12 June 2016

Charlotte Christina Agnes & Eliza Hersey Wauchope

From the Clifford Family Album

Case Study: The Wauchope Sisters


These two delightful young girls are sisters Charlotte, nearly 12, and Hissey, nearly 11, Hissey/Hessey I’m guessing is a nickname for Eliza Hersey who was one year younger than her sister Charlotte Christina Agnes. They were the daughters of Robert Adam Wauchope and Amelia Henrietta neĆ© Norman, both born in Rawul Pindee, Bengal, India, Charlotte on 3 Aug 1866 and Eliza on 10 Aug 1867.

Robert Adam Wauchope is much documented on the Internet so no need for me to go into too much detail, he was born Edinburgh in 1836 and seems to have served in the Army in India for most of his adult life, retiring as Major General at the age of 49, he died in Brighton, Sussex in 1885 aged 62. He & wife Amelia (Amy) had seven children, two of whom died as babies. Charlotte & Eliza were the two eldest.

Charlotte married civil engineer Edmund Batten Forbes in 1885 in Kent, England and they had at least six children born in various countries around the world including Chile & Mexico. They must have finally settled in London where Edmund died in 1924 and Charlotte in 1958.

Eliza married Joseph Francis Studholme in 1902 in Chelsea London:-


Joseph is listed as a New Zealand Sheep Farmer as well as his father John Studholme. I found this baptism for Joseph in the Knottingley parish records but I’m not sure whether it says he was born in New Zealand or Yorkshire! His parents abode is given as ‘Christchurch, New Zealand’ but he was born on 10 Mar 1866 and baptised on 22 Apr 1866 which doesn’t compute if you consider the sea voyage from NZ to England in those days would take at least three months! So I’m guessing (again) that his parents had been living in NZ and had journeyed to England for his birth before returning home again:-


Joseph & Eliza don’t seem to have had any children, I don’t think they had time as they did a lot of travelling around the world on various ships over the years. Joseph died in London in 1930 and Eliza in Masterton, NZ in 1948.

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Charlotte married Edmund Batten Forbes and had six children, four sons and two daughters. One son died in infancy, one as a result of wounds sustained in World War One, and two, Fergus and James, in World War One. Christian Alicia Forbes, fifth child and eldest daughter, married Gerald Hayne Guthrie Williamson and had four children, Fergus, Hersey, David and Jane. Katherine Jane Trefusis Forbes, sixth child, became head of the WAAF during World War Two and was given a DBE, becoming Dame Katherine Forbes although she was always known as Jane. At age 66 she married for the first time, a man she had met during the war when the WAAF were in charge of radar installations. Her husband, Sir Robert Watson-Watt, was the British inventor of radar.

Charlotte, having lost her surviving sons in or as a result of WW1, and a close friend who died in the last month of the war, left her home in Chile, left her husband who was 19 years older than she, and returned to Britain, settling first in Kent and then in London where she died aged 93.