24 December 2008

The Men of the Maxton Family

Good news today. I've finally made contact with a living descendant of the Maxton family of Wairarapa so we have found a home for at least some of the photos. He is going to try to ID the photos I've already posted and then we'll work on the rest of them next year.

The photos today are of very fine looking gentlemen.



  • Subjects: Unknown
  • Photographers:
  • 1 & 4) William Brickell Gibbs, Lambton Quay, Wellington, NZ
  • 2 & 3) W H Clarke, Lambton quay, Wellington, NZ
  • Date: Unknown, probably late 19th century
  • Found: Wairarapa, NZ

walter-maxton-original-smal walter-maxton-back-small

  • Subject: Walter Maxton born 1 Oct 1857
  • Photographer: Wrigglesworth & Binns, Wellington, NZ
  • Date: Late 19th century
  • Found: Wairarapa, NZ

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