15 July 2016

Lucy Jessie Norman 1856-1924

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album


This is the best I could do with this photo, it didn’t scan well and obviously my knowledge of PhotoShop is not as good as I thought it was! Someone had done a bit of colouring with what looks like a crayon so that didn’t help either.

I can’t say with 100% certainty that this is a photo of Lucy Jessie Norman but from what is written on the back it seems quite likely. Someone named L J N was sending it to W W Clifford and as William Wigram Clifford was Lucy Jessie Norman’s future husband it seems she was sending him a photo of herself while she was either living in or visiting Lausanne in Switzerland in 1874, they were married on the 19 Oct 1876 in Jhansi, Bengal, India.

Lucy would have been aged 19 when this photo was taken, she was born in India about 1855, unfortunately a birth or baptism for her doesn’t seem to exist so that’s why it took me so long to unearth just who L J N was. Luckily I finally came across her marriage certificate that showed her father was Sir Francis Booth Norman, presumably her mother was his first wife Eliza Ellen neé Nisbett.

As far as I know William & Lucy Clifford had seven children, they were:- Frank Robert; Paul Adams; Lucy Emilia; Norman Hopper; William Patrick; Edith Melville and Maud Mary.

Sometime soon after Maud Mary was born in 1890 the family emigrated to the South Island of New Zealand where they settled in Timaru.

William died on the 7 Jan 1920 and Lucy on the 24 Apr 1924, they are buried together in the Timaru Cemetery in Canterbury, New Zealand.


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11 July 2016

Frances Ellen Norman 1857-1932

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album


I’m not quite sure just what this name is, it looks like Facey Mantt but in the end I decided upon Mrs Fanny Marett or Marrett 1891, what do you think, and is that Miss or Mrs? It was sitting in the album next to Henry Norman Marrett and his mother was Frances Ellen neé Norman, she would have been aged 33 when this was taken, she does have a young looking face with lovely skin but quite matronly for a 33 year old I would have thought.

Frances Ellen Norman was born in Punjab India on the 16 Oct 1857 and baptised there on 13 Jan 1858, the daughter of Francis Booth Norman and Eliza Ellen neé Nisbett, and the sister of Lucy Jessie the presumed owner of this album. Frances married Henry Richard Marrett in Bengal India on the 11 Mar 1878. In the English 1911 census they had been married 33 years and had two children both of whom were still alive, they were Ida Evelyn and Henry Norman Marrett.

Henry Richard Marrett was a Colonel in the Indian Army, he passed away in Ealing, Middlesex on 3 Jul 1916 aged 64 and Frances Ellen joined him on the 14 Oct 1932 aged 74, she had been living in Sandon, Essex.


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08 July 2016

Henry Norman Marrett 1878-1961

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album


This young boy was the nephew of Lucy Jessie Norman, the eldest child of her sister Frances Ellen Norman who married Henry Richard Marrett in 1878 in Jhansi, Bengal, India.

Henry Norman Marrett was born on 15 Dec 1878 and baptised on 30 Mar 1879 in the St John’s Church in Peshawar, India:-


I’ve added his baptism here because as you’ve probably noticed he was actually born in 1878 rather than the 1879 written on the photo. I’m not sure you’ll be able to read it, if you click on the image you’ll get a larger version of it. Peshawar is now in Pakistan right on the boundary with Afghanistan.

Henry went on to become a doctor and was in charge of the Merivale open-air sanitarium in Essex for many years.


In 1909 Henry married Florence Dering Mathew-Lannowe and they had three children:- Norman Dering Marrett 1910-2008; Joan Marrett 1912-2005 and Henry Rex Marrett 1915-2003.

After Henry retired he & Florence are to be found on many ships’ passenger lists including travelling to the USA, South Africa, India & Mozambique. Florence died at home in Sandon near Chelmsford, Essex on the 7 Apr 1945. In 1961 he was living in Kellythorpe, Sandon but later that year Henry died in Bangalore, India on the 24 Dec 1961.

References: British Journal of Tuberculosis; FindMyPast; Ancestry.


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07 July 2016

Catherine Jessie Norman 1847-1916

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album


Catherine Jessie Norman was the sister of Henry Wylie Norman and one of twins born to Sir James Norman and Charlotte neé Wylie. Kate, as she was known, was born on 10 Dec 1847 and baptised on 1 Feb 1848 in Calcutta, India, her twin was Lucy Margaret.

On 12 Jan 1870 in India she married Charles Paton Keyes who later became a Knight of the Realm. Their children were:- Norman Babington; Roger John Brownlow; Dorothea Agnes; Charles Valentine; Terence Humphrey; Catherine Mary; Phyllis Marion; Adrian St Vincent and Madeline Helen.

General Sir Charles Paton Keyes died on the 5 Feb 1896 and Lady Catherine Jessie Keyes on the 10 Mar 1916 at Hampton Court Palace. Her burial service was in the St Lawrence Church, Seale, Surrey but her body was subsequently removed to Shorncliffe by order of the Home Secretary. She is probably buried with her husband in the Cheriton Road Cemetery, Folkestone, Kent.


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06 July 2016

Henry Wylie Norman 1826-1904

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album


The first photo of Uncle Henry also has the initials ‘LJN’ written on the back, once I’d found who LJN was it was easy to work out that Uncle Henry was Henry Wylie Norman, the brother of Lucy Jessie Norman’s father. Then I found the other photo of him online and knew I had the right person. There is an excellent article on Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wylie Norman on this webpage, he had a very distinguished career.

Henry Wylie Norman was the son of Sir James Norman & Charlotte neé Wylie, born on 2 Dec 1826 and baptised at the St Luke Old Street Church, Finsbury, London on the 11 Jan 1827.

Henry married three times, first to Selina Eliza Davidson on the 14 Apr 1853 at West Bengal, India. Their children were:- Mary Lucy 1855; Helen Campbell 1856; Annie Forde 1857; Jessie Macleod 1860 and possibly a son Henry Alexander who died at sea in 1858. Selina died in 1862 aged 30 of an abscess on the liver.

Henry’s second wife was Jemima Ann Knowles who died a year after they married in 1864, no children.

Henry’s third wife was Alice Claudine Sandys, their children were:- Walter Henry 1871; Grace Alice 1873 and Claude Lumsden 1876.

This photo was also in the album, probably from LJN’s first cousin Helen Campbell Norman, sent from India when she was 19 years of age, compare this photo with another one of her taken 10 years later, on this webpage here:-


This next one from the album is a bit of a mystery, on the back it says ‘LJN – Aunt Claudine W. 1870’, the only Claudine I’ve come across so far is the above Henry Wylie’s third wife, Alice Claudine neé Sandys. She might have been known as Claudine rather than Alice but if so what does the ‘W’ stand for? It was taken in 1870, the year she married Henry Wylie Norman and she does look like she might be dressed to be married BUT there are other photos of Alice Claudine claiming to be her and I don’t think they look alike, so perhaps my Aunt Claudine W belongs somewhere else that I haven’t come across yet, what do you think?




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05 July 2016

Eugenie Elizabeth Huddleston & Maud Goodenough Hayter

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album



This photo was not in the Hayter Album as one would expect but in the Norman/ Clifford Album. The two people in the photo are not named but it is signed on the back by Francis Hayter so I presume they are his wife, Eugenie Elizabeth, and one of his daughters.

Francis died in 1891 while he was in England for an operation and so he would have had to have sent this photo before then. I had originally thought the young girl was about 12 or so and the only one of his daugthers to have been old enough by 1891 is Maud who was born in 1880. The next daughter is Gwendolyn who was born in 1884 and I think the girl in the photo is older than 6 or 7, what do you think?

So the Hayter & Clifford families obviously knew each other long before their children, Graham Goodenough Hayter and Edith Melville Clifford, met and married in 1910 in New Zealand.


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03 July 2016

Charles Boswell Norman 1846-1926

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album

Now that I’m fairly sure that the Clifford/Norman album originally belonged to Lucy Jessie Clifford neé Norman I’m able to pinpoint a little more accurately just who some of photos in the album are. On saying that these next two photos are somewhat of a guess as they don’t give a full name.


These two photos were sitting next to each other in the album, named as shown.

Charles Boswell Norman was born in Calcutta, India on the 9 Jan 1846 and baptised 3 Feb in Fort William, Bengal, the 4th son & 6th child of Sir James Norman & wife Charlotte neé Wylie. In 1876 he married Jessie Maude Rogers in London.

In the 1881 & 1911 census he’s listed as being a ‘retired captain in the Army’.

In this family there are many men in the Army and any of them could have been a Captain at any stage of their Army career, so it’s hard to say for sure if this is Charles Boswell, he would have been Lucy Jessie Norman’s uncle, brother of her father Lieut-General Sir Francis Booth Norman.

M Norman may be Captain Norman’s wife if she was known Maude rather than Jessie. If she is Jessie Maude she would have been aged 27 when this photo was taken.

I would love to hear from anyone who might know for sure who they are.


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