09 June 2014

Mary Elizabeth Catlow 1893-1919

The fourth daughter of Thomas Watson & Millicent Catlow was Mary Elizabeth, known as ‘Lizzie’. She was also born in Bacup, Lancashire, her birth was registered in the 3qtr of 1893. There are only two photographs of Lizzie as she died at the young age of 25 in the Spanish Influenza epidemic, her death is registered in the 1qtr of 1919.

A pretty young girl, seen here with her younger sister Millie with other relatives on what looks like either a ramble in the bush or perhaps a picnic nearby.



It is dated ‘prob 1913’ and in pencil is a calculation of what looks like someone’s birth date and how old they would be in 1913.








It doesn’t seem to be either Lizzie or Millie’s birthday though as their births were registered in 1893 & 1896.

The other photo of Lizzie is the one previously published on her sister Annie’s page, she’s in the middle.

 annie-lizzie-cissie lizzie-catlow











I’ll post more on the group photo in a later article. Uncle Dick Dobson was the brother of their mother Millicent Dobson.


Next time it’s the turn of fifth daughter Millicent Catlow.

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