02 February 2009

Frank Buckland Blabey 1864-1917



  • Subject: Frank Buckland Blabey
  • Date: Unknown
  • Photographer: G W Harker, Longton (Stoke on Trent, Staffs)
  • Found: UK


Thanks to the person who took the time to write on the back of this photo I was able to search Frank out fairly quickly.

Frank Buckland Blabey was born 1864 in Crewe, Cheshire, the son of Thomas Blabey and Jula Lavinia nee Warr. Frank was at home with his parents & siblings in 1871 living in the Wolverton Arms, Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire, his father Thomas was a beer-seller & butcher. By 1881 Frank had moved to Stoke upon Trent and was working as a servant in the census. He married Mary Eliza Goodwin in 1888 in Stoke upon Trent and in all the census that is where they were living until Frank died in the 4qtr of 1917.

Frank & Mary had two daughters, Gladys Warr born 1888 & Doris Carmen born 1895, both in Longton, Staffordshire. Doris married Albert Wagg in 1927 and Gladys married Frank V Hastie in 1912. Their mother Mary Eliza may have married Thomas Yoxall in 1929.

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Unknown said...

While performing a Google search on the name of my grandfather, Albert Wagg, I came across a reference to him on your site next to a photograph of Frank Buckland Blabey who was his grandfather.

Albert and Doris had two children - my aunt Margaret Lorna who married Andrew Duncan in about 1971, and my father Frank Alan, both of whom are alive. My father married Janet Mary Brander in 1958 and had they had three sons, Nicholas Alan (me, b 1959), Robin Anthony (1960) and Christopher Ian (1966). We all have children in turn.

You surmise that Mary Eliza Blabey may have married Thomas Yoxall. That may well be so because my father has referred to a Nana Yoxall on occasions.

courtneycotton01@gmail.com said...

Destrier - please contact me at pandora@kc.net.nz if you'd like to have the photograph of your

Ancestor detective said...

I am sitting with Margaret Duncan who is telling me some interesting things. She says the info about Frank Blabey is not correct - he was a chemist, born in London and set up his own chemist business in Stoke after being apprenticed to a chemist in Crewe. His father was a clerk to the railways.

Mary Eliza preferred to be known as Eliza. She had a dressmaking and drapers business who employed 6girls. Mary Cope was Mary Eliza's mother. She was the illegitimate daughter of John Aynsley (well-known ceramic manufacturer). He was married 3 times having 10 children to each married and was rumoured to have fathered a further 10 children to 'mistresses'.

After Thomas Blabey died Mary Eliza married Thomas Yoxall. They settled in Grindley Lane, Blythe Bridge. She and her mother Mary Cope both lived to be 90 years of age.

courtneycotton01@gmail.com said...

Thanks for the information Ancestor Detective, could you or Margaret contact me on my email address please? As far as I can see Frank Buckland Blabey was born in Crewe, Cheshire, his birth was registered in 1864 in Nantwich and in all the census I've found him in he said he was born in Crewe. In the 1881 census he was a servant, in the 1891 census he was a 'drysalter' (whatever that is), in 1901 his occupation was listed as 'drysalter drug' so that might have something to do with chemistry.
In the 1871 census his father was listed as a 'beer seller & butcher'.
PS I just found this in Wikipedia, so we're both correct:-
"Being a drysalter might be combined with manufacturing - paint, for example - or with trading as a chemist/druggist or ironmonger/hardware merchant."

cat999 said...

Is there any way you can put me in touch with Ancestor Detective? I'm looking for info on Mary Cope (she is my 2x great grandmother). My email is csfscott@aol.com.
Catherine Scott

cat999 said...

Sorry, I'm not sure if this is a duplicate posting. I'd like to get in contact with Ancestor Detective to get more information on Mary Cope (my 2x great grandmother). My email is csfscott@aol.com. Can you please forward this to her?
Catherine Scott

Annabel said...

I just received a copy of my great grandparents' marriage certificate, and much to my surprise, discovered that Frank Buckland Blabey and Florence May Goodwin were the witnesses to the ceremony. My great grandmother was Clara Elizabeth Goodwin, sister of Florence May Goodwin and Mary Eliza Goodwin (who became the wife of Frank Buckland Blabey). I'm looking for further information about their mother -- Mary Cope, and her parentage. Another of your commenters says that Mary was the illegitimate daughter of John Aynsley, the well-known ceramics manufacturer. I know that Mary's mother was Harriet Cope, and her birth certificate lists her father as John Ensley. However, I can find no other links to John Aynsley, and Mary Cope is not listed in his will or in other public documents. At the time of Mary Cope's marriage, her father was listed as "Unknown." I would like to get in contact with any descendants of Mary Cope, or anyone else who might have information about her parentage.

courtneycotton01@gmail.com said...

Catherine (or anyone who leaves a comment here) you will need to leave an email address for people to get in contact with you as there is no link to you when someone clicks on your name - it's just a dead end.

Annabel said...

Thank you for the reminder about leaving contact information. My email address is: mettafour@aol.com