08 April 2009

Wilma Beatrice Heather & Ngaio Holbrook Chatfield

Today's photo I picked up in a job lot in Thames at xmas and now that I'm able to search the NZ BDM records I've been able to find their families.


  • Subject: Wilma Beatrice Heather & Ngaio Holbrook Chatfield
  • Date: About 1920
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Found: Thames, NZ


Written on the back is this nice little message obviously written by Ngaio herself. Originally I thought wow what a long surname - Heathersperesent - I puzzled over this name for awhile until I realised it said - Wilma Heather present from - I hadn't noticed the faint 'Wilma Heather' written below until after I scanned the photo, I obviously need new glasses.


Actually, I'm just presuming it is a photo of the two of them. It seems they were cousins, this is what I found:-

Myrtle Adah Alice Chatfield married William Henry Norman Heather in 1899, they had three children before 1909 (the current cut off date for searching the NZ births):-

1901 Hazel Norman Heather
1904 Wilfred Clyde Norman Heather
1906 Wilma Beatrice Heather

Holbrook Alfred Chatfield married Georgina Denniston in 1908, they had one child in 1909 (how lucky was that):-

1909 Ngaio Holbrook Chatfield

That's all I have at this stage except for the #16 number plate on the gate above them. If anyone has either of these two girls in their family tree I'd be delighted to pass this photo on to you.

Dawn Scotting


opfholiday said...

Holbrook Alfred Chatfield's parents were Alfred William Chatfield born Tasmania married, Annie Alma Angelina McArthur born 1856, in TAS. Married in Victoria. Both died in Auckland.

Henry William Holbrook Chatfield born 1840 died 1907, son of Alfred William Chatfield and Harriet Holbrook.

Ngaio, who died in 1983, had a younger sister, Roma Chatfield.

The originators of the Holbrook name were Alfred William Chatfield 1811 and Harriet Holbrook 1815 who emigrated to Australia in 1838 and were married on board
"Pestongee Bomangee" on 25 Aug 1838. They were remarried in Adelaide on 21 Feb 1839 which was lucky for their first born Henry Willam Holbrook Chatfield born in Adelaide 17 Sep 1839 just three years after the founding of Adelaide in 1836.

Best wishes
Colin Chatfield
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opfholiday said...

A supplement:

The photo is more likely of Ngaio on left and her sister Roma on right. Hazel was eight years older than Ngaio and it doesn't fit as they seem only two to three years different and not eight years.

Roma went on to marry T Roberts.

courtneycotton01@gmail.com said...

Thanks for those details Colin. I think you're probably right about the girls being Ngaio and her sister Roma.

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn, I must thank very much for being able to add this photo of Ngaio & Wilma into the family tree, photos like these are a treasure to come across
Kind regards
Noel Kreegher