29 November 2008

Wellington North Preparatory School

Today's photo is exactly 73 years old this month! Isn't it wonderful and wouldn't it be lovely to find a descendant who would love to treasure it? Unfortunately apart from the date written on the back there are no names of any of the children. Neither can I find anything out about the school although I'm currently waiting on a reply from Wellington Archives (they couldn’t help).

The photo has been put onto the brown mat, a piece of glass on top then some sort of black masking tape is stuck around the edges to hold it all together. I was tempted to remove the tape but it seems to me there is nothing else besides the photo between the mat and the glass.


  • Subject: Wellington North Preparatory School Pupils
  • Date: November 1935
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Found: Helensville, New Zealand


Dawn Scotting

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