29 March 2014

Unclaimed Photographs

Although I’ve had great success finding descendants & homes for a lot of my old photographs I still have quite a few that haven’t been claimed yet. If you see a name on this list you are interested in just click on it to go to the page it was originally posted on.

ANDERSON, John William, 1862-1942
BANBURY, Mary, 1840-1915 (see Franklin)
BIRD, Mary Ann (see Hyde)
BRIGGS, Gerald Gordon, 1901-1964
BRITTAIN, Geraldine Feodora (nee Hyde)
BROWN, Agnes Paxton, 1895-?
CHRISTY, Emeline Mary, 1868-1945
DRAPER, Elsie *
DUGGLEBY Photograph Album
DYSON, William George Peacock, 1898-1986
DYSON, Ruth (nee Lawton)
EWINS, Walter William John, 1881-?
FISHER, Thomas Richard *
FRANKLIN, Mary, 1840-1915 (nee Banbury)
FRYER, Amy *
FRYER, Arthur *
FRYER, William *
GILMAN, Ada Violet, 1891-?
GOULD, Nita *
HADFIELD, Charles Alfred *
HADFIELD, Claude *
HADFIELD, Cora Lillian *
HADFIELD, Edith Martha Ann *
HADFIELD, Frances Anne *
HADFIELD, Harold Bertram *
HADFIELD, John Harry *
HADFIELD, Thomas *
HARDIE, Winifred Elizabeth (see Purdey)
HYDE, Geraldine Feodora, 1863-1935 (see Brittain)
HYDE, Mary Ann (nee Bird)
KNIGHT, Agatha (nee Perry), 1882-1927
LAWTON, Ruth (see Dyson)
LEANING, two children of Westport, (possibly Willis & Esther)
LEVERET, Lionel or Lionel Leverett OGIER
LOGAN, Annie Roberta *
MICKMAN/McMAHON, Charles Headlam, 1858-1908
MITTON, Arnold, 1856-1910
MORGAN, Charles Bamford *
NORTON, Henry, 1818-1893 (Mayor of Carmarthen)
PLEACE, Alice, 1869-1876
PURDEY, Winifred Elizabeth (nee Hardie)
PERRY, Agatha (see Knight)
REED, Bertie, Charles, Daisy, Eddie & Frank (children of Charles)
RYAN, Edward Michael, 1878-1969 
SMART, Austin Ernest Albert, 1884-1966
SNOWDEN, headstone for Mary (James, Alfred & Sarah Ann mentioned) 1888
THOMAS, Rex A, of Bridgwater, Somerset
THEOBALD, Frederick Richard, 1859-1903 
THEOBALD, Ilean Alice Louisa
THEOBALD, Sydney James
THEOBALD ?, Claude & Victor
TRIM, Amy Mary, 1870-1959 
WICKHAM, John, 1790-1875
WINFIELD, Amy Louisa, 1875-1953
WINFIELD, James Edward, 1879-?

Plus a few that I haven’t been able to find any information on so far:-

CLOUGH, Elinor (Mrs William Ellis Clough, taken Liverpool, Lancs)
EYLES, Gwen Elaine, bn 1942 (taken in Nelson, NZ)
HEATHERSTONE, Mr (probably from West Bromich, Staffs)
WARD, Henry (sent 1897, taken Piccadilly, London)

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