11 November 2008

Gwendoline Eleanor Parks 1912-1983 Auckland, New Zealand

A few days ago I visited an old movie theatre that was full of vintage ephemera and was lucky enough to find a few original vintage photographs of unknown people. Wherever I go in my travels I always like to stop at all the antique and second hand shops to delve through their photos. I usually don't have much luck but I hit the jackpot this time!
Along with a few from my own family collection (very few) I will start to scan them and post them here with as much information as I can in the hopes that someone will recognise them. I'm strictly an amateur in this field so any hints & tips or links to helpful websites would be appreciated.
First one is of my mother, she was born in July 1912 and although there is no information on this photo I think she's at least 6 months old or more.

Subject: Gwendoline Eleanor Parks
Year: 1913
Photographer: Unknown

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