09 June 2015


John sent me this wonderful photograph from his family collection, he thought there might be other descendants of the men who might not have seen it before. He has included the names that he knows and if you recognise any of the ‘unknown’ men please leave a comment.


Back row from the left:–
Unknown, Sgt Joe Blazey, Dave Ross, Bert Fleet, Darby Rhyme, Tom Rieman, Tom Bottrel, Ben Rutledge, Jim Walsh, Lou Midgley, Richard Hall, Jim Fish, Ned Scholes, George Orr, George Chandler.

Front row from left:–
Ted Finney, Walter Marshall, Don Guilford, Sgt Charlie Wooton, Sgt Don Macnaughtan, Sgt Jim MacDonald, Sgt Cecil Bland, Fred Heskith (Town Clerk), Don Shaw, Jim Scott, Unknown,  Arthur Stephenson, Unknown, Spud Murphy.

The first ‘Officer’s Warrants’ were issued in 1933.  Later, there was also the ‘George Hunter Warrant’.

Below I’ve enlarged portions so you can see their faces clearly, starting at the left.

leftone two three four fiveright


If you are related to any of the men and would like a digital copy of the photo please contact me.

This is ALL we know about the men, we have no other information sorry.

Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting


Unknown said...

Can you send this to the M o T face book page
I knew a couple of these guys when I was a Traffic Cadet

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