26 September 2009

Mrs M Goodfellow of Ampton, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

I haven’t been having much luck in placing the people in my photographs lately & this latest one is no exception. It’s a postcard photograph with a short letter written on the back.

m-goodfellow m-goodfellow-back

      • Subject: Mrs M Goodfellow of Bury St Edmunds
      • Date: Unknown
      • Photographer: G S Cousins, Bury St Edmunds
      • Found: England

I was unable to find much on the photographer except for this little snippet here:-

Bury Pageant: scenes from a Memorable Folk play - Supplement to Bury and Norwich Post, 9 July 1907; photographs by G S Cousins, official photographer 1907 (HD2733).

Which tells me he was in business at least in 1907. I then searched on FreeBMD for a marriage between a Goodfellow and a lady with a name starting with M in or near the area of Bury St Edmunds, this is what I found:-

Marriages Jun 1908
GOODFELLOW  Henry William    Bury St. E.  4a 1536
LONG  May Florience     Bury St. E.  4a 1536

Searching in the various census led me to this birth & the marriage of her parents:-

Births Dec 1880
LONG  Florence May     Bury St. E.  4a 575

Marriages Dec 1867
DOUEL  Eliza     Bury St. E  4a 1013   
LONG  William James     Bury St. E.  4a 1013

Florence was listed as May in all the census so had obviously switched her names around by the time she was married.

Source Citation: Class: RG11; Piece: 1844; Folio: 69; Page: 3; Line:  ; GSU roll: 1341446.
1881 Census
15 St John's St, St James, Suffolk
William Long head mar 34 solicitor's clerk born Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Eliza wife mar 32 born Maldon, Essex
Lizzie dau 13 scholar born Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Annie dau 11 scholar born ditto
William son 9 scholar born ditto
Agnes dau 6 scholar born ditto
Cecil son 4 born ditto
Alice dau 2 born ditto
May dau 3mths born ditto
William father mar 55 grocer's asst born Colchester, Essex
Hannah mother mar 64 midwife born Haughley, Suffolk

I was able to find her in 1891 still at home, in 1901 working as a servant in London but strangely had no luck finding her as a married woman in the 1911 census.

Finding all of this is no proof that May Florence Long is the person in the photo though. If May is in your family tree maybe you can identify her for me.



If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Long/Goodfellow families please do contact me, I would love to hear from you. All the information on this family may also be seen on the next update on WorldConnect here.

Dawn Scotting

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Les Elmer said...


I cannot help re the Goodfellows, but I can re Mr G. S. Cousins of Bury - Photographer. He took a wonderful and evocative portrait of my Elmer family ancestors from Elmswell in August 1909, which can be seen on my family genealogy page at this URL:

Les Elmer
New Zealand
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