07 February 2015

Baby Whiting


Subject: Baby Whiting
Date: Feb/25
Photographer: Dimond & Hart Ltd
Found: Browns Bay Market, Auckland, NZ


From the address given for Mrs M Whiting I found her living at that same address in 1928, she was listed as Marion Reid Whiting, widow. In 1919 Charles & Marion Whiting were living in Wyre St, Kaitangata.


On further investigation I found her husband, Charles James Whiting, had died on Xmas Eve 1921 aged 33, he is buried in the Kaitangata Cemetery with his brother-in-law John Eric Clements.


Marion Reid Rutherford Clements & Charles James Whiting were married on the 17 Nov 1915. I found a few trees that showed they had four children, two sons Colin James born 1916 and John Eric born 1922, and two daughters who might be still living. Mrs Marion R R Whiting became a registered maternity nurse/midwife on 7 Jun 1927. In 1928 she remarried to Duncan Gillies and they had three children.

I don’t know which one of Marion’s children is the baby in the photo but I presume one from her first marriage seeing she is listed as Mrs Whiting. I didn’t do any research on the other name/address listed on the photo so I don’t know if they are connected to the Whiting family or not.

References: ancestry.com.au; NZBDM Online; Papers Past; Early New Zealand Photographers


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Whiting family please do contact me, I would love to pass the photo onto a family member, even a distant one. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

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