30 April 2016

Final Photographs from the Fetherstonhaugh Album

This will be the final post on the Fetherstonhaugh photographs, there are just a few left that I haven’t been able to identify with any degree of certainty:-


The first woman wasn’t named but she looks very much like Ann Fetherstonhaugh although her attire seems to be more refined. There are just too many Anns in the family to know which one she might be, especially not knowing if she was married or not.

Two of these three beauties could be the Buchanans, these two photos were on the same page of the album, the two on the right might be grown up versions of the two young girls on the right of the next photo of the Buchanan Family:-


The woman standing on the left of the first photo above looks like she could be Miss Moloney, the second wife of Major Buchanan.

These next two were sitting in the album next to each other & were named but I couldn’t find anything on them. With a bustle like that I’m not surprised she isn’t sitting down:-


These next four are all named Johnston:-


Are they the same man? Unfortunately a very common name! Are the next two the same woman?


Maybe not as there was definately two girls named Johnston (see next photo), although these two do have the same necklace on. The girl in the next photo about to take a sip of tea is wearing the same dress, necklace and brooch as the girl on the swing. There was a Rev’d Joseph Davison Cowan who belonged to the Freemasons of Ireland and who died on 29 Aug 1922 in Donaghmore, Co Down, Ireland but I haven’t found a marriage for him nor any marriage between a Johnston and a Cowan!


Mrs Villiers is unknown to me and the young man was not named.


I think that leaves just the people named Marsh now as well as an unnamed woman on the same page:-


The Sarah Fetherstonhaugh, who married the Rev’d Edward Nangle, had a sister named Jane Elizabeth who married Hugh Massy Ryves otherwise known as Massy Ryves Marsh (or vice versa), they may have had a son named Cuthbert and/or a daughter named Poppy although I haven’t found anything on them at all. One last photo of a young boy named H Bellen, nothing more known about him.



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23 April 2016

George Michael Nixon 1852-1896

*  *  *  Photographs as named in the Fetherstonhaugh Family Album  *  *  *


These two photos were on the last page of the album and sitting next to each other, unfortunately, the attractive young woman was not named. I thought perhaps she might be Dr George’s wife, unless I can find another photo of his wife I guess we’ll never know. In the album, stuck on top of Dr George’s photo was a stamp with a woman’s face on it, she looked very like the woman in this photo. I’ve never seen that sort of printed stamp before so I was intrigued. I’ve put the photo and the stamp together so you can see what you think:-


They do look so much alike don’t they? I found this little tree online which gives you all the family details. Edward Fetherstonhaugh was one of the brothers of William of Grouse Lodge, of whom I posted a photo previously on this blog, Adelaide is the cousin of his children who are well represented in the album.


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22 April 2016

Reverend John Hoffe 1841-1909

*  *  *  Photographs as named in the Fetherstonhaugh Family Album  *  *  *

Here we have another family who lived on Achill Island for some years and who would have known the Nangles and possibly the Pikes too, again I’ve found no direct relationship link to the Fetherstonhaughs.

John Hoffe, son of John Hoffe & Louisa neé Blake, was born in Fareham, Hampshire and baptised in the Holy Trinity Church there on 1 Apr 1841. On the 4 Jun 1867 he married Susan Aitken Conby in Ireland.



Their first child were born in Dublin, second in Dugort on Achill Island, third in Dublin and the last four were all born in county Wicklow, they were:-

John Aitken 1869-1932; Susan Jessie 1876-1958; Henry Thomas Sandford 1879-1908; Thomas Mitchell 1880-1917; Louisa Sophia 1883-?; Kathleen Frances 1888-1956 and Philip Brodie 1888-1902.


So these two of their children look to be their eldest two, John Aitken and Susan Jessie. I thought at first these two photos were taken on the same day because of the same chair, but as John was 7 years older than Jessie perhaps not as it certainly doesn’t look like there is that large a gap between them. Maybe there were other children born during the 8 years (1870-1878) they were living on Achill, apart from Jessie, that either died young or I haven’t yet found, the young boy named ‘J’ could very well be another son.

The Rev’d John Hoffe died on 6 Nov 1909, his wife Susan Aitken on the 7 Nov 1931 and are buried along with several of their children in the Kilbride Cemetery in county Wicklow where John was the Rector for nearly 30 years.

References: Ireland Genealogical Project-County Wicklow Page; ancestry.com.au; Google


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21 April 2016

Miss M Pike of Achill

*  *  *  Photographs as named in the Fetherstonhaugh Family Album  *  *  *


I don’t think these two women are the same person, you may have other ideas? The first photo is not very clear, I’ve tried to fix it up in PhotoShop but it’s still hard to make out her features, her ears look very similar, hard to say with the nose, mouth is similar but the eyes look different to me. It’s been rather hard to ascertain just who she is for sure so here are my thoughts on it.

I have not found a direct link between the Fetherstonhaughs and the Pikes, relationship wise, but the Nangles (who are related to the Fetherstonhaughs) were living on the Island at the same time so I guess they all knew each other. This is a small part of an article that mentions Edward Nangle & William Pike:-


The PIKE family settled in county Cork in the 17th century. William Pike was a barrister and third son of Jonathon Pike of Beechgrove, county Tyrone. William seems to be the only Pike on Achill so I’m presuming it is one or two of his daughters the photos are of.

William Pike married Marion Watson in 1843 in Birkenhead, Cheshire, which looks promising because the second photo above was taken in either Birkenhead or Liverpool, the other one in Dublin. William & Marion had seven children (that I’ve found), the first three daughters were born in Birkenhead and the rest in Ireland, some if not all of them, on Achill Island.

Their eldest daughter, Mary Ann Laming, died in 1859 aged 14 so neither of the photos would be her. The next two daughters are Sarah Helen and Elizabeth Barrington, no M there. The two youngest daughters are Marion Watson and Isabella Harriet, there were also two sons but they don’t count!

The word Miss or Mrs written in the album is written in such a way that it’s hard to make out whether it is Miss or Mrs although one of them does have a dot for the i but that one looks more like Mrs to me! The message written on the back of one of them confuses me even more.

The first photo might be Isabella Harriet but the message on the back is addressed to her not from her. The second one could be Marion Watson Pike born 1855 married 1879 in Birkenhead so I think it’s likely to be her.

The first photo has rounded corners which normally means it was taken sometime after 1870 when rounded corners became popular, the date of 1876 fits that. However, the second photo has square corners which are supposed to be before 1870 and if that is the case then Marion would only have been 15 or less and the woman in that photo is older than that. I guess it’s possible that square corners were used after 1870, if not them we’re back to square one!

On top of that I found these two photos online of their mother Marion Watson so I don’t think either of the above are her either, what do you think?


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18 April 2016

Nellie Cathrew Fetherstonhaugh 1858-1925

*  *  *  Photographs as named in the Fetherstonhaugh Family Album  *  *  *



To me these two photos look like the same woman with the one on the right some years older, however, the names written in the album say one is Mrs C Fetherstonhaugh neé Cathrew and the other Mrs Cathrew, so maybe the older one is the younger one’s mother? The only thing in both photos that looks similar is the ring on the ring finger of the right hand, I can’t tell for sure as it isn’t that clear but they do look very alike.

What I do know is that Ellen Cathrew was born about 1858, the daughter of Allen Foster Cathrew & his wife Mary (maiden name unknown) of Ballinagore, Westmeath. This shows up in the newspaper report of her marriage in Australia in 1891 to Charles second son of the late William Fetherstonhaugh of Grouse Lodge, Westmeath in Ireland:-


I’ve written about Charles previously on this page but at that stage hadn’t realised the above photo was of his wife because I’d originally thought the surname was Catheen, thanks to Maureen I realised that it was Cathrew as she suggested. I’d also noticed the two photographs were taken in Italy so hadn’t really taken much notice of them at the time. Since then I was searching on the Australian newspapers website Trove and in the process was linked through to the NSW State Archives where they hold this photograph of Charles, he’s much older than in the photographs I have of him so it’s hard to tell if they are the same person, one of my photos was unnamed and the other one just said ‘C F h’ but it was with the few that said they were from Grouse Lodge, which is where Charles was born:-






















© State of New South Wales through the State Records Authority of NSW 2016



Although the stands are different in the two photos the curtains are the same and obviously taken a few years apart, the earlier photo looks like an altar boy outfit and perhaps the other one was taken as he was about to head off to boarding school. The photo from the archives is available to copy under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.

Charles and Nellie had only one son, Cuthbert Foster Fetherstonhaugh 1892-1937. He was on active duty during WWI when his father passed away suddenly at the age of 63 at  his residence in Ferguson St, Williamstown, Victoria:-



Soon after he was named on the list of deceased practitioners and removed from the Register.





















Wife Nellie died and was buried on 25 Sep 1925 in the Williamstown Cemetery alongside her husband of 26 years.

Their son, Cuthbert Foster, was wounded in the foot in 1915 and possibly sent to England to recuperate, while he was there he was married, in Sussex, to his cousin, Dorothy Frances Fetherstonhaugh, daughter of Charles’ brother Arthur. After the war they moved back to Australia where they had two children.

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14 April 2016

Lewis Mansergh Buchanan 1836-1908


Comparing the first photo (from the Fetherstonhaugh Album) and the second one from The Buchanan Book I found online, I think I have the right man.

Lewis Mansergh Buchanan was born on the 31 Dec 1836 in Lisnamallard, Co Tyrone, son of John Buchanan and Mary Jane Blacker. He had a very distinguished career and there is much written about him on the Internet of which this is just a short piece.

Colonel Lewis Mansergh Buchanan, C.B., F.R.G.S., F.R. Met. Soc., of Edenfel and Lisnamallard, near Omagh, Co. Tyrone, late Colonel commanding the Fourth Battalion Enniskillen Fusiliers, born 31st December, 1836; joined Royal Tyrone Fusiliers Militia in 1855, and volunteered with 80 men to the Army in the Crimea in 1856; was gazetted to the 88th Connaught Rangers, with which distinguished Regiment he served through the Indian Mutiny, including the actions at Cawnpore under Major General Windham, battle of Cawnpore, capture of Lucknow, operations in the Doab with the Column under Colonel G. V. Maxwell, to whom he was Orderly Officer, and siege and capture of Calpee, receiving medal and clasp; rejoined Royal Tyrone Fusiliers in 1862, and commanded the Battalion from 1887 to 1897. He is the author of "Last Winter in Spain", "Through the Himalayas and Chinese Thibet" and "The Climate of Ulster". He married first, in 1862, Eleanor Margaret, daughter of William Whitla and Elizabeth Buchanan, and by her (who died in 1877) has issue.

It then went on to list his children and his second wife, some of which is incorrect according to my research. What I’ve written in red is my version from what I’ve found from various sources including census.

(1) Lt. Colonel John Blacker Whitla Buchanan, R.A.M.C., born 26th April, 1863; educated at Sherborne and Dublin University; served in the South African War, 1899-1901, and took part in the relief of Ladysmith and was mentioned in the despatches; married 25th October, 1894, Mary Louisa, daughter of Rev. A. A. Harland, Harefield, Middlesex, and has issue.
(2) Lewis Ernest George Whitla, Major Fourth Battalion Royal Enniskillen Fusiliers, born 4th September, 1868; volunteered for active service in South Africa and served in the South African War; married, 3rd December, 1903 Constance Kate, daughter of Frederick S. Goulding, Brockley, Kent, and has issue.
(3) Mansergh George Reginald, born 6th Sep, 1870 (6 Sep 1872), married Amy Hughes on 10 Apr 1895 at St George Bloomsbury, London, they had issue. (Somewhere else had given MGRB a dsp which means = descessit sine prole; died without issue).
(4) Calvert James Strong, born 10th July, 1872; served through the South African War with the Rhodesian Horse and was severely wounded.
(5) William Whitla Buchanan born 1865 died 1865.

(1) Ellen Elizabeth, married to William P. Grubb, of Bessbrook, and has issue.
(2) Mary Jane Eleanor (May) born 1867, married Effingham MacDowell, M.D, F.R.C.S, of Sligo, & has issue.
(3) Alice Lilian, married to Charles Stuart Hope, of Chatham House, Trowbridge, Kent, and has issue.
(4) Eleanora Agnes, married Sept. 3, 1902, to Colonel Mackenzie Churchill, late Military Secretary, Ceylon, and has issue.

Colonel Buchanan married, secondly, in 1878, Wilhelmina ‘Mina’, daughter of George A. Moloney, R.M. This photo was named Miss Maloney so I presume she is Mina.


Mrs Buchanan I think is Colonel Buchanan’s first wife Eleanor Margaret Whitla. She looks to be the same woman in the next photo of the whole family, Eleanor died in 1877, the year after the birth of their youngest child Elenora Agnes, known as Nell, whose birthdate is 18 Mar 1876. So Eleanor would have still been alive when this photo was taken IF the youngest child on her knee is Elenora.


None of the people in this photo were named individually so I’m not quite sure who is who, most probably the eldest girl is Ethel Elizabeth. As far as I can make out there were only four girls in the family so the baby must be Elenora Agnes, she looks to be less than a year old in the photo? Say taken at the end of 1876, if so then these are the ages the other children in the family would be:-

Calvert 2, Mansergh 4, Alice 6, Lewis Ernest 8, Mary Jane (May) 9, Ethel 12.

I’d say the boy was about 8 so it looks like Calvert & Mansergh were not there, unless of course the baby is a boy and not a girl, baby boys wore dresses in those days, if that is the case then I give up on who is who!

I can’t make up my mind which wife this is with Colonel Buchanan in the next photo, others think first wife but I’m not sure as it taken in London where I found most of the children staying at a boarding house, on the Isle of Wight, with their new step-mother Mina (and an Aunt Anna) in the 1881 census:-



In 1889 they are back in Ireland where eldest daughter, Ethel Elizabeth, married William Pike Grubb.


As to who the E & M are in the next photo I’m still working on that! The one standing looks very much like Ethel I think and the one sitting down could be Mary Jane known as ‘May’, there is 3 years between them. However, when I came across the next two photos in the album I became totally confused because I think these two look like twins! The eldest son of the Colonel was John Blacker Whitla Buchanan and he had twin daughters born in 1898, but that date doesn’t quite fit with the ages and the fashions in these two photos, their dresses would be a lot shorter in the early 1900s.


In the process of researching the Buchanans I didn’t find any link to the Fetherstonhaugh family, so if anyone knows of a connection I’d love to hear about it.

References: ancestry.com.au; The Peerage; Google; FindMyPast; FreeBMD.


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