07 June 2016

Ellen Home Husband 1847-1936

From the Francis Hayter Album

Case Study: Ellen Home Husband


What do you think, is this the same woman? She looks like it to me, the same nose, the eyes & ears might be slightly different but she is wearing the same earrings and what looks like the same dark ribbon around her neck.

Written on the back of each photo is a different given name written in different handwriting, or is it:-


Here we have Nellie H Husband and what looks like Emma Husband, although the ‘Emma’ could be almost anything, all the letters flow into each other! I suppose it could be ‘Ellen’ but it certainly looks like an ‘a’ at the end. I also found these two unnamed photos in the album, both look to be either the same woman or at the very least sisters of the above:-


The third woman has the same wave in her hair as the photo named Nellie, she is also wearing the black ribbon with the same trinket hanging on it. The fourth photo was taken in England not Sydney (Australia) like the other three. As Nellie was only 5 years old when she emigrated to Australia it’s not a younger her, she later moved back to England when she was in her 30’s.


Ellen Home Husband was born in Bayswater, London and baptised on 27 Oct 1847 at the Holy Trinity Church in Paddington, daughter of James Husband and Caroline Jane neĆ© Home. James & Caroline’s other children were:- Thomas 1831-32; Caroline Frances 1832; Cordelia Jane 1835; James Home 1836; Frances Home 1838; Herbert George 1840-41; Emma Jane 1844 and Emily Herbert Matilda 1850.

James Husband originated from Devonshire and their first six children were born in Stoke Damerel, Devon before they moved to London, the three youngest were all born in Bayswater.

On the 24 Dec 1852 Mrs Husband, her five daughters and son James, arrived in Port Jackson in NSW, Australia on the General Hewitt. I don’t know when husband James arrived but he was also living in Sydney until his death in 1878.

The photographer of the third photo is Mr Freeman who had by this time taken over Oswald Allen’s studio, in it the woman is wearing rings on her wedding finger so it may not be Nellie because she never married, however, they may just be dress rings.

Nellie was in Australia up until the 1881 census when she is now living back in England, visiting the White family in London, over the next few census she is listed as visiting various people in London & Dorset. On the 19 Apr 1936 she passed away at 18 Campbell Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset. The probate of her will went to the Westminster Bank so she may not have had any family left.

What connection, if any, the Husband family have to the Hayter family I have absolutely no idea! Although I’ve been told that the White family (who Nellie was visiting) are connected to the Hayter family, time will tell.

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