03 July 2016

Charles Boswell Norman 1846-1926

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album

Now that I’m fairly sure that the Clifford/Norman album originally belonged to Lucy Jessie Clifford neé Norman I’m able to pinpoint a little more accurately just who some of photos in the album are. On saying that these next two photos are somewhat of a guess as they don’t give a full name.


These two photos were sitting next to each other in the album, named as shown.

Charles Boswell Norman was born in Calcutta, India on the 9 Jan 1846 and baptised 3 Feb in Fort William, Bengal, the 4th son & 6th child of Sir James Norman & wife Charlotte neé Wylie. In 1876 he married Jessie Maude Rogers in London.

In the 1881 & 1911 census he’s listed as being a ‘retired captain in the Army’.

In this family there are many men in the Army and any of them could have been a Captain at any stage of their Army career, so it’s hard to say for sure if this is Charles Boswell, he would have been Lucy Jessie Norman’s uncle, brother of her father Lieut-General Sir Francis Booth Norman.

M Norman may be Captain Norman’s wife if she was known Maude rather than Jessie. If she is Jessie Maude she would have been aged 27 when this photo was taken.

I would love to hear from anyone who might know for sure who they are.


Dawn Scotting

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