23 December 2008

Joseph Earle & Rosa Elizabeth Maxton

I've been able to identify a few more photographs from details written on some of them and a little bit of research into the NZ BMD records.

Rosa Elizabeth Maxton, daughter of Samuel Maxton of Greytown, was born in 1848 in Wellington, her birth registration was recorded as Elizabeth Rosa but on her marriage it's recorded as Rosa Elizabeth. She married Joseph Earl (Earle) in 1870 and although I haven't researched their children they had at least one son and one daughter. From what is written on the back of this photo I'm presuming this is Rosa.

 rosa-elizabeth-maxton-small rosa-elizabeth-back-small

  • Subject: Rosa Elizabeth Earle nee Maxton
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Date: Unknown
  • Found: Wairarapa, NZ

This one I'm presuming is Joseph Earle, a fine figure of a man. The photo is in such bad condition that if I rubbed it between my fingers I'm sure it would just disintegrate!


  • Subject: Joseph Earle
  • Photographer: Connolly & Herrmann, Lambton Quay, Wellington, NZ
  • Date: Unknown
  • Found: Wairarapa, NZ

These two I think are younger versions of the same man. Interesting to note that the first photo was taken in Melbourne.


  • Subject: Joseph Earle
  • Photographers: Burman's, Melbourne, Australia & W H Clarke, Wellington, NZ
  • Date: Unknown
  • Found: Wairarapa, NZ


One more by an unknown photographer of the same man, or is it?


Lastly these two delightful children, luckily with details on the back. A scan of the boy was very kindly sent to me by Barry Cash of Once Again Images after I recognised the background as being the same as the one in the photo I had.

 EARLE-1-frombarry-small EARLE-2-frombarry-small

  • Subject: C W Earle
  • Photographer: Deveril, Wellington, NZ
  • Date: April 1881
  • Found: Wairarapa, NZ

henrietta-earle-original-sm henrietta-earle-original-ba

  • Subject: Henrietta S A Earle
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Date: May 1888
  • Found: Wairarapa, NZ

I can't quite decipher the scribbled word on this photo but I suspect it could be the name of the photographer who took the first one - Deveril although it looks more like Derverily.

Lots more unloved photographs after Christmas including some lovely ones that were found in a tip! I'm taking a few weeks break to enjoy our summer weather with my husband over the holidays but I'll be back next year. Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year everyone.

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Unknown said...

C W Earle (Charles Westwood) was the first editor of The Dominion in 1907, running that paper as managing editor until his death around 1950