09 June 2014

Millicent Catlow 1896-1978

Millicent, known as Millie, was born 3 Apr 1896, after her parents, Thomas Watson & Millicent Catlow, had moved to the town of Nelson in Lancashire where their home ‘Braeside’ was built.















The above photo was taken about 1913, Millie on the right with her older sister Lizzie. On the right she is sitting in the living room of her grandparent’s home Braeside.

Millie married Thomas Henry Shackleton in 1925 and they had one daughter. The photo below is them in the garden at Braeside, dates unknown for these two photos.




Millie died in 1978 aged 82 and Tom in 1983 aged 87.

Tomorrow we have sixth daughter Nellie Catlow.

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Eat the damn cake said...

These are my grandparents. My mum is their only daughter and it is her 86th birthday today. How on earth did you end up with these photos. I was randomly googling my grandad because I'd been thinking about him today because of the outbreak of ww1. I NEVER expected to see photos of them.