24 January 2009

Helena Margaret Corles

These two photos were an interesting little exercise trying to work out the cryptic messages on the back! As it turned out it was quite a simple task - that is IF I have the right family!

aunt-halford-small aunt-halford-back-small

  • Subject: Helena Margaret Corles
  • Date: c1860-1880 
  • Photographer: Herbert Watkins, 215 Regent St, London W.
  • Found: UK

mrs-arnold-small mrs-arnold-back-small

  • Subject: Clara Helena Halford
  • Date: 1868
  • Photographer: Elliott & Fry, 55 Baker St, Portman Square
  • Found: UK

First I looked at FreeBMD for a Corles-Halford marriage and found only one:-

  • Marriages Sep 1843
    CORLES  Helena Margaret     Worcester  18 439   
    HALFORD  William Stanford     Worcester  18 439

From various sources like the UK census, FreeBMD and the IGI I determined that William Stanford & Helene Margaret Corles were the parents of Clara Helena Ann Halford who was born in 1848. Clara married Henry Ernest Arnold:-

  • Marriages Sep 1878
    Arnold  Harry Ernest    King's Norton  6c 654   
    HALFORD  Clara Helena A     King's N.  6c 654

So the above photos are mother & daughter. I think Helena Margaret Corles is the daughter of William & Ann Corles of Worcester, Worcestershire whom I found in the 1841 census with Helena aged 15 living in College Precincts, Worcestershire. There were three daughters so presumably she's the '3rd Miss Corles' as written on the back of her photo.

If you are interested in their family tree you can find out more about them on my Strangers in a Box Family Tree database on WorldConnect.

There is one more photo that has the same handwriting on the back, unfortunately I couldn't find a link to the Corles-Halford-Arnold families, that doesn't mean to say there isn't one though.

mrs-sandland-small mrs-sandland-back-small

  • Subject: Mrs Sandland
  • Date: Unknown
  • Photographer: J Bateman, Canterbury
  • Found: UK



As before, if anyone is interested in this family and/or photographs please contact me by leaving a comment.


Anonymous said...

My family found the photo of Helena Margaret Corles very exciting as she is my Great-Great Grandmother.
Clara Helena Halford is my Great Aunt, sister to my Great- Grandfather Arthur Henry Halford.

laura halford said...

Helena Margaret Corles is my 2x great grandmother.
Laura Halford, USA

belle said...

I was amazed to see this photo. I come from the Corles line through my father, whose grandmother was Emily Margaret Corles, her father being Frederick Edward Corles (he married Emily Ann Leatherby. Frederick was the first Corles to come to NZ (funnily enough he was a photographer both in London, England & in Auckland, NZ). Frederick's father, John, was Helena Margaret's brother. For your interest you may like to know that she was baptised Feb 20th 1820, her family living in the Precincts of the Cathedral, Worcester. If you wish to obtain anymore info I can be contacted at cvendt@xtra.co.nz
Thanks for showing this photo - it really was a wonderful surprise,
Cheryl Vendt