17 March 2016

Sarah Clibborn Fetherstonhaugh Eland

+++ UPDATED 21 March 2016 (see below) +++

The next group of photographs from the Fetherstonhaugh Family Album pertain to the ELAND family.


These four photos were all labelled - S C Eland - along with photos of her two daughters I was able to ascertain that she was Sarah Clibborn Fetherstonhaugh, daughter of Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh and Susan (Curtis) of Grouse Lodge, Moate, Co Westmeath, Ireland.

I originally had the wrong parents for Sarah Clibborn Fetherstonhaugh, she was the daughter of Cuthbert Holmes Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth (or Eliza) neƩ Hurst. At her birth she was probably just Sarah but on her marriage she is listed as Sarah Clibborn Fetherstonhaugh daughter of Cuthbert H Fetherstonhaugh. This now fits in with other photos in the album of a sister Emily Mabel who married a Perrin and after moving to New Zealand died here in 1916, and that is probably how the Album ended up in NZ. More on this family coming soon.

Sarah married Francis Simeon Eland on 6 Jun 1868 in St Peter’s Church in Dublin. As far as I can see they had five children, all born between 1869 & 1874, the first three hadn’t been named when their births were registered so I’ve added who I think they are in red:-


I do know the first one is Edith Rosa as there was this photograph of her grave in the album, sadly she died in her 12th year.



In Loving Remembrance of


Born 29th June 1869 Died 6th March 1881

Lovely and pleasant in her life


As you can see by the name on the cross above her headstone, Edith was known as Rosa, and here we have a few photos of her, all are named Rosa Eland. The last one looks like it was taken not long before she died.




On the 15 Dec 1877 mother Sarah filed for divorce in Salt Lake City, Utah, I presume there was a decree absolute as Francis Eland later remarried and had three more children with his second wife in the USA, he died in 1933.


These Irish are a well travelled lot, one of the photos of Sarah Clibborn was taken in Paris, she was born & married in Ireland, divorced in America, lived in Surrey in 1891, back living in Co Wicklow in 1923 before she died in England on 21 Oct 1927 aged 83, at 55 Belmont Rd, Southampton.


Next we have daughter Maude Charlotte, she married Gerald Edwin Hamilton Barrett-Hamilton in Dublin in 1903, Maude was living in Wexford in the 1911 census, Gerald wasn’t at home that night but Maude and their five children were, they’d been married for seven years, I don’t know if they had anymore children after 1911. (Note: the same chair in the second photo as the chair in the second photo of her sister Rosa, probably taken on the same day.)


Gerald was born in 1871 in India and after a very distinguised career he died in 1914 at age 42 in South Georgia Island, South America. In 1923, at the age of 50, Maude emigrated to Canada to make a new life for her & her children, on her immigration papers she gives her nearest relative as ‘Sarah Eland, mother’ who lived at Hollywood House, Glenealy, Co Wicklow, Ireland (if you want to see a beautiful house just google that address, I wonder if Sarah was staying with relatives there, something to keep in the back of my mind).


After 1923 she seems to have flitted around the world at various times, in 1932 from Canada she was going to stay at 55 Belmont Rd, Southampton, the same address her mother was living at five years previously when she died, in 1937 she departed from Gibraltar where she had been staying with son Frank at Retreat Farm, Fontainebleau, Johannesburg, South Africa, arriving in New York on her way to 6 Aynsley Court, Winnipeg, Canada. On the 14 Aug 1963 her death is registered as being in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, her address was Chisapi Estate, Karoi, Southern Rhodesia.

There are no photos in the album of Sarah’s sons, I don’t know about the unnamed son born 1870, possibly died young as did brother Arthur aged 2 in 1876, Francis died during the Boer War in Spelonken, South Africa on 6 Aug 1901 aged 28.


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the ELAND family please do contact me, I’m in two minds as to whether I should keep the photographs and album intact or to remove them to pass on individually to descendant family members. In the meantime I will keep them until I’ve finished all the research and then we’ll see what happens. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

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