23 April 2016

George Michael Nixon 1852-1896

*  *  *  Photographs as named in the Fetherstonhaugh Family Album  *  *  *


These two photos were on the last page of the album and sitting next to each other, unfortunately, the attractive young woman was not named. I thought perhaps she might be Dr George’s wife, unless I can find another photo of his wife I guess we’ll never know. In the album, stuck on top of Dr George’s photo was a stamp with a woman’s face on it, she looked very like the woman in this photo. I’ve never seen that sort of printed stamp before so I was intrigued. I’ve put the photo and the stamp together so you can see what you think:-


They do look so much alike don’t they? I found this little tree online which gives you all the family details. Edward Fetherstonhaugh was one of the brothers of William of Grouse Lodge, of whom I posted a photo previously on this blog, Adelaide is the cousin of his children who are well represented in the album.


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Dawn Scotting

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