05 July 2016

Eugenie Elizabeth Huddleston & Maud Goodenough Hayter

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album



This photo was not in the Hayter Album as one would expect but in the Norman/ Clifford Album. The two people in the photo are not named but it is signed on the back by Francis Hayter so I presume they are his wife, Eugenie Elizabeth, and one of his daughters.

Francis died in 1891 while he was in England for an operation and so he would have had to have sent this photo before then. I had originally thought the young girl was about 12 or so and the only one of his daugthers to have been old enough by 1891 is Maud who was born in 1880. The next daughter is Gwendolyn who was born in 1884 and I think the girl in the photo is older than 6 or 7, what do you think?

So the Hayter & Clifford families obviously knew each other long before their children, Graham Goodenough Hayter and Edith Melville Clifford, met and married in 1910 in New Zealand.


Dawn Scotting

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