14 May 2016

Francis Hayter Album

When I first opened this recently acquired photograph album I must admit I was very disappointed to see so many photographs missing from it. At the same time I was happy to see a nice selection of photographs that are named if somewhat obscure as yet. I also acquired another album at the same time and it seems they are connected somehow.

After googling Francis Hayter I was somewhat disappointed again to find that he was a well known figure in the early days of the Nelson settlers and that my genealogical detective skills were not needed in his case as he is very well documented on many a webpage online. On reflection I find that I’m more delighted than disappointed to find such a wealth of knowledge on the HAYTER family.

So, as I go along looking into each named photograph I will post it with whatever information I can find about that person rather than document all of the Hayter family which has already been done by many more competent than myself.


There is no photo of Francis in the album but I did find the above photo online so I’ve superimposed it on top of the album cover.


Francis Hayter was the youngest child and sixth son of Goodenough Hayter & Emma neƩ Chilton, born in Camberwell, Surrey on 7 Oct 1843 and baptised in the St Giles Church on the 3 Nov 1843.


Francis had previously been in New South Wales, before coming to NZ about 1876, and that is where his partnership with Henry Wharton started:-


From Francis’ will dated 27 May 1878 it is interesting to note that he was still in partnership with Henry but in 1882 the partnership was dissolved, Francis died in 1891 after travelling to England for an operation where he died on the operating table, obviously he hadn’t changed his will between 1878 and 1891:-




Starting with the photograph from the album that has not stood the test of time unfortunately but has interesting names on the back, it has faded so much that I couldn’t really do much with it apart from showing that there are four men in the photo:-




As this photo was taken in Australia I’m wondering if this group of men -Sam Kirby, Tod Hunter, Wharton & Self - had just purchased some land there as the sign one of them is holding says ‘Free Select 640 Acres’. There is mention of a ‘Mr Cruickshank, Mumblebone’ in the album although the photo is missing, however, I seem to remember seeing somewhere that Francis Hayter’s first property was named Mumblebone. I found him living at ‘Mumblebone, Warren’ in the NSW Police Gazette of 1875 where he’s listed as a newly appointed Magistrate of the Colony. Mumblebone is not far from Dubbo.






And from the Dubbo Stock Report of 25 Nov 1869 a small mention of J Cruickshank of Mumblebone:-



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