14 June 2016

Dr David Morton Jack 1853-1890

From the Clifford Family Album

Case Study: Dr & Mrs D M Jack


David Morton Jack was born on 11 Nov 1853 and baptised on 9 Dec in the Girthon Kirk, Kirkcudbrightshire in Scotland, the son of the Rev’d Hugh Morton Jack and Martha Sharpe neé Forrester. By the age of 17 he was already a medical student and within the next few years had joined the Army and was in India where he married Dora Fanny O’Flahertie on the 10 Sep 1879. David & Dora had two sons, Hugh born in India and William born in England. Over the years David worked his way up to Surgeon General before sadly he died on 13 Sep 1890, at the young age of 36, in Sitapur India where he is buried in the British Cemetery in the Parish of Roti Godam. The probate of his will said he was ‘late of Farncombe Lodge in Godalming, Surrey’.

Dora Fanny O’Flahertie was born on 1 Aug and baptised on 2 Nov 1856 at St John the Baptist Church in Capel, Surrey where her father, Theobald Richard O’Flahertie, was the vicar for many years, her mother was Mary Anne neé Scott.


Her parents had a large family of 10 daughters & 4 sons and there is an excellent article on them and a small photo of the family including Dora on this website here - Oughterard Heritage. Unfortunately the photo was quite pixelated so not very clear, I’ve superimposed Dora on the photo I have of her, she does look to be the same woman so I feel sure I’ve found the right couple to go with these photographs. Dora passed away on the 29 Apr 1930 in Dulwich, Surrey and is buried in the churchyard where she was baptised 73 years before, St John the Baptist Churchyard, Capel.


I see from Dora’s burial record that she was known as Dora Fanny Morton Jack so perhaps Morton-Jack was a hyphenated surname?


Do please contact me if you have an interest in these two photographs.


Dawn Scotting


Jenny said...

Hi, my name is Jenny and I'm currently researching for a book about the O'Flahertys of Iarchonnacht (Connemara in West. Co. Galway, Ireland). I'm very interested in Dora Fanny O'Flaherty and David Morton Jack - can I ask where you got the photos and if you would allow me to reproduce them in my book?? Thanks and kind regards,


Katie Robertson said...

My great great grandparents, this has been a very insightful read as I don’t know much about them as there’s nobody to ask! The site on which you have led to about lemonfields estate and the O Flahertys has input from my great auntie Kay (Kathleen (Maloney) named after dora’s sister) from her passing we inherited the original photos used on that site, but since my mother moved house after my father passed we have unfortunately miss placed them! But it’s nice to know that someone has this information! Thank you very much.