20 October 2012

Marjorie Melrose Burnett 1917-1999













Subject: Marjorie Burnett
Date: abt 1918
Photographer: Tyree, Nelson, NZ
Found: TradeMe


Here we have Marjorie Burnett, a cute little girl whose photo was taken by the well known Tyree photographers of Nelson, two brothers who operated from 1882-1924 and then under the Tyree Studio name until 1947.




There is no birth listed in the NZ BMDs for Marjorie Burnett before 1912 so I tried a search for anyone named Burnett married to a Hope and came up with this marriage:-

1915/7009    Ethel Hope Vaughan     Ernest Hillin Burnett


Then siblings of Ernest’s:-

NZ Births
1879/6229  Burnett John Edwin Thomas  Ellen Thomas Rock
1881/12435 Burnett James Richard  Ellen Thomas Roach
1884/17206 Burnett Clement Martin  Ellen Thomas Roach
1887/15358 Burnett Amelia Ellen  Ellen Thomas Roche
1890/11038 Burnett Fenton Montague  Ellen Thomas Rock
1890/11039 Burnett Ernest Hillin  Ellen Thomas Rock
1894/9934  Barnett Percy Casper  Ellen Thomas Roach

James Richard died in WWI in 1915 so that left four brothers who married:-

NZ Marriages
1909/1223 Margaret Jane Couch  John Edwin Thomas Burnett
1911/3976 Ada Bertha Win  Clement Martin Burnett
1916/1361 Barbara Dorothy  McRitchie Fenton Mont. Burnett
1920/6297 Muriel Edith Papps  Percy Casper Burnett

In the 1938 Electoral Roll I found Marjorie Melrose a spinster living in Thorpe, also living in Thorpe were John Edwin Thomas, wife Margaret Jane, Percy Casper & wife Muriel and Barbara Dorothy wife of Fenton Montague although he wasn’t listed. There was no other address other than ‘Thorpe’ so I still didn’t know who Marjorie’s parents were.

Then serendipity stepped in and in the middle of Googling names I came across this sentence on this website:-

Children of John and Margaret: Marjorie Melrose b. 28 Mar 1917 Richmond m. 8 Nov 1938 Trevor Steer b. 23 Dec 1908.
Hilda Jane b. 7 Jul 1920 Washington Valley, Nelson.

Marjorie Melrose Burnett married Trevor Steer in 1946 & is listed in various Electoral Rolls in the South Island until she passed away in 1999, her birthdate is listed as 28 Mar 1917, Trevor died in 1992.

References: Adrienne’s Website; ancestry.com; NZ BMDs; Papers Past.


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the BURNETT family please do contact me, I would love to pass this photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

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19 October 2012

Is this Lionel Alfred Skipworth 1897-1932


Subject: Lionel Skipworth
Date: WWI
Photographer: Ellerbeck Studio, Gisborne
Found: TradeMe

Here we have another little mystery to solve. This time a postcard photograph of a man in what looks like a WWI military uniform. I’m no expert on Army Uniforms but his hat looks to me like it might be the one known as the ‘lemon squeezer’, hard to tell really. Lemon-Squeezer I found some information on the Ellerbeck Studio in Gisborne, it was opened in 1902 by Lawrence Anderson Ellerbeck and most probably continued there until the Ellerbeck family moved to Wellington sometime between 1919 & 1928.







I Googled ‘75 Thorndon Quay’, which is in Wellington but there’s only a carpark there now! Beat may have been his sweetheart, or a cousin or just a friend, whoever she was she didn’t marry him!

Lionel survived the war and in 1922 he married Mary Marjoribanks. In the 1928 Electoral Roll they are listed as living at different addresses in Gisborne but at some stage they must have been living together as they had a baby in 1929, unfortunately the child was stillborn. As the online births only go up to 1912 I don’t know if they had any other children.



NZ Births
1929/27411    Skipworth    NR    Mary    Lionel Alfred    S

In the 1935 Electoral Roll Mary is listed as a widow, Lionel passed away earlier that year and Mary died in 1945 aged 47.

NZ Deaths
1932/11517 Skipworth Lionel Alfred 35Y
1945/16797 Skipworth Mary 47Y

Lionel doesn’t seem to have been born in NZ, I can find no birth registration for him. His mother was Margaret nee Ruddock, she married Alfred Skipworth in 1896 at the age of 38. Lionel was born about 1897, his parents were married in NZ so I don’t know why I can’t find a birth reg for him, there’s nothing under either Skipworth or Ruddock. Alfred & Margaret were living in Gisborne in 1900 but I can’t seem to find them together after that, they’re both living at various addresses in the region until Margaret died in 1933 aged 74. They don’t seem to have had any other children. However, we know by the above Cenotaph record that Margaret was his mother, she was living at the same address in 1919.

References: Early New Zealand Photographers; ancestry.com; NZ BMDs; Auckland Museum.


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the SKIPWORTH family please do contact me, I would love to pass this photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

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17 October 2012

Is this Thomas Bonsall & Frances Collins Skeats in 1898?

bonsall bonsall-back

Subject: L Bonsall & wife
Date: late 19th century
Photographer: Arthur Robert Perry, 13 Wellington Place, Hastings
Found: eBay

First off I had to find out just which Hastings it was referring to as there is one in New Zealand as well as in Sussex in the UK. I thought most probably it was the UK seeing as I had found the photo on eBay and it was posted to me from England, but you never surmise anything in genealogy, right?

I found this nice little article on Arthur Robert Perry on the SussexPostCards.info website:-

Perry was born on January 19, 1866 at Holdenhurst near Throop on the northern edge of present day Bournemouth. His father was Robert Perry, a farmer, and his mother was Emily Perry, formerly Emily Wareham. He was the fifth of six children.
Robert Perry died aged 39 in 1873, leaving Emily to bring up the children at Holdenhurst on her own. The 1881 census describes 15-year-old Arthur as a photographer, but gives no indication as to where he worked.
On July 24 in 1890 Arthur married Elizabeth Emily Fisher at Lydney Parish Church in Gloucestershire. Elizabeth was the daughter of a tin plate worker, William Fisher. She worked as a national schoolteacher at Lydney, which was where she had been born, and was eight years older than Arthur. By this date, Arthur was already settled in Hastings, and continuing his career as a photographer. The 1891 census gives his address as 64 Mount Pleasant Road in Hastings and describes him as a photographer's assistant.
By 1893 Arthur Perry set up in business on his own account at 13 Wellington Place, taking over the studio and shop of Frederick Mann, who perhaps had previously been his employer. The 1901 census records that he and Elizabeth lived at 82 Mount Pleasant in Hastings, but by 1911 they moved to 3 Baldslow Road to a house called "The Brambles". They had no children.
Arthur Perry was still in business in 1924, but retired by 1927. He died at Christchurch in Hampshire in 1948, aged 82.

I’ve now established it was the UK and that Arthur Perry was in business from about 1893 to 1924, which is a rather large time frame in which the above photograph might have been taken. I would say before the turn of the century but I’m no expert!

So now I have to work out what the initial of Mr Bonsall is, is it an L or an S or maybe a T? After a few hours searching through the various census and not finding anyone in Hastings or anywhere in Sussex who would fit I tried FreeBMD, still nothing that jumped out at me! Luckily Bonsall is not that common a name but there were still a few named Isaac, Thomas & Samuel to choose from. In the end I think it was just fate that I found Thomas Bonsall in the 1911 census living in Croydon, Surrey aged 78. He said he had been married for 12 years which seemed like a short time for a man of his age which suggested a second marriage. He was a retired timber merchant but unfortunately his wife was not at home. Another few hours research brought me to this conclusion, as to whether it is correct is another matter!

Thomas Bonsall was born on 1 Mar 1833 and baptised 12 May in the St George the Martyr Church in Southwark, Surrey. His father was Thomas a shop-keeper in Union St, mother Ann.

I can find no sign of him or his parents & siblings in the 1841 or 1851 census. On the 11 Aug 1851 he married Elizabeth Harriet Dalton in Newington, Surrey. Over the next four census they were living mainly in London or Camberwell where they had at least four sons before Elizabeth died in the last quarter of1897. A year later in Dec 1898 Thomas married Frances Collins Kynaston nee Skeats in the St Luke’s Church, Camberwell. Frances had been previously married to Frank Kynaston in 1877 in Dorset.

In the 1901 census they are still living at the same address, 9 Elizabeth Tce, Camberwell along with ‘adopted son’ Robert Henry Kynaston aged 9 (his birth was registered in the 3qtr quarter of 1898).

On their marriage certificate they are both listed as widowed but wait, Frank Kynaston I found was still alive in 1901! Was Frances a bigamist? You wouldn’t say you were a widow if you were divorced would you?

By 1911 Thomas & Frances were living at different addresses, Thomas boarding in Croydon, aged 78, been married 12 years, a retired timber merchant. Frances was still in Camberwell with her son who is now ‘Robert Bonsall’, married 13 yrs had one child still living, she was living on ‘her own means’.

Thomas passed away later the same year and in the probate of his will he mentions only one son from his first marriage and the man he was boarding with in the census, no mention of Frances or Robert. I’ve found no death or remarriage for Frances although I did find that Robert died in France in WWI in 1917.

Frank Kynaston died in 1929 and the probate of his will mentions only two schoolteachers.

Thanks to Linda, whose husband is connected to the Skeats line, for all her help in sorting this out. Unfortunately none of it actually proves I have the right people for the photograph but it seems to me they make a very good match.

The man in the photo looks like he’s quite well to do and it could be that it was taken in Hastings while they were on their honeymoon in 1898, to me personally the woman in the photo looks to be a lot younger than him because she has no wrinkles yet! And he obviously had some descendants from the children with his first wife as the person who wrote on the back said ‘grandfather’.

The reason they were no longer living together could be that Thomas found out about Frances’ first husband still being alive, my own personal opinion though. Whatever the reason, it seems their marriage just didn’t work out, it might have been the rather large age difference.

References: sussexpostcards; ancestry.com; FreeBMD; familysearch.org; Commonwealth War Graves


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the BONSALL or SKEATS families please do contact me, I would love to pass this photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

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12 October 2012

Leslie Edwin Hill & Kathleen Agnes Cleghorn

We have lift off! With many thanks to Margaret Johnston & Angela Reynolds we’ve been able to identify the couple in the previously posted unidentified marriage group photograph titled ‘The Dorset Wedding’.

It turns out that the bride’s mother was Miriam Maud Matthews, (circumstantially) the sister of Mary Emily Matthews (wife of William Leslie Dorset) and the Aunt Emily the photograph was originally sent to for Christmas.



Miriam Maud Matthews married Arthur Cleghorn in 1882 and the rest is history!

NZ Marriages
1882/2995 Mariana Maude Mathews Arthur Cleyhorn (the spellings are theirs not mine)

Kathleen Agnes Cleghorn was born in 1886 and Leslie Edwin Hill was also born in 1886, his parents were Edwin James Hill and Clara Anita Aitken.

Leslie & Kathleen lived in Ballance near Pahiatua in 1928 but by 1938 had moved to Houto in the Kaipara area in Northland. That fits in with Helensville being the place I found the photograph originally.

I don’t know if they had any children, there is a Desmond Leslie Hill living in Houto in the 1954 census along with his wife Evelyn Violet. Desmond was born in 1926 so if he was their son they had him quite late in life, Kathleen would have been 40 by then.

Kathleen passed away in 1886 aged 69 and Leslie in 1962 aged 76, and they are buried in the Maunu Cemetery in Whangarei. Desmond & Evelyn are also buried in the same cemetery.


References: Papers Past; Wairarapa Archives; NZ BMDs.


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the HILL or CLEGHORN family please do contact me, I would love to pass this photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

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11 October 2012

The Dorset Wedding

Further to this wedding photograph I posted back on 23 Nov 2008:-




The Photographer, George Edwin Harvey, was in business for just a few short years in Pahiatua, from about 1911 to 1918 when he died. In trying to work out when this photo was taken I thought originally it was about the 1910 mark. It is possible that his business was taken over by someone else and they may have kept the name so the photograph could have been taken much later.


I think I may have been able to work out the family this photo belongs to although I can’t say for sure who the couple are. On the back is hand written:-

To Aunt Emily & Uncle Willie
With love from Kathleen & Leslie

That in itself didn’t really help me that much but further down written in very large letters in pencil it says:-

10 x 8 Mrs Dorset

Since 2008 the NZ Electoral Rolls have become available on ancestry.com so I searched for a Dorset family living in Pahiatua in the early part of the 20th century, and found a Willliam Leslie Richard Dorset who looked promising. I searched in the NZ BMDs and came up with William Leslie Dorset marrying Mary Emily Matthews in 1865, the parents of Wm Leslie Rd:-

DORSET Births in NZ
1866/15596 Dorset    Mary Charlotte       Mary Emily    William Leslie
1868/93      Dorset    William Leslie Richard Mary Emily    William Leslie
1869/38792 Dorset    Alice           Mary Emily    William Leslie
1871/41933 Dorset    Reginald           Mary Emily    William Leslie
1873/133    Dorset    Norah Hamilton       Emily Mary    William Leslie
1875/8238  Dorset    Norman           Mary Emily    William Leslie
1877/15089 Dorset    Mabel Mary Jane       Emily        William Leslie
1879/11266 Dorset    Olive Matthews       Emily        William Leslie
1881/3227  Dorset    Richard Mathews       Emily        William Leslie
1883/11309 Dorset    Margaret Richaline       Emily        William Leslie
1887/389     Dorset    Norman Hampton       Emily        William Leslie

It seems to me that Mary Emily was later known as just Emily so there we have a Willie & Emily who might possibly be the Aunt & Uncle the photograph was sent to. William was a sheep farmer in Mauriceville in the Wairarapa for many years, both he & Emily died in 1926 both aged 84.


This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Attribution: Matthew25187 at en.wikipedia

It seems that perhaps a sibling of either William or Emily lived or married in Pahiatua and that one of their children sent the photograph as a Christmas gift.

So without going into further research to find out who Kathleen & Leslie are I’m going to leave it a that for the time being. I’m sure that will be enough for descendants of the Dorset family of Pahiatua to know who they are.

ancestry.com; NZ BDM Records; Photographer’s Database Auckland Libraries


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the DORSET family please do contact me, I would love to pass this photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

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William George Peacock Dyson 1898-1986


      • Subject: Dr Dyson & his mother
      • Date: early 1900s
      • Photographer: Fouls & Hibberd, Seaforth, Oxton & Southport
      • Found: eBay


I didn’t think I was going to have any luck in identifying these two people as this was all that was written on the back of the photograph:-

With love & best wishes for Xmas
Dr Dyson & mother

However, it turned out to be fairly easy after all. The UK Phonebooks have recently become available on ancestry.com and this is the first source I found when searching for any Dyson living in Leek (1940):-


As there was no other Dr Dyson living in Leek at any time that I could find I think maybe the following family is the right one.

William George Peacock Dyson was born in Horwich, Lancashire on 5 Sep 1898, his parents were John George Peacock Dyson and Ruth née Lawton. In the 1901 & 1911 census William was living at home in Horwich with his parents. By 1940 he had moved to Moorland House, Regent St, Leek, Staffordshire and in 1944 he married Mary Gailey Burnett.

William & Mary were still living at the same address when Mary passed away in 1977 and William in 1986. I can find no evidence of any children for them so that is probably why this lovely photograph turned up on eBay. However, William did have at least three siblings:-

Dorothy Mary Lawton Dyson born 1897
Ernest Thomas Benjamin Peacock Dyson born 1904
John Noel Peacock Dyson 1909

ancestry.com; NZ BDM Records


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the DYSON family please do contact me, I would love to pass this photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

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01 October 2012

Gerald Gordon Briggs 1901-1964


      Subject: Gerald Gordon Briggs
      Date: abt 1923
      Photographer: S P Andrew, 10 Willis St, Wellington
      Found: TradeMe

Today’s lost photograph is of a good-looking man who turns out to be a barrister & solicitor of the Supreme Court in NZ, graduating in 1923:-

NZ University Graduates 1870-1961
BRIGGS Gerald Gordon Victoria Uni  Degree-LL.B. (bach of Law) 1923

Evening Post, Volume CVI, Issue 24, 28 July 1923, Page 8
Mr G G Briggs, LL.B., of Wellington, was this morning admitted as a barrister & solicitor of the Supreme Court by the Chief Justice.

I presume the photograph was taken on the day of his graduation or very soon after.

Gerald Gordon Briggs was the third son of Charles & Sarah Briggs, born in 1901 in NZ. Sarah Power had previously married Charles Briggs in 1897.

In 1928 Gerald married Madge Elizabeth Black and they settled in 78 Orangi Kaupapa Rd, Wellington where they lived until at least 1935. By 1938 they had moved to 20 Hardley St, Hamilton where they resided until they passed away, Gerald in 1964 & Madge in 1967.

It doesn’t seem as though they had any children as there were no other people living at their address in any electoral roll up until 1981, but of course any children they may have had could just as likely have moved away from home before they were 21 and able to vote.

If they didn’t have any descendants then that could be the reason this lovely photograph turned up for sale. However, Gerald did have four siblings and perhaps there are descendants of theirs out there who would love to have this family photograph back.

NZ Births
1898/7386   Briggs    Charles Eardley     Sarah    Charles
1899/17557 Briggs    William Leslie        Sarah    Charles
1902/10231 Briggs    Ethel May              Sarah    Charles
1905/10259 Briggs    Lindsay Heathcote Sarah    Charles

References: Papers Past; NZ BDM Records


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Briggs family please do contact me, I would love to pass this photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

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09 March 2012

Phyllis Felton Coates & Arthur Briscoe Moore of Moengawahine

Today’s photos are a job lot of candid shots I picked up from a second hand shop a few years ago.  Yesterday I decided to see what I could find in the NZ Electoral Rolls on ancestry.com, this is what was written on the back of the first two photos below plus the one of two women walking down Queen St:


I thought Briscoe was rather an unusual given name so started my search with that, before long I found a Phyllis Felton & Arthur Briscoe Moore living in Moengawahine which is out of Whangarei & near Pipiwai. Two of the photographs had a stamp on the back that said ‘J Batchelor Film Specialist Whangarei’ so it seemed like a good bet!

On further investigation I found they had a son named George MacNeil who was living in Pipiwai in 1954. He had two sisters, Gertrude Mary (True) and Wilma Briscoe. True & MacNeil turned out to be Gertrude & George (I think).



In amongst some of the other photos are probably their father Arthur Briscoe Moore, their mother Phyllis & possibly her sister Molly.  I think the photo of the two women walking down Queen St is probably Phyllis on the right as the same woman is in a lot of the other photos, usually with a horse.

These are just a selection of the 38 photographs I have:-


Arthur passed away in 1984 and Phyllis in 2004. If anyone knows or recognises the Moore Family please contact me as I’d love these photos to go back to the family.


In the course of finding out who this family was I found out a lot more about their ancestors.

Arthur Briscoe Moore was the son of William Alexander Moore & Edith Briscoe MacNeil, he also had a sister named Edith Mary:

1891/18122 Moore  Arthur Briscoe  Edith Briscoe William Alexander
1894/14185 Moore  Edith Mary  Edith Briscoe William Alexander

MOORE, Arthur Briscoe born 31/1/1891, the son of Edith Briscoe and William Alexander Moore of 'Venard', Mornington, Dunedin. fl 1914-1918,. WW1 papers.

William Alexander Moore was the son of William George Moore & his wife Mary Addie, born in Glasgow:

Birth:  25 FEB 1860   Clyde, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland 
Mother:  MARY ADDIEwamoore-web

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand
Mr. William Alexander Moore, the Manager for Messrs Turnbull, Martin and Co. for Australasia, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1860. He was educated in his native place, was brought up to the shipping trade, and joined his present firm as a junior in 1876. After serving eight years in Glasgow, the last four as manager. Mr. Moore came out to the colonies in 1885 to organise the service. The first vessel to load frozen meat in New Zealand was the 'Elderslie' so named after Mr. Martin's residence, and the station of Mr. John Reid, of Oamaru, for whom she loaded her cargo at Oamaru in 1885.

William Alexander Moore married Edith Briscoe MacNeil:

Otago Daily Times, Issue 8745, 6 March 1890, Page 2
Moore-MacNeil. On the 5th March, at Woodhead, Mornington, the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. Rutherford Waddell, M.A., William Alexander Moore, Glasgow, to Edith Briscoe, third daughter of Hugh MacNeil, Dunedin.

Otago Witness, Issue 1987, 13 March 1890, Page 41
Miss MacNeil, daughter of Mr Hugh MacNeil, of Arthur Briscoe and Co. At Woodhead, Mornington, on Wednesday, 5th inst Miss Edith MacNeil, third daughter of Mr Hugh MacNeil, was married to Mr W. A. Moore, of Glasgow. On account of the recent death of Mr Moore's mother the wedding was a very quiet one, much to the regret of Miss MacNeil's many admirers, who desired to obtain a glimpse of her in bridal, attire. Although the wedding was in the house it was none the less pretty on that account. The large and handsome drawing room at Woodhead looked most picturesque. The morning was a glorious one, and the Venetian blinds were drawn at one end of the long room and open at the other, so that a stream of light fell over the bridal group in a most artistic manner, bringing into prominence the central figures, while a soft, subdued light partially veiled the others. The bride looked queenly in a perfectly fitting gown made by one of the leading court dressmakers in London. The unbroken outlines of the gown set off to perfection the bride's tall, graceful figure. The petticoat was of a rich, creamywhite satin, arranged in pleats finished with long satin-edged ribbon streamers. The bodice and train of lovely brocade. The bodice was in the French crossed style, with Medici collar, and the train square cut and edged with 3oft white silk ruching. A spray of orange blossoms crossed the bodice, and the tulle veil was crewelled in silk and was fastened with a tiny wreath of the same and an exceedingly handsome diamond crescent, the gift of the bridegroom. The bride also wore a handsome diamond bracelet, the gift of the bridegroom's mother. The Rev. R. Waddell performed the ceremony, and Miss M. MacNeil and Miss Reid, of the Taieri, were the bridesmaids. They looked charming, in gowns of soft crepe de chine, beautifully embroidered in silk, the bodices embroidered on one side and arranged in pleats on the other. Mrs MacNeil, the mother of the bride, wore an exceedingly handsome gown of dark green silk made with long sweeping train lined with a blush rose pink silk. This dainty colouring appears on the revers of the drapery, and a panel at the left side exquisitely embroidered with flowers of rich tints in tinsel and silks is a marvel of workmanship. The bodice has a vest and cuffs of the same embroidery, furnished with delicate pink ruffles. The brides cake was more than usually handsome, and would have graced a much larger wedding breakfast, the guests being confined to members of the family. After many good wishes the happy pair departed for their honeymoon to the Lakes, the bride attired in an elegant fawn travelling costume. Miss MacNeil has been a much admired belle of Dunedin society, and if good wishes can bring happiness she will lack none. The presents were numerous and more than ordinarily costly, a number of them being presented by Dunedin and Australian friends, while many more came from Mr Moore's friends in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Among them are rare specimens of jewellery, plate, ornaments, and marvels of women's work, all beautiful to behold and far too intricate and numerous to describe in detail. The bride's trousseau came from Home, and is an exceptionally handsome one. A tea gown is as pretty as a picture long trained and with long angel-sleeves drooping to the edge of the skirt. The colour is of dark green, the sleeves lined with the palest of pale greens, and the front of the same delicate colour arranged in fine accordian pleats.

Otago Daily Times , Issue 8795, 3 May 1890, Page 2
A fire broke out about 2.30 o'clock this morning in a dwelling house, occupied by Mr William Alexander Moore, in Leith street, between Howe and Duke streets. It was discovered by Constable M'Callion, who, with the assistance of Mr Jago and others, succeeded in keeping the flames in check till the Fire Brigade arrived. The damage done will be covered by about £30. The house was the property of Mr C. W. Kerr, but it is not known whether it is insured.

Otago Daily Times, Issue 10221, 1 December 1894, Page 4
Moore - On the 30th November, at Nevada House, Roslyn, Edith Briscoe, the beloved wife of W A Moore; aged 26 years.

Press, Volume LVII, Issue 10683, 15 June 1900, Page 4
The marriage of Miss May Gertrude Kinsey to Mr William Alexander Moore was celebrated at St. Mary's Church, Merivale, yesterday afternoon. The church had been especially decorated for the occasion. There were a large number of guests and others present. The church itself being completely filled, and many others waiting outside. The service was conducted by the Bishop of Christchurch, assisted by the Vicar, Rev. H. Airay Watson. The bride was attended by one senior and two infant bridesmaids. The Wedding and other marches were played by Miss Gertrude Dobson. At the conclusion of the ceremony the bridal party and guests were driven to the schoolroom, where the wedding breakfast was laid.

NZ Births
1901/9434 Moore  Victoria May  May Gertrude William Alexander

Video of headstone in the Old Cathcart Cemetery, 160 Brenfield Rd, Glasgow:-

•Mary Addie, wife of William George Moore, on Jan 26th 1890;
•William George Moore Nov 30th 1821-Nov 29th 1909;
•Margaret Addie, Nov 1896 age 74 yrs;
•Elspeth Laidlaw Glass, grandchild, March 1898 age 7 weeks;
•Elizabeth Reid, daughter, wife of R.L. Glass on May 27th 1914;
•Robert Laidlaw Glass on March 9th 1922;
•John R Bird April 26th 1907;
•Jessie Addie, wife of J.R. Bird on Nov 20th 1953.

Jessie Addie & Elizabeth Reid were the sisters of William Alexander Moore.


Edith Briscoe MacNeil was the third daughter of Hugh & Ellen May MacNeil, born in NZ in 1868.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]
Mr. Hugh Macneil, a pioneer whose name was intimately connected with the colonial success of the well known firm of Messrs Briscoe and Co., hardware merchants, was born at Glasgow, Scotland, in 1832. He acquired his first business experience with the firm of Messrs P. and W. MacClelland, of Glasgow. At the age of twenty-nine he went to Melbourne, Victoria, accompanied by his wife and two sons, under an engagement to take the management there of the business of Messrs Briscoe and Co. Three years later, as a partner in the firm, he came to Dunedin, to start the business in New Zealand. He opened a warehouse in Dunedin as the firm's New Zealand headquarters, and subsequently opened branches in Auckland, Wellington, and Invercargill. Under his able management the firm prospered materially, and became one of the leading mercantile houses in the colony. After spending a great portion of an active life in building up an immense business, Mr. MacNeil retired some years before his death, which took place in August, 1900, at the age of sixty-seven. He left a widow, three sons and three daughters. Mr. MacNeil never took any part in public affairs, as his time was fully occupied in business. His two eldest sons, partners in the firm, are managers, respectively, of the Melbourne and Sydney warehouses, and his third son is owner of a large sheep station in New South Wales.

Otago Witness, Issue 2423, 23 August 1900, Page 28
The Late Mr Hugh MacNeil (of Arthur Briscoe & Co)
Whose death occurred in Sydney last week. Mr MacNeil's home is Dunedin, but he has been travelling for some time, in consequence of the indifferent state of his health.











  SUBURBAN RESIDENCES OF DUNEDIN: "WOODHEAD", THE RESIDENCE OF MRS HUGH MacNEIL. A Guy, photo. Otago Witness, Issue 2524, 30 July 1902, Page 35.



May Gertrude Kinsey was the daughter of Sir Joseph James Kinsey & Sarah Ann Garrard.

Christchurch Press, January 1919
KINSEY  -  New Years Honour
Sir Joseph James Kinsey, K.B. is a native of Kent, England. Born in 1852, educated at Royal Naval School, Greenwich. Master at Dulwich College for 9 years, resigned and came to Christchurch, New Zealand, established shipping firm Kinsey, Barns & Co, Barns becoming a partner after death of Mr T Acland. Sir Joseph in 1898 became Consul for Belgium in Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland. He took a great interest in Antarctic exploration and his firm was headquarters of the late Captain Scott's expeditions of 1902 and Sir E Shackleton's 1907 and 1910 expedition of 1915. The Aurora was fitted out at Port Chalmers but the other 3 expeditions were dispatched from Lyttelton, all under the direction of J J Kinsey and Co.


George Bernard Shaw & Sir Joseph James Kinsey at Kinsey's home `Warrimoo' on Papanui Rd, Christchurch, 1934


May Kinsey in climbing dress standing outside her tent.

These two photographs reproduced here with the kind permission of the Alexander Turnbull Library.
(Click on the wording to see more photographs from the Kinsey Collection).


Arthur Briscoe Moore married Phyllis Felton Coates in 1925, she was the daughter of William Martin Felton Coates & Ruby Oberlin-Brown.

William Martin Felton Coates was the son of Dr Frederick William Coates (born Salisbury, Wiltshire) & his wife Mary Agatha Smith (born Pendlebury, Lancashire). Mary Agatha was the daughter of the Vicar of Crediton, Devon, Charles Felton Smith. The whole family, parents, 4 sons, 2 daughters, migrated to Auckland, New Zealand on board the ‘Doric’ in Jun 1892. For a few years some of the sons farmed on Waiheke Island before moving to various other parts of NZ including the Waikato & Northland.


On the 15 Apr 1903 William married Ruby Oberlin Brown in Auckland, they had at least two daughters, Phyllis Felton & Molly Felton (perhaps that is them in the photo above of a man & two young women inside a car).


Thames Star, Volume XLIII, Issue 10484, 28 April 1906, Page 4
Our Cambridge correspondent writes that Mr W M F Coates of Roto-o-rangi, has purchased Mr J T Major's interest in the well known Fencourt homestead farm, this is a valuable property.

Northern Advocate, 21 February 1916, Page 3
The Annual Meeting of the Te Maunga Golf Club will be held at the Kamo Hall on Friday, February 25, at 7.30pm. W. M. F. Coates, Hon. Sec.

Northern Advocate, 18 September 1917, Page 1
Whangarei City Council Monthly Meeting
Overhead Spouting
Application was made by W M F Coates, Moengawahine, to put an overhead spouting across the road at Mr R Finlayson's farm, a guarantee being given that the spouting would be well above the traffic. Agreed to, provided the traffic conditions were not interfered with.

Northern Advocate, 1 October 1919, Page 5
The Undersigned will offer by PUBLIC AUCTION at the HORSE BAZAAR, WHANGAREI on SATURDAY, 4th OCTOBER, 1919. At 1.30 p.m. as under:— ON ACCOUNT MR W. M. F. COATES: Subdivisions 1 and 2 of Part of Puriritahi Block Kamo, comprising 14 acres 3 roods 15.1 poles, more or less. A very handy little property, close to Kamo centre. Comfortable house of 6 rooms. Plentifully watered. Volcanic soil. Good orchard. A pleasing home. Anyone thinking of retiring would do well to inspect.

In later life W M F C retired to Matapouri where he built his home ‘The Dunes’ and I believe he was an artist/painter of some renown, he had at least one art exhibition in Whangarei although I’m afraid Google or Papers Past don’t seem to know about it! Wife Ruby passed away in 1956 and William in 1963:

1956/21138 Coates  Ruby Oberlin  78Y
1963/37600 Coates  William Martin Felton  91Y


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