13 June 2009

George Wells of Eckington 1821-1871

Today's photograph is what looks like his headstone or a plaque on a wall perhaps.

george-wells-headstone george-wells-headstone2

There seem to be 2 or 3 people with the name of George Wells who were born in Eckington about 1821 in various census but only one on the IGI.

Christening:  02 JUL 1821   Eckington, Derby, England
  Mother:  JANE

Unfortunately this entry doesn't give a birthdate so without knowing that it's hard to say if he's the right one because this George may not have been born in Eckington at all, just lived & died there.

Luckily I found a website where the Eckington parish records had been transcribed by David &/or Josephine Bowler, this is what I found:-

Eckington Baptisms
George WELLS George & Jane Eckington Collier 2/7/1821  born 23/2/1821

Eckington Marriages
George WELLS to Jane HASLEHURST. Wit: Mary Shipley, Robert Stevenson 27/2/1812

Bingo! George's parents were George & Jane née Haslehurt, his wife's name was also Jane. He married Jane Barber in 1849 and by 1871 they'd had 12 children so there must be a few descendants out there somewhere. George was the owner of a colliery in two of the census, tragically he died at the end of 1871 and left Jane to bring up all those children by herself. According to this website the Wells family owned most of the collieries in the area by the end of the nineteenth century. There was a large Methodist Chapel built in memory of George Wells in 1876 which was demolished in 1977.

Sorry I don't have a photograph of George himself but someone might like to have this one, if you do please leave me a comment or contact me via email.

Eckington Parish Records


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