13 November 2008

Unknown Child in Pinafore

This one is a badly deteriorated Cabinet Card photograph of a small child, probably female. The photo itself has started peeling away from the backing and the cardboard backing has split in one corner to show that it is made up of six layers of paper. I have tried to restore it somewhat but gave up on the white marks.


  • Subject: Unknown Child
  • Date: Unknown
  • Photographer: Robert Barcham, Petone, NZ
  • Found: Helensville, New Zealand


This is the back of the photo so possibly the family surname of the child is Hardie.


Photographer: Barcham, Robert
Studio address: Petone 1900s; Upper Hutt 1911/12; Station St, Hastings 1920; Russell St, Hastings 1925; Heretaunga St, Hastings 1932
Known years of operation: 1900s, 1911/12, 1925, 1932.
Source: Wise's Buyers and Sellers of Australia, Tasmania and NZ (1911/12), p137; Wise's NZPO Directory (1925), p2460; Wise's NZPO Directory (1932), p2276; H Knight, NZ Photographers: a selection (1981), index.
Remarks: advertising as The Barcham Studio in 1920. Possibly the Robert Henry Barcham (gentleman) who died in Victoria, Australia in 1971.

I found the above information on the Internet but I also found a snippet elsewhere that said he lived from 1867 to 1960. I found a Robert Barcham in the UK 1871 census aged 4 born in Hackney which may be him, without more information it's hard to say though.

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