08 December 2011

Trip to Queenstown

This large group photograph was in a batch lot of photos I picked up in an antique shop. It looks to me to have been taken sometime in the 1970s or maybe 1980s. I’ve researched some of the names on the back and most if not all of the people seem to have lived in or around the area of Papatoetoe in Auckland. So I would think a social club of some sort. A friend of mine has identified the hotel in the background as being Eichart’s Tavern in Queenstown, NZ.


The names I can read are:- Jimmy Nield, R & Beverley Barthow, Christine Leckie, Margery & Des Sale, Janet Craig, John & Marie Brennan, George & Lorna Pearse, Jack & Wym Ivatts, Ron & Phyl Docherty, Mrs & Miss White, Dorothy & Roy Wilson, Alex & Nan Britton, Robert & Judi Tuppen, Hazel & Arthur Sloggett, Louise Hawley, Nora Murphy, Isabel Holmes, Paul, Gerry, Cathy & Marjorie Stewart. Two I can't read and a few are missing.

If you are related to anyone in this photograph and would like a copy of it please contact me, the first person to do so gets the original.

Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

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