersea. However, in the 1871 census their address is given as 18 Lockington Rd:-


Source Citation: Class: RG10; Piece: 706; Folio: 55; Page: 36; GSU roll: 823343.

Albert Trim head mar 30 clerk born Isle of Wight, West Cowes
Ellen Trim wife mar 30 born Petworth Sussex
Beatrice E Trim dau 3 born Chelsea Mdx
Albert S Trim son 2 born Battersea Surrey
Amy M Trim dau 1 born Battersea Surrey

Albert was listed as being a ‘waiter’ on Amy’s marriage to Charles Kendall James in 1896:-


Charles & Amy James were at home in 73 Woodlawn Rd, Fulham, London on the night of 2 Apr 1911 along with her brother William Ernest Trim.


Charles & Amy had been married 14 years & had one child who had died. Dorothy Mary James had been born in the last quarter of 1897 and while visiting her maternal grandparents in Shorrolds Rd, Fulham was baptised at St John’s Church, Walham Green, Fulham on the 10 Jan 1898. Her death was registered soon after in the 1qtr of 1898 at Fulham RD.

So it seems there won’t be any descendants to claim Amy’s photograph but I’m sure there will be some family out there who are descended from any one of her five siblings:-

Beatrice Ellen 1867-1948
Albert Stedman 1868-1897
Tom Parker 1872-1953
Ada Fanny Elizabeth 1875-?
William Ernest 1879-1969

Their father, Albert, was born in West Cowes on the Isle of Wight about 1840. He was aged 8 mths in the 1841 census & living with his widowed mother, brother William and half sister Susan Parker aka Trim. Maria Parker married William Trim on 1 Jan 1832 at Northwood on the Isle of Wight.

Albert Trim married Ellen Stedman in the 3qtr 1865 in Kensington.

ancestry.com; familysearch.org; FreeBMD; Isle of Wight Family History Society

Further details on this family may be seen on the Strangers in a Box database on WorldConnect.
If any of the descendants of this Trim family would like to have the above photograph I would be delighted to pass it on. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

Trip to Queenstown

This large group photograph was in a batch lot of photos I picked up in an antique shop. It looks to me to have been taken sometime in the 1970s or maybe 1980s. I’ve researched some of the names on the back and most if not all of the people seem to have lived in or around the area of Papatoetoe in Auckland. So I would think a social club of some sort. A friend of mine has identified the hotel in the background as being Eichart’s Tavern in Queenstown, NZ.


The names I can read are:- Jimmy Nield, R & Beverley Barthow, Christine Leckie, Margery & Des Sale, Janet Craig, John & Marie Brennan, George & Lorna Pearse, Jack & Wym Ivatts, Ron & Phyl Docherty, Mrs & Miss White, Dorothy & Roy Wilson, Alex & Nan Britton, Robert & Judi Tuppen, Hazel & Arthur Sloggett, Louise Hawley, Nora Murphy, Isabel Holmes, Paul, Gerry, Cathy & Marjorie Stewart. Two I can't read and a few are missing.

If you are related to anyone in this photograph and would like a copy of it please contact me, the first person to do so gets the original.

Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting