24 May 2016

Henry Goodenough Hayter 1831-1925

From the Francis Hayter Album

Case Study: Henry Goodenough Hayter


The first photo above was named in the album as Henry G Hayter, the second photo was in the album on another page and was unnamed. It’s obvious they were taken in the same studio and perhaps on the same day, if that is the case they are two different young boys. Although they seem to be dressed very similar there are differences, the main one being the second boy is taller than the first so probably a few years older. The second photo is quite blurred so the detail isn’t the same but I think the motif on the first boy’s trousers is different on the second boy’s trouser, second boy’s ears also stick out a little bit more and the shape of his face is rounder.

If the second boy is an older brother then he would be Charles Frederick born 23 Jul 1826.

Henry Goodenough Hayter was the fifth child of Goodenough Hayter & Emma neĆ© Chilton, born 12 Jan 1831 and baptised on the 19 Feb in the Holy Trinity Church in Islington, London. He was at home with his parents in Camberwell, Surrey in the 1851 census. On the 4 Jun 1859 in the St Luke’s Church in Chelsea he married Janet Druce, the daughter of William & Catherine Druce.

Henry Goodenough & Janet Hayter went on to have sixteen children over the next twenty four years:-

Edith Catharine 1860-1943, did not marry
Francis Goodenough 1861-1897, did not marry
Henry William Goodenough 1862-1915
Janet Emma 1864-1950 m Arthur Francis de Rougemont
Emma 1866-1949 m Oswald Osmond Wrigley
Alfred Goodenough 1867-1929, did not marry
William Goodenough 1869-1924 m Alethea Slessor
Richard Goodenough 1870-1920
Charles Goodenough 1872-1872
John Goodenough 1873-1934
Catharine Mary 1875-1951 m Robert Frederic Bayford
Owen Chilton Goodenough 1876-1961 m Violet Marie Wakefield
Hugh Charles Goodenough 1878-1879
Robert Dickinson Goodenough 1879-1880
Phoebe Judith 1882-1920, did not marry
Dorothy Julia 1884-1943, did not marry

Like me, you may think it very strange that they named some of their children with the same name as another one ie Henry William and William; Janet Emma and Emma; Hugh Charles and Charles; Edith Catharine and Catharine Mary. At first I thought they were using their middle names in various census until I searched further and found baptisms for all of them on different dates and they were each in a census at home with their parents, so there definately were 16 children, born out by the fact that in the 1911 census Janet said she’d been married 51 years and had given birth to 16 children with 12 of them still living.

On the 3 Feb 1847, at the age of 16, Henry Goodenough became an apprentice to learn the trade of ‘army packer & merchant’ in the Cloth Making Industry, for the term of seven years:-


It was to bring him good fortune and he became a very wealthy man and the father of many distinquished children, amongst them a judge in Egypt and an adviser to the Egyptian government; a well-known satirist/caricaturist & editor of 'The Eastern Sketch' a comic paper in Shanghai and chairman of the China Printing Co; the Superintendant of Police in India; and a Knight of the Realm.

Henry Goodenough Hayter was living at ‘Winterbourne’, Sidmouth in Devon when he died on the 9 Sep 1925 at the great age of 94, his wife Janet died on 4 Aug 1933 also at the age of 94.


Dawn Scotting

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