31 March 2016

Ethel Annie Cardwell 1875-1965


Further to my previous post about the Cardwell Family here I’ve been able to identify another daughter for William Francis Cardwell and Annie Florence neé Fetherstonhaugh. I hadn’t been able to find anything about Ethel being their daughter previously but today was able to view William’s will in which he listed all his living children and Ethel Annie was one of them.

Ethel Annie Cardwell was born about 1875 in County Armagh, on the 5 Jun 1900 she married Thomas James Canterbury Hamilton in Belfast. I’ve found two children for them so far, one is Douglas J K born about 1905 and the other is Maureen Ethel Patricia born about 1902. I couldn’t find a marriage for Maureen but I did find this entry in the UK Medical Registers:-


Both Thomas & Ethel Annie Hamilton are buried in the Knockbreda Cemetery in Belfast.



Dawn Scotting

28 March 2016

Cuthbert Holmes Fetherstonhaugh 1815-1861

 +++  UPDATED 9 April 2016  +++

Next is the Canadian branch, this cute photo was where I started. As mentioned in a previous post I now know that ‘Lily’ was actually Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Cuthbert Holmes Fetherstonhaugh (not the one in the photo) and his wife Eliza neé Hirst/Hurst. So I turned to Canadian records & newspapers and came up trumps, all sources will be at the end of this post if I haven’t used them in the story.


These two children, Cuthbert Holmes & Mabel Rowe, were the two eldest children of Cuthbert Holmes Fetherstonhaugh and his wife Rachel neé James. I was able to find a baptism in the Zion Congregational Church in Montreal for Mabel which then led me to her parents marriage on the 31 Mar 1880 in the same church. On this marriage Cuthbert’s parents were listed as Cuthbert Holmes & Eliza and that reminded me of the Cuthbert H who was listed as the father of Sarah Clibborn Fetherstonhaugh on her marriage to Francis Simeon Eland in Ireland, that was when I realised I had the wrong parents for Sarah (see previous post).

I haven’t found a birth/baptism for Cuthbert Holmes as yet, he’s just listed on the Featherstone Genealogy website as being born after 1812 (when his parents were married) and he’s not listed with his middle name of Holmes on there either. He doesn’t seem to have used it much and in the newspaper reports of when he was living in Dublin in the 1830s/40s - he was on the Grand Jury at the Mullinger Assizes appertaining to the fiscal business of the County - he’s only listed as Cuthbert - of course that could be another Cuthbert Fetherstonehaugh altogether I suppose!

However, after saying that I did find final proof of who his parents were, his father was the late Rev’d Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh, the rector of Hacketstown, and whoever reported his son’s death in the Irish newspapers knew his full name:-


At first I didn’t realise that the son of the above Cuthbert Holmes was also named Cuthbert Holmes until  today, before that I was looking for just Cuthbert. I had found a 9 yr old C Fetherstonhaugh in the 1861 census living at a boarding school in England by the name of Christ’s Hospital in Hertfordshire, but how to find out if he was a Cuthbert and if so the right Cuthbert? I googled the name of the school and found that they have excellent archives with volunteers who help with the research into past pupils, it was my lucky day! Two emails I received from them are at the end of the article. It was encouraging to note that father Cuthbert Holmes had died sometime between 1859 & 1863 according to the school records, that date fitted in perfectly with the burial above.


Cuthbert Holmes (the son) had a younger brother Richard who also attended the same school, his details are in the letters also.

After that the rest of my sources I found on ancestry where they have the Canadian ‘Drouin Collection’ of parish records in Quebec from 1621 to 1968, the first one is the marriage in the Zion Congregational Church in Montréal of son Cuthbert Holmes (bn 1851) to Rachel James, it lists his parents as Cuthbert & Eliza (neither father or son have a middle name listed):-


Then the burial for son Cuthbert in 1903 aged 51 which fitted in perfectly with the birthdate from the school records, one of the witnesses was Ellen N James, probably related to his wife:-


Note that neither of these two records show that Cuthbert has a middle name!

Now we come to the Fetherstonhaugh Family Album photographs, firstly these two:-


The first photo I think was taken after 1870 because of the rounded corners, the second one has no photographer’s logo on it but it does have non-rounded corners which usually means before 1870 when the rounded corners became popular. I was also able to ascertain that the photographers on the first one - Notman & Sandham - were only business partners for a period of 5 years from 1877 to 1882.

The Aunt Sarah whom Cuthbert sent his photo to would have been Sarah Clibborn Fetherstonhaugh, the sister of Lily the (supposed) owner of the Album. If that is the case then this photo is the Cuthbert Holmes born 1851 & died 1903. However, is it just me or does he look a lot older than the 30 years he would have been if this photo was taken say 1881? If it is him then his wife, Rachel neé James, would have been only about 11 years of age as she was born in 1859, so either her photo was taken long after 1870 or it isn’t her (they were sitting next to each other in the album)! Her face does look quite young but I would have said more like in her 30s, but what do I know, I’m in my 70s and starting to lose the plot I’m sure!

Update: Thanks to Maureen I realise I had a bit of a brain freeze in the above paragraph, the photo that Cuthbert sent to his Aunt Sarah was his father’s sister, Sarah who married the Rev Nangle and not Sarah Clibborn Fh who was Cuthbert’s sister!! After Aunt Sarah died in 1895 that photo was probably passed onto Lily who was another sister of Cuthbert’s who I think owned the album, along with all the photos of Aunt Sarah’s four children, grandchildren and step-children that are in the album.

We also think the photo above of ‘Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh’s Wife’ is actually that Cuthbert’s mother (Eliza Hirst) who was also the wife of a Cuthbert, but I’m not sure about her age in the photo, she was born in 1824 and looks to be a lot younger than the about 50 years of age she would be in the photo. I think she is just going to have to remain a mystery.

So let’s get to the other photos that I have been able to place (more or less).

Cuthbert Holmes Fetherstonhaugh and Eliza neé Hirst/Hurst had the following children:-

Sarah Clibborn 1844-1927 m Francis Simeon Eland (divorced)
Annie Florence 1845-? m William Francis Cardwell
Emily Mabel 1850-1916 m Sydney John Perrin
Cuthbert Holmes 1851-1903 m Rachel James
Elizabeth (Lily) 1854-1934 unmarried
Richard (Dick) 1855-1924 m Caroline Alice Bishop



The two children would be William & Annie’s two eldest, Emily Rebecca Alice bn 1870 and John Francis William born 1872, there was another daughter between them, Laura Evelyn bn 1871 died 1872, and two more after John, Mary Elizabeth bn 1878 and Edythe bn 1884.


Dick above looks to be the young man on the right below, same suit but not taken on the same day as he has a different tie on, so the date would be around 1870, Emily is the eldest of the three above so she’d be about 20 and Lily would be about 16 and Dick about 14. Perhaps the first one below was taken just before he left for boarding school, a few months before his 8th birthday.


As I was adding these last few photos all of a sudden it came to me that Richard, known as Dick, could be the same person as the two D F h photos I posted a few days ago about the Grouse Lodge family and on further peering through the magnifying glass (and trying to work out the dates the photographers were in business, that in itself is fraught with all sorts of anomalies!) I think that these photos of R F h and the following two of D F h are the same person, anyone else agree?

Note the same suit in the two photos above and the photo on the left below.







Sitting next to one of the above DFh photos in the album was this one named CFh and as there is no female with a name starting with C in this family I thought she had to be a wife and Richard/Dick was married to Caroline Alice neé Bishop. Both Dick and Caroline are buried in Devon and as the photographer was in Exeter which is in Devon I took her to be Dick’s wife, I could be totally wrong of course, time will tell.

The next photo taken in 1863 would be the album owner Lily, she would have been about 9 in this photo, looks about right.

The baby is probably Cuthbert Holmes, a younger version of the one in the first photo of this post with his younger sister Mabel.


These last two are Sydney John Perrin, husband of Emily Mabel Fetherstonhaugh, and their youngest child, Mina Albina Perrin who was born in New Zealand in 1889, she married Richard Charles Bernard Coffy in NZ in 1917. She could be the link to why the album ended up in NZ, it may have been passed onto her when Lily died and she then passed it onto her daughter, Theodora Ruth Coffy who died in NZ in 1974. All supposition on my part, the one little anomaly is that her photo was taken in Dublin, so either she visited Ireland at some stage or the photo in the album has been mixed up with another one (don’t forget the names are written on the actual album and not on the photos, in most cases).


All Sources not already shown:

Details from the Archives Of Christ’s Hospital Boarding School:

These two letters may be too small to read easily, click on them and you should get a larger copy otherwise I’m happy to send them via email to anyone upon request.


Fetherstonhaugh - Bishop Marriage 1894:


Richard & Caroline’s Headstone in St Paul's Churchyard, Starcross, Teignbridge, Devon, England:


Nelson, NZ Cemetery Records for Emily Mabel & Sydney John Perrin:


Baptism for Mabel Rowe Fetherstonhaugh, Montreal, Canada:


References: ancestry.com.au; The Peerage; Google; Featherstone Genealogy; FMP; NZBDM; FreeBMD; Christ’s Hospital School


Whew! I think that’s it for this branch of the family, hope I’ve remembered everything, there’s been a lot of head scratching in the last few days! It’s not the end of the photos by any means though, still lots to go.

Dawn Scotting

23 March 2016

William Fetherstonhaugh of Grouse Lodge 1813-1887


+++  UPDATED 27 March 2016  +++





William Fetherstonhaugh was born on the 30 Jul 1813 at Mosstown, one of 28 children (17 grew to adulthood), of his parents Theobald and Mary neé Harding. On the 28 May 1845 William married his first cousin, Frances Ann Fetherstonhaugh, the daughter of his father’s brother Rev’d Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh, in the Hacketstown Church, Co Carlow where Rev’d Cuthbert was the Rector.

Does that say Uncle Brin or Uncle Bill? Anyway, he was the Uncle of the owner of the Fetherstonhaugh Album, Lily, and yes I’ve finally found out who Lily was! She was Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh, daughter of Cuthbert Holmes Fetherstonhaugh and he was the brother of Frances Ann the wife of the above William Fetherstonhaugh - have you got it - I’m not sure I’ve quite grasped it yet! It took a bit of working out, luckily a lot of them appear in Burke's Landed Gentry Of Ireland 1912, but not all of them!


William & Frances actually had three sons & five daughters, in this order:-

Annie Holmes 1845-1926 m Robert Vandeleur Kelly
Theobald 1846-1919 m Kate Olivia Bond
Mary 1849-1873, died Ireland unmarried
Edith Frances 1850-1924 m 1) John Joseph Nugent 2) Cuthbert John Clibborn
Charles 1852-1917 d Australia m Nellie Cathrew >son Cuthbert Foster
Arthur 1857-1895 m Thyra Maud Maxton            >dau Dorothy Frances
Margaret (Meg of Grouse) 1857-1892 died New Zealand unmarried 
Theodora Frances (Dora) 1861-1884 m Christopher Joseph Coffy

Cuthbert Foster Fetherstonhaugh, son of Charles was born in Australia, in 1916 he married Dorothy Frances Fetherstonhaugh, daughter of Arthur, in Sussex England, they moved to Australia where Cuthbert died in 1937, Dorothy died in Canada, date unknown as yet.

As well as Robert Vandeleur Kelly (posted earlier) I found the following photographs in the album:-



So far I haven’t come across a Toby but as he’s also from Grouse I’m wondering if perhaps Toby is a family nickname for Theodore? Hopefully something will come to light later. Then we have C Fh and A Fh, of Grouse, possibly Charles & Arthur?


Next is D C Fh of Grouse or just D Fh, they look to be the same person, so far I have not found a D C or a D Fetherstonhaugh of Grouse. I can’t believe how much they all look alike! I guess it is possible that some of the photos in the album have been mixed up at some stage, don’t forget the naming of each person is (in most cases) only written on the album below the photo so it’s possible some of these are not correct.



These all look to be the same woman, don’t they? What was she doing in Germany I wonder? Meg’s father’s brother, Cuthbert & his family, moved from Ireland to Germany during the years 1843 to 1848 but by 1870 he had settled in Australia so it wasn’t them she was visiting.

Ah but wait here’s another photo taken in Homburg of a Mr & Mrs Nugent:-


Aged very badly I’m afraid, fixed it as best I could. As mentioned, Edith Frances married John Joseph Nugent so one would have thought this photo to be them but John Nugent died in 1888 and as Edith was born in 1850 she would have only been 38 when he died, surely the woman in this photo is a lot older than 38? On studying the woman very closely she looks awfully like Meg in the previous 4 photos, what do you think? Sisters or the same woman? Perhaps whoever named the photo in the album had forgotten that Edith Frances remarried to Cuthbert John Clibborn in 1910 but no the fashions for after 1910 would have been quite different. So I’m at a loss for this one, might find something more later.

And that’s it apart from three spots in the album that have no photographs but are named as:-

D Coffy, Dora Coffy and Dora Coffy neé Fh.

Unfortunately the only person I’ve been able to identify (in the photos) with any certainty is father William & daughter Margaret. The branch up next has been a lot more illuminating, coming soon to a blog near you….

References: archive.org, ancestry.com.au; The Peerage; Google; Featherstone Genealogy



Death of Mary 1849-1873: https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:FRYY-G57


Death of Margaret 1857-1892: NZ Cemetery Records, Nelson, NZ


and her death notice in the Australian Newspaper:-


Marriage & Death of Charles 1852-1917: Victoria, Australia


Birth of Theobald 1846-1919: Archives of Christ Hospital School, Hertfordshire.


Marriage of Theodora Frances 1861-1884: Catholic PRs, Rochfortbridge, Meath.



Dawn Scotting

19 March 2016

The Rev Edward Walter & Mrs Sarah Nangle

[Read more on the Rev Edward Nangle in this article from Patrick Comerford]


The Nangle family are well represented in the photo album, starting with Edward Walter who married twice, his second wife was Sarah Fetherstonhaugh, daughter of the Rev Cuthbert & his wife Anne (neé Holmes) Fetherstonhaugh. There is an excellent article on Edward Nangle, his two wives and their fifteen children, the website lists the names of all of them, the four youngest are Sarah’s and who are featured in the album, along with Major William Nangle, one of their half-brothers and the wife and two children of another half-brother Major Henry Beresford Nangle.

As there are quite a few photos I’ll leave the article to tell you all about them, I’ve named all the photos so you shouldn’t have any trouble identifying each one, I’ve named them with exactly what is written in the album, anything in (brackets) is my thoughts on who they are.

As you can see a lot of the photos have not scanned very well at all, I’m not surprised as they can be up to 140 years old. It seems it depended on the photographer and the method they used, some from the same photographer have aged very badly, then again some of them you would have thought had been taken yesterday.


Their eldest daughter Katherine (Kate) & her husband Major Hallet George Batten, they had four children.


Second daughter Anne Fetherstonhaugh Nangle, she was the second wife of Rev John Henry Davidson and they had one son Douglas Nangle Fetherstonhaugh Davidson (Lieutenant-Colonel). Her two sisters were witnesses at her marriage. Strangely her photos are named as N F Davidson so perhaps she was known as Nancy or Nan which is a common nickname for Anne, I note her three siblings all had nicknames.



Third daughter Sarah Jane Nangle, known as Jennie, married Charles Henry Shephard (Colonel) and they had one son, Charles Edward Cuthbert Shephard.


Last child and their only son, Edward Cuthbert Nangle (Dr), known as Ted, married Dorothy Bolland Briscoe, they had two sons & one daughter, Edward Jocelyn, Hugh Cuthbert Milo & Dorothy Ismay Nangle.




I still have not worked out just who Lily is yet! It’s obviously a family nickname for her and although one of the photos names her as Lily Fetherstonhaugh I have not a clue as to her identity!

This next photo is of Rev Edward Nangle’s son William from his first marriage to Eliza neé Warner, Willie never married.








<----- This one is the wife of William’s brother Henry Beresford Nangle, she was Isabella Margaret Eliza Dobbie, there doesn’t seem to be a photo of Henry himself. They had five children:- Henry Coryndon (Cory), Kenlis Edward, William Gerald Beresford, Montague Claude (Lieutenant-Colonel) & Isabella Geraldine, there are photos of Cory and Kenlis.












Lastly we have these two family photos that are just named ‘Four Nangles’, the earlier one I think has mum Sarah in the middle with Ted, Jennie (sitting) and Kate, the next one I’ve named them in the order I think they are, you might have a different view!


This one may have been taken before 1884 as Jennie is not wearing a wedding ring and 1884 is the year she was married, that would make Ted less than 25 years old. Kate married in 1880 so maybe even before that as her lovely trim figure doesn’t look like she’s had any babies.

References: ancestry.com.au; The Peerage; patrickcomerford.com; Google


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the NANGLE family please do contact me, I’m in two minds as to whether I should keep the photographs and album intact or to remove them to pass on individually to descendant family members. In the meantime I will keep them until I’ve finished all the research and then we’ll see what happens. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

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