18 December 2008

Update on Charles Frederick Davies

Further to my post on 11 Nov I have further information on Charles. I previously thought he might have been the eldest son of Charles William Davies (married to Ann sister of Samuel Maxton) from a previous marriage because he was too old to have been Ann's son, which turned out to be the case.


Father Charles Wm had previously been married to Mary Ann Burrows in 1843 and they had two sons - Charles Fred born 1844 and William Samuel born 1846. Mary Ann was quite possibly the sister of Henrietta Burrows who was the first wife of Samuel Maxton although I haven't been able to confirm that suspicion. Mary Ann died sometime before late 1851 when Charles Wm married Ann Maxton. (6-4-09 - I found out later that father Charles Wm didn't marry Mary Ann Burrows. His first wife was Matilda Maxton, sister to his second wife Ann. Matilda was the mother of Charles Wm's first two sons.)

I also found the family in both the 1851 & 1861 which shows both sons still living at home. In 1861 father Charles Wm wasn't at home, haven't found him yet:-


  1. 1851 - 1 Foxton Terrace, Islington, Middlesex
  2. Chas Wm Davies head 29 Watch Maker (1 apprentice) born Clerkenwell
  3. Ann Davies wife 32 born Clerkenwell
  4. Chas F Davies son 6 scholar born Islington
  5. Wm S Davies son 4 scholar born Islington
  6. © ancestry.com


  1. 1861 - 1 Foxton Terrace, Thornhill Rd, Islington St Mary, Middlesex
  2. Ann Davies wife 39 wife of Master Watch Maker (emp 1 man 2 boys) born Clerkenwell
  3. Charles F Davies son 16 watch maker born Islington
  4. William S Davies son 14 company's clerk born Islington
  5. Arthur Davies son 7 scholar born Islington
  6. Florence Davies dau 5 scholar born Islington
  7. Walter Davies son 3 scholar born Islington
  8. © ancestry.com

I recently received more photos of the Maxton Family of Wairarapa and amongst them was this one:-

the-mater-original-small the-mater-back-small

The details on the back are written in the same hand as the three previous photos of the Davies family plus the one above of Charles Frederick, the date is the same as on the photo of daughter Florence, also taken by the same photographer. I now believe her to be Ann Davies nee Maxton, second wife of Charles Wm Davies.

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