06 May 2015

Ian & Mona McKinnon of Napier

Today’s postcard photograph has written on the back:-

ian-mona-mckinnon-back ian-mona-mckinnon-1907

After a little bit of research on the NZ BMD website and Ancestry I was able to ascertain they are the two eldest children of Donald McKinnon & Mary (or May) nee Miller of Glengarry Station in Napier, NZ.

1900/12359  McKinnon    Ian Miller           May      Donald
1902/2024    McKinnon    Isabella Mona    Mary    Donald
1904/9981    McKinnon    Katrina Mary    Mary    Donald
1905/16521  McKinnon    Rita Heather    Mary    Donald

Ian married Mabel Florence Triggs in 1927 and Mona married James Stewart Don in 1933.

In the course of looking on Ancestry I came across some interesting information about their younger sister Rita Heather and also a photo of her:-



It turns out she was an aviatrix and had earned her flying colours in a de Havilland Moth in 1935, similar to this one I’m guessing:-


References: ancestry.com.au; NZBDM Online; Papers Past


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the McKINNON family please do contact me, I would love to pass the photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

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