07 October 2009

WILLIAMS Family - Alfred Ernest 1855-1926; Walter Henry 1862-1894; Sarah (Sadye) Louisa 1865-?; Harold Fillingham 1872-1927?

Today we have five photographs from the same family.

alfred-ernest-williams alfred-ernest-williams-back

        • Subjects: Alfred Ernest & Iseult Margery Williams
        • Date: Xmas 1889
        • Photographer: Mr Owen, 29 Catherine St, Salisbury
        • Found: UK

Alfred Ernest Williams was born in 1856 in Carlton le Moorland, Lincolnshire, the son of Charles Williams and Mary Paddison née Fillingham. The third of nine children (that I’ve found).

In 1885 Alfred married Mary Elizabeth Batchelor and they had two children that I know of, Iseult Margery born 1886 and Brian Moray born 1896 both in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Mary seems to have died in 1912 aged 54 and Alfred in 1926 aged 70, both in Salisbury.

Births Mar 1856
WILLIAMS  Alfred Ernest    Newark  7b 282

Marriages Jun 1885
BATCHELOR  Mary Elizabeth     Newcastle T.  10b 179   
Williams  Alfred Ernest     Newcastle T.  10b 179

Births Dec 1886
Williams  Iseult Margery    Alderbury  5a 177

Births Mar 1896
Williams  Brian Moray    Salisbury  5a 147

Deaths Dec 1912
Williams  Mary E  54  Salisbury  5a 196

Deaths Sep 1926
Williams  Alfred E  70  Salisbury  5a 153


walter-henry-williams walter-henry-williams-back

        • Subject: Walter Henry Williams
        • Date: Before 1894
        • Photographer: Mr Owen, Salisbury
        • Found: UK

Walter Henry Williams was born in 1862 in Carlton le Moorland, Lincolnshire, the son of Charles Williams and Mary Paddison née Fillingham. The seventh of nine children.

Walter married Georgina Emily Betts in 1889 in London and they had at least one son, Kynerith Walter born 1891. Walter Henry died at the early age of 32 in 1894 and Georgina married again in 1907 to George Camden. In the 1911 census George & Georgina Camden were living in Worcester with their two sons, George Henry Lambert aged 4 and Derek aged 1. I couldn’t find Kynerith Walter Williams in 1911.

Births Jun 1862
WILLIAMS  Walter Henry    Newark  7b 303

Marriages Sep 1889
BETTS  Georgina Emily    Islington  1b 618   
WILLIAMS  Walter Henry     Islington  1b 618

Births Jun 1891
Williams  Kynerith Walter    Alderbury  5a 175

Deaths Mar 1894
Williams  Walter Henry  32  Alderbury  5a 140

Marriages Mar 1907
CAMDEN  George    Romsey  2c 142   
WILLIAMS  Georgina Emily     Romsey  2c 142


sarah williams sarah williams back

        • Subject: Sarah (Sadye) Louisa Williams
        • Date: Unknown
        • Photographer: A J Grossmann, Dover
        • Found: UK

Sarah Louisa (Sadye) Williams was born in 1865 in Carlton le Moorland, Lincolnshire, the daughter of Charles Williams and Mary Paddison née Fillingham. The eighth of nine children. Sarah was obviously better known as Sadye.

In 1898 Sadye married James Ross Murray and in the 1911 census they were living in Chorlton, Lancashire with their four children.

Births Mar 1865
Williams  Sarah Louisa    Newark  7b 310

james-ross-murray  james-ross-murray-back

        • Subjects: James Ross & Allan Ross Murray
        • Date: c1902
        • Photographer: A Whitla, 180 Oxford St, Manchester
        • Found: UK

Marriages Sep 1898
Murray  James Ross    Chorlton  8c 1435   
Williams  Sadye Louisa     Chorlton  8c 1435

Births Jun 1900
MURRAY  Alan Ross    Chorlton  8c 887

Births Dec 1902
Murray  Joyce Margaret    Chorlton  8c 762

Births Jun 1904
MURRAY  Charles Donald    Chorlton  8c 868

Births Jun 1909
Murray  Mary Gwen     Chorlton  8c 902


harold-fillingham-williams harold-fillingham-williams-

          • Subject: Harold Fillingham Williams
          • Date: Unknown
          • Photographer: W S Downes,Rembrandt Art Studio, Sleaford

Harold Fillingham Williams was born in 1872 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, the son of Charles Williams and Mary Paddison née Fillingham. The ninth of nine children.

In 1906 he married Belle Gillies and in the 1911 census they were living in Kingston, Surrey with their three children. Not sure of the date he died but the death registration below may be his.

Births Mar 1872
WILLIAMS  Harold Fillingham     Alderbury  5a 202

Marriages Mar 1906
Gillies  Belle     S. Stoneham  2c 83   
WILLIAMS  Harold Fillingham     S. Stoneham  2c 83

Births Jun 1907
WILLIAMS  Edward Denys     Salisbury  5a 177

Births Dec 1910
WILLIAMS  Eileen M    Kingston  2a 391

Deaths Jun 1927
Williams  Harold F  55  Ringwood  2b 835


The other children of Charles Williams and Mary Paddison née Fillingham are:-

George Fillingham born 2qtr 1852, died 3qtr 1852
Emily Agnes c1854, married James Muscutt Hodgson 1879
Florence Annie c1857 (lost sight of after 1891)
Charles Edward c1859, married Mary Elizabeth Dowling 1885
Edith Mary 1860, married John Howard 1886

Emily Agnes & James Muscutt Hodgson had two children in 1891, Muriel Fillingham and Charles Williams.
Charles Edward & Mary Elizabeth Williams had one son in 1901, Humphrey Barrow.
Edith Mary & John Howard had three children in 1891, Dorothy Louisa, Kathleen Emily & Charles Gordon.

Father Charles Williams was born on 24 Sep 1827 bp 26 Nov 1829 in Newark, Nottinghamshire, son of Charles Williams & Mary Smeeton (unknown if Smeeton is Mary’s surname or middle name). He married Mary Paddison Fillingham in 1850. Charles died sometime before 1891.

Mary was the daughter of George Fillingham and Millicent Mary Wood who were married 4 Mar 1817 in Saxilby, Lincolnshire. Mary’s death may be this one:-

Deaths Jun 1919
Williams  Mary P  89  Chorlton  8c 652


1911 Census

If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Williams family please do contact me, I would love to pass these photos onto a family member. Preferably by email but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to leave me your email address.

All the information I have found on this family may also be seen on the next update at WorldConnect here.

Dawn Scotting


Janet Iles said...

You are fortunate to have those great photos. Thank you for sharing.

Paul Matthews said...

Dawn, Thanks for posting these. I'm a great-grandson of Sadye and James Ross. Sadye died in 1937. Smeeton was the surname of her grandmother. More details by email.

Natalie Hausler said...

I descend from Abraham Hopkins Davis and Mary Ann Williams. Mary Ann and Charles Williams were brother and sister along with Harriot, Nancy, Elizabeth and William. I have a facebook site called "Abraham Hopkins Davis and Mary Ann Williams Descendants Group". Have discovered Charles and family were born in Birmingham - have much info to share - please contact me on jnhausler@adam.com.au as I am tracing Williams line back. Natalie Hausler

Frank S. said...

I am a descendant of Barbara Enid Bridge who was the wife of Allan Ross Murray who became a Captain in the Indian Army. Barbara Enid Bridge was the daughter of John Sedgwick Bridge who was leader of the Halle Orchestra in Manchester UK. Any information would be welcome.

Frank S.