08 June 2014

Constance Catlow 1890-1981

Constance Catlow, or Connie to her family & friends, was the third daughter of Thomas Watson & Millicent Catlow, born on the 31 Jan 1890 in Bacup, Lancashire. Here we have a photo of her sitting inside the family home ‘Braeside’.


And a couple of her at a younger age, it looks like she was either a member of a theatrical group or was going to a fancy dress party, in the photo on the left she is dressed as Mercia in ‘the Sign of the Cross’ and the other photo looks to be taken in the same studio around about the same time, date unknown.




















In 1920 Connie married James Wilkinson, in this photo her father, Thomas Watson, is next to her with her sister Millicent as bridesmaid.



Connie & James had one daughter, Millicent born in 1922, she died in Australia in 2012. There is one last photo of Connie with Libby Wilkinson, on the back is written Auntie Libby Wilkinson (Uncle Tom’s wife), I would say Tom Wilkinson was most probably James’ brother, although Libby seems to be quite a bit older than Connie.

connie-auntylibby2 In later years Connie & James went to live with their daughter in Cumbria where Connie passed away on the 1 Mar 1981, James’ date unknown.

Next time we turn to next daughter Mary Elizabeth Catlow.

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