02 June 2014

Martha Ann Catlow 1887-1919

Martha Ann Catlow, or Cissie to her family & friends, was the second daughter of Thomas Watson and Millicent Catlow. Born in Bacup, Lancashire her birth was registered in the 2qtr of 1887.



On looking closer at this photo, from the earlier article on her sister Annie, I see now that Cissie is definitely the one on the right. A lovely young woman and look at that tiny waist.

Cissie was living with her parents & siblings in 1891 in Newchurch & 1901 in Nelson. In the 1qtr of 1910 she married Harry Stanley Hartley in the Burnley Registry Office. They had two sons, Stanley and Kenneth.



cissie-catlow-400w  cissie-catlow2-400w



I’m not sure when her two sons were born but both would have been after the 1911 census because in that she says she’s been married for one year and had no children, they were living in Wickworth St, Nelson, the one for sale on the right.



                                    Stanley                                                    Kenneth


Cissie sadly passed away in the 2qtr of 1919 aged 31, she is buried in the Nelson Cemetery, Walton Lane, Nelson, plot 4 grave 294. Husband Harry died in 1959 aged 71 and son Kenneth in WWII.

Lastly, a photo of Kenneth, a real boy with grubby knees, sitting in what looks like the garden at ‘Braeside’, the home of his maternal grandparents.


Next time will be Cissie’s sister Connie’s turn, the third of Thomas Watson & Millicent’s ten daughters.


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