15 October 2009

Katharine Mary Carrow – 1854-c1879

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        • Subject: Katharine Mary Carrow
        • Date: Unknown
        • Photographer: Elliott & Fry, Portman Square, London
        • Found: UK

Katherine Mary Carrow was baptised on 7 May 1854 in Johnston, Pembrokeshire Wales to Richard & Kate (née Castle) Carrow.

Births Jun 1854
CARROW Katharine Mary Haverford W 11a 678

Katharine Mary Carrow
Bap: 7 May 1854 Johnston, Pembroke, Wales
Parents: Richard & Kate Carrow
Batch #C081721

In 1861 & 1871 she was living at home with her parents & siblings in Pembroke. In 1875 she married Courtenay E Wellesley and they had at least two children - Edward Courtenay Cannock 1876 and Hyacinth M 1878.

Marriages Mar 1875
Carrow Katherine Mary Haverfordwest 11a 991
Wellesley Courtenay E Haverfordwest 11a 991

I was unable to find any sign of Katie & her family in any English census after she was married until I found her two children living with Katie’s sister, Alice Owen, in Cheshire in 1881. Hyacinth gave her birthplace as Colorado USA which led me to find Courtenay Wellesley living in Colorado in 1880 and in Dallas Texas in 1900. In 1880 he was listed as widowed, so Katie had died sometime before then, in 1900 he’s listed as married (no wife at home) and having migrated to the USA in 1875.

Katie’s daughter, Hyacinth, went onto marry Philip Maud in 1922 in London although I was unable to find her or her brother Edward in any English census after the 1881.

I was also unable to find a birth registration or a baptism on the IGI for Courtenay E Wellesley, I didn’t find him in any census before he was married either! I did find this little snippet when I was Googling which suggests the name Hyacinth comes from his side of the family:-

Will of Lady Charles Cavendish Bentinck; 22 May 1871 (1 item - 2 ff, paper)
Copy will of Lady Charles Cavendish Bentinck:
Devises house in Norfolk Street, Park Lane to her daughter Anne Hyacinthe Cavendish Bentinck.
Legacy of £ 3000 to her son Major-General Arthur Cavendish Bentinck.
£ 1500 to Courtenay Wellesley, £ 1000 to Jane, widow of Richard Wellesley and numerous smaller legacies (£ 200-£ 800) to her Wellesley relations (the descendants of her father), her executor (Farrer).

Trying to work out if Courtenay fitted into the English aristocracy somehow really did my head in, I gave up!

One last mystery! With the above photograph of Katie Carrow came this one, written on the back in the same handwriting:-

michael-carrow michael-carrow-back

Including the date of January 1873 written on the front. Although the photographer’s address is given as Auckland it also mentions Pembroke so that may very well have been where the photograph was taken.

The mystery is that I have been unable to find ANY mention of a Michael Carrow anywhere at all, absolutely nothing in FreeBMD, the IGI, any census in both Wales & England and even Google is no help at all!


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Carrow and/or the Wellesley family please do contact me, I would love to pass these photos onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

All the information I have found on this family may also be seen on the next update at WorldConnect here.

Dawn Scotting

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Unknown said...

Courtenay Edward Wellesley was born in 1850, the son of Edward Wellesley, an army officer who died in the Crimea War. Major Wellesley was the second son of Richard Wellesley, the illegitimate son of the Marquis Wellesley, the elder brother of the first Duke of Wellington. There is a great deal of information on Courtney Wellesey's father and immediate relations in 'Letters of a Victorian army officer: Edward Wellesley 1840-1854' edited by Michael Carver, in fact Field Marshall Lord Carver, a grandson through Edward Courtenay Wellesley's second marriage to a lady called Nora Scovell.

Lady Charles Cavendish Bentinck was a great aunt, one of the illegitimate siblings of the Marquis Wellesley (you can read about him in 'The eldest brother' by Iris Butler - now out of print but possibly available from a library - it is very informative about the family generally). Lady Charles was Anne Wellesley, who first married Sir William Abdy and then eloped with Lord Charles Bendinck and after a scandalous divorce, subsequently married him. Her story was told in Hugh Farmar's 'A regency elopment' - again out of print but possibly available through a library or secondhand. She had several children by her second marriage and the Queen Mother was one of her descendents. She was a great-aunt of Courtenay Wellesley, as was Hyacinthe, Lady Hatherton; so Courtenay was indeed descended from and connected to British aristocracy, though through rather unconventional lines. Courtenay's sister Hyacinthe was the ancestress of the novelist Mary Wellesley and the name indeed runs in the Wellesley line, from the Marquis's mistress, and subsequent wife (although not before she had borne 5 illegitimate children who were thus debarred from inheriting his title). While Arthur, the second son and the first Duke of Wellington obviously had the greatest talent in that generation of Wellesleys, it was in fact the descendents of the elder brother who were more distinguished.