19 March 2016

The Rev Edward Walter & Mrs Sarah Nangle

[Read more on the Rev Edward Nangle in this article from Patrick Comerford]


The Nangle family are well represented in the photo album, starting with Edward Walter who married twice, his second wife was Sarah Fetherstonhaugh, daughter of the Rev Cuthbert & his wife Anne (neé Holmes) Fetherstonhaugh. There is an excellent article on Edward Nangle, his two wives and their fifteen children, the website lists the names of all of them, the four youngest are Sarah’s and who are featured in the album, along with Major William Nangle, one of their half-brothers and the wife and two children of another half-brother Major Henry Beresford Nangle.

As there are quite a few photos I’ll leave the article to tell you all about them, I’ve named all the photos so you shouldn’t have any trouble identifying each one, I’ve named them with exactly what is written in the album, anything in (brackets) is my thoughts on who they are.

As you can see a lot of the photos have not scanned very well at all, I’m not surprised as they can be up to 140 years old. It seems it depended on the photographer and the method they used, some from the same photographer have aged very badly, then again some of them you would have thought had been taken yesterday.


Their eldest daughter Katherine (Kate) & her husband Major Hallet George Batten, they had four children.


Second daughter Anne Fetherstonhaugh Nangle, she was the second wife of Rev John Henry Davidson and they had one son Douglas Nangle Fetherstonhaugh Davidson (Lieutenant-Colonel). Her two sisters were witnesses at her marriage. Strangely her photos are named as N F Davidson so perhaps she was known as Nancy or Nan which is a common nickname for Anne, I note her three siblings all had nicknames.



Third daughter Sarah Jane Nangle, known as Jennie, married Charles Henry Shephard (Colonel) and they had one son, Charles Edward Cuthbert Shephard.


Last child and their only son, Edward Cuthbert Nangle (Dr), known as Ted, married Dorothy Bolland Briscoe, they had two sons & one daughter, Edward Jocelyn, Hugh Cuthbert Milo & Dorothy Ismay Nangle.




I still have not worked out just who Lily is yet! It’s obviously a family nickname for her and although one of the photos names her as Lily Fetherstonhaugh I have not a clue as to her identity!

This next photo is of Rev Edward Nangle’s son William from his first marriage to Eliza neé Warner, Willie never married.








<----- This one is the wife of William’s brother Henry Beresford Nangle, she was Isabella Margaret Eliza Dobbie, there doesn’t seem to be a photo of Henry himself. They had five children:- Henry Coryndon (Cory), Kenlis Edward, William Gerald Beresford, Montague Claude (Lieutenant-Colonel) & Isabella Geraldine, there are photos of Cory and Kenlis.












Lastly we have these two family photos that are just named ‘Four Nangles’, the earlier one I think has mum Sarah in the middle with Ted, Jennie (sitting) and Kate, the next one I’ve named them in the order I think they are, you might have a different view!


This one may have been taken before 1884 as Jennie is not wearing a wedding ring and 1884 is the year she was married, that would make Ted less than 25 years old. Kate married in 1880 so maybe even before that as her lovely trim figure doesn’t look like she’s had any babies.

References: ancestry.com.au; The Peerage; patrickcomerford.com; Google


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the NANGLE family please do contact me, I’m in two minds as to whether I should keep the photographs and album intact or to remove them to pass on individually to descendant family members. In the meantime I will keep them until I’ve finished all the research and then we’ll see what happens. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

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