18 October 2009

Alma May Lee Brody or Broily or ???



This time I’d like to enlist your help – what do you think Alma’s surname is?

I thought it was BRODY, other people have come up with BROILY or BROELY or BROOLY – whatever it is there is no Alma May Lee under any spelling I can think of in the NZ BMDs. Which leads me to believe that either she was born after 1909 (the cutoff date for searching the NZ records online) OR the photograph was posted to someone in NZ (found in South Island) from another country. I also search the marriages & deaths, still nothing. There is no photographer’s logo on the photo so I can’t even work out when it was taken from that either.

All in all a mystery baby, posting the photograph anyway in the hopes that someone may know her.

Another thought is that the name is spelt phonetically from listening to someone speaking with a foreign accent, could be something like BRIERLEY.


I would love to pass this photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

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antykazza said...

Hi there...I have looked through my genes reunited records and have Alma Brody on the passengers list in 1903 if that is any help. She was born in 1892 and left from Liverpool. I can't get any other information as it costs too much sadly. If you have access to passenger lists she will be there. Hope that this helps. Karen B-C (antykazza@yahoo.com)