18 June 2014

Richard Dobson 1869-1948



Further to the above photograph published here, I have further information on Uncle Dick & Aunt Sarah Ann. Uncle Dick was Richard Dobson, he was the brother of Millicent Dobson who was married to Thomas Watson Catlow, the parents of the ten Catlow girls featured in previous pages on this blog.

Richard & Millicent were the children of James Dobson of Halifax in Yorkshire and his wife Elizabeth Ashworth of Bacup in Lancashire. Richard was the youngest of five children, born about 1869 in Bacup. He married Sarah Annie Clegg in the Hyndburn Registry Office, Lancashire in 1895. Richard & Sarah Ann had two sons, Harry & Fred and they are the two young boys in the above photo.


sarah-ann-clegg                                     Sarah Annie Clegg


These two photos of Richard Dobson & his son Harry were in the Catlow Collection of photographs I found on eBay. In the course of my research I found Ruth, a Dobson descendant, who has in her possession a photograph of a family with no identification on it. After she saw the above group photograph she finally knew who they were – a younger version of Richard & Saran Ann Dobson & their two sons, along with an older woman, we can’t say for sure who she is yet but she is most probably the mother of either Richard or Sarah Ann. And yes that is a little boy! There is also another photo with Harry Dobson, aged about 21, in an army uniform, previously published here.


Richard Dobson died in 1948 aged 79 in Nelson, Lancashire, his wife Sarah Ann, died in 1954 aged 81, also in Nelson. Nothing more is known of their two sons.

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If anyone knows anything about or is connected to this DOBSON family please do contact me, I would love to pass the photos onto a family member, even a distant one. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

17 June 2014

The Four Youngest Catlow Daughters

I have no photos of the triplets because sadly they didn’t survive to adulthood. They were born on the 6 Aug 1900 - Lily passed away on 26 Apr 1901, Violet on 6 May 1901 and Rose on 6 Nov 1901. They were all buried together, along with their sister Mary Elizabeth, in grave 134I in St John’s Churchyard, Nelson, Lancashire.

The youngest was Winifred, known as Winnie, she was born in the 3qtr of 1903. Winnie was living with her parents in the 1911 census in Temple St, Nelson, she never married and in the 4qtr of 1968 she died aged 65. Nothing more is known about Winnie apart from these two photos of her.



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If anyone knows anything about or is connected to this CATLOW family please do contact me, I would love to pass the photos onto a family member, even a distant one. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

09 June 2014

Nellie Catlow 1898-1951

Nellie, the sixth daughter of Thomas Watson & Millicent Catlow, was born Nelson in 1898, her birth was registered in the 3qtr under the name of Nellie, as was her marriage, so it seems it was her real name.



















On the 11 Apr 1925 Nellie married Fred Maden in the St John’s Church in Great Marsden, Nelson. They had three children: Joan Winifred 1926-1982, John Christopher 1929-2014 & Kenneth Alan 1936-1944.

Fred & Nellie lived in Nelson all their married lives, Nellie passed away on 24 Jul 1951 and Fred on the 16 Apr 1970, they are both buried in grave 340A in the St Paul’s Churchyard, Nelson.

Here we have a photo of four of the Catlow sisters plus husbands in the garden at Braeside, date unknown.



Next time we have the four youngest daughters.

Millicent Catlow 1896-1978

Millicent, known as Millie, was born 3 Apr 1896, after her parents, Thomas Watson & Millicent Catlow, had moved to the town of Nelson in Lancashire where their home ‘Braeside’ was built.















The above photo was taken about 1913, Millie on the right with her older sister Lizzie. On the right she is sitting in the living room of her grandparent’s home Braeside.

Millie married Thomas Henry Shackleton in 1925 and they had one daughter. The photo below is them in the garden at Braeside, dates unknown for these two photos.




Millie died in 1978 aged 82 and Tom in 1983 aged 87.

Tomorrow we have sixth daughter Nellie Catlow.

Mary Elizabeth Catlow 1893-1919

The fourth daughter of Thomas Watson & Millicent Catlow was Mary Elizabeth, known as ‘Lizzie’. She was also born in Bacup, Lancashire, her birth was registered in the 3qtr of 1893. There are only two photographs of Lizzie as she died at the young age of 25 in the Spanish Influenza epidemic, her death is registered in the 1qtr of 1919.

A pretty young girl, seen here with her younger sister Millie with other relatives on what looks like either a ramble in the bush or perhaps a picnic nearby.



It is dated ‘prob 1913’ and in pencil is a calculation of what looks like someone’s birth date and how old they would be in 1913.








It doesn’t seem to be either Lizzie or Millie’s birthday though as their births were registered in 1893 & 1896.

The other photo of Lizzie is the one previously published on her sister Annie’s page, she’s in the middle.

 annie-lizzie-cissie lizzie-catlow











I’ll post more on the group photo in a later article. Uncle Dick Dobson was the brother of their mother Millicent Dobson.


Next time it’s the turn of fifth daughter Millicent Catlow.

08 June 2014

Constance Catlow 1890-1981

Constance Catlow, or Connie to her family & friends, was the third daughter of Thomas Watson & Millicent Catlow, born on the 31 Jan 1890 in Bacup, Lancashire. Here we have a photo of her sitting inside the family home ‘Braeside’.


And a couple of her at a younger age, it looks like she was either a member of a theatrical group or was going to a fancy dress party, in the photo on the left she is dressed as Mercia in ‘the Sign of the Cross’ and the other photo looks to be taken in the same studio around about the same time, date unknown.




















In 1920 Connie married James Wilkinson, in this photo her father, Thomas Watson, is next to her with her sister Millicent as bridesmaid.



Connie & James had one daughter, Millicent born in 1922, she died in Australia in 2012. There is one last photo of Connie with Libby Wilkinson, on the back is written Auntie Libby Wilkinson (Uncle Tom’s wife), I would say Tom Wilkinson was most probably James’ brother, although Libby seems to be quite a bit older than Connie.

connie-auntylibby2 In later years Connie & James went to live with their daughter in Cumbria where Connie passed away on the 1 Mar 1981, James’ date unknown.

Next time we turn to next daughter Mary Elizabeth Catlow.

02 June 2014

Martha Ann Catlow 1887-1919

Martha Ann Catlow, or Cissie to her family & friends, was the second daughter of Thomas Watson and Millicent Catlow. Born in Bacup, Lancashire her birth was registered in the 2qtr of 1887.



On looking closer at this photo, from the earlier article on her sister Annie, I see now that Cissie is definitely the one on the right. A lovely young woman and look at that tiny waist.

Cissie was living with her parents & siblings in 1891 in Newchurch & 1901 in Nelson. In the 1qtr of 1910 she married Harry Stanley Hartley in the Burnley Registry Office. They had two sons, Stanley and Kenneth.



cissie-catlow-400w  cissie-catlow2-400w



I’m not sure when her two sons were born but both would have been after the 1911 census because in that she says she’s been married for one year and had no children, they were living in Wickworth St, Nelson, the one for sale on the right.



                                    Stanley                                                    Kenneth


Cissie sadly passed away in the 2qtr of 1919 aged 31, she is buried in the Nelson Cemetery, Walton Lane, Nelson, plot 4 grave 294. Husband Harry died in 1959 aged 71 and son Kenneth in WWII.

Lastly, a photo of Kenneth, a real boy with grubby knees, sitting in what looks like the garden at ‘Braeside’, the home of his maternal grandparents.


Next time will be Cissie’s sister Connie’s turn, the third of Thomas Watson & Millicent’s ten daughters.