14 November 2008

Olive Josephine Wilson


  • Subject: Olive Josephine Wilson
  • Year: Unknown, possibly c1915
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Taken: Cheshire, England

Olive is not an unknown but I would dearly love to find some descendants of hers as she was the cousin of my grandmother. Olive was born in the 1qtr of 1894 and her birth was registered in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England. She was the daughter of William Wilson brother of my great-grandfather Edward Wilson who migrated to NZ in 1885 with all of his family. At some stage during her life she sent this photo of herself to someone in my grandmother's family and it was given to me a few years ago. It's a Postcard photo and on the back she has written her given name and address only, it took me awhile to work out who she was. It was only after having someone in the UK to do some research for me in the parish records of Christ Church, Claughton that her marriage came to light.


Keeping in mind that this one is only a transcribed copy.

It turns out that the witness Annie Edwards was Olive's mother who had remarried to Richard Edwards in 1920, also in Birkenhead. Her father William had died in 1916 aged 71, he had been a Poulterer or Chicken Farmer in various census.

Olive had a brother, William Percival, who was born on 27 Nov 1895 in Heathfield Rd, Oxton, Cheshire and baptised on 19 Jan 1896 at Christ Church, Claughton. He may have married in 1923 at All Saints Church, Hoole, Cheshire to Muriel Alexandrina Annie Davidson although I expect there could be more than one person with the name of William Percival Wilson!

Olive's father, William, was born in Winster, Derbyshire and baptised on 23 Feb 1845 in the St John the Baptist Church in Winster. By 1851 he, his parents & siblings were all living in Birkenhead. I have a lot more information on William's siblings and descendants if anyone thinks they might be connected to this WILSON family.

This is all I know about Olive so if you do know her family or descendants please get in touch with me, I'd be delighted to find some new rellies. The address she was living at when she sent the postcard was:-

      • 28 Marlborough Grove
      • Claughton
      • Birkenhead

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