01 October 2012

Gerald Gordon Briggs 1901-1964


      Subject: Gerald Gordon Briggs
      Date: abt 1923
      Photographer: S P Andrew, 10 Willis St, Wellington
      Found: TradeMe

Today’s lost photograph is of a good-looking man who turns out to be a barrister & solicitor of the Supreme Court in NZ, graduating in 1923:-

NZ University Graduates 1870-1961
BRIGGS Gerald Gordon Victoria Uni  Degree-LL.B. (bach of Law) 1923

Evening Post, Volume CVI, Issue 24, 28 July 1923, Page 8
Mr G G Briggs, LL.B., of Wellington, was this morning admitted as a barrister & solicitor of the Supreme Court by the Chief Justice.

I presume the photograph was taken on the day of his graduation or very soon after.

Gerald Gordon Briggs was the third son of Charles & Sarah Briggs, born in 1901 in NZ. Sarah Power had previously married Charles Briggs in 1897.

In 1928 Gerald married Madge Elizabeth Black and they settled in 78 Orangi Kaupapa Rd, Wellington where they lived until at least 1935. By 1938 they had moved to 20 Hardley St, Hamilton where they resided until they passed away, Gerald in 1964 & Madge in 1967.

It doesn’t seem as though they had any children as there were no other people living at their address in any electoral roll up until 1981, but of course any children they may have had could just as likely have moved away from home before they were 21 and able to vote.

If they didn’t have any descendants then that could be the reason this lovely photograph turned up for sale. However, Gerald did have four siblings and perhaps there are descendants of theirs out there who would love to have this family photograph back.

NZ Births
1898/7386   Briggs    Charles Eardley     Sarah    Charles
1899/17557 Briggs    William Leslie        Sarah    Charles
1902/10231 Briggs    Ethel May              Sarah    Charles
1905/10259 Briggs    Lindsay Heathcote Sarah    Charles

References: Papers Past; NZ BDM Records


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Briggs family please do contact me, I would love to pass this photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

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DARIAN ZAM said...

What a neat idea for a blog project. I used to have a massive collection of these type of photos. Back in the 1980s nobody was really into them and you could buy them for twenty cents, fifty cents, maybe a dollar tops.