23 March 2016

William Fetherstonhaugh of Grouse Lodge 1813-1887


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William Fetherstonhaugh was born on the 30 Jul 1813 at Mosstown, one of 28 children (17 grew to adulthood), of his parents Theobald and Mary neé Harding. On the 28 May 1845 William married his first cousin, Frances Ann Fetherstonhaugh, the daughter of his father’s brother Rev’d Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh, in the Hacketstown Church, Co Carlow where Rev’d Cuthbert was the Rector.

Does that say Uncle Brin or Uncle Bill? Anyway, he was the Uncle of the owner of the Fetherstonhaugh Album, Lily, and yes I’ve finally found out who Lily was! She was Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh, daughter of Cuthbert Holmes Fetherstonhaugh and he was the brother of Frances Ann the wife of the above William Fetherstonhaugh - have you got it - I’m not sure I’ve quite grasped it yet! It took a bit of working out, luckily a lot of them appear in Burke's Landed Gentry Of Ireland 1912, but not all of them!


William & Frances actually had three sons & five daughters, in this order:-

Annie Holmes 1845-1926 m Robert Vandeleur Kelly
Theobald 1846-1919 m Kate Olivia Bond
Mary 1849-1873, died Ireland unmarried
Edith Frances 1850-1924 m 1) John Joseph Nugent 2) Cuthbert John Clibborn
Charles 1852-1917 d Australia m Nellie Cathrew >son Cuthbert Foster
Arthur 1857-1895 m Thyra Maud Maxton            >dau Dorothy Frances
Margaret (Meg of Grouse) 1857-1892 died New Zealand unmarried 
Theodora Frances (Dora) 1861-1884 m Christopher Joseph Coffy

Cuthbert Foster Fetherstonhaugh, son of Charles was born in Australia, in 1916 he married Dorothy Frances Fetherstonhaugh, daughter of Arthur, in Sussex England, they moved to Australia where Cuthbert died in 1937, Dorothy died in Canada, date unknown as yet.

As well as Robert Vandeleur Kelly (posted earlier) I found the following photographs in the album:-



So far I haven’t come across a Toby but as he’s also from Grouse I’m wondering if perhaps Toby is a family nickname for Theodore? Hopefully something will come to light later. Then we have C Fh and A Fh, of Grouse, possibly Charles & Arthur?


Next is D C Fh of Grouse or just D Fh, they look to be the same person, so far I have not found a D C or a D Fetherstonhaugh of Grouse. I can’t believe how much they all look alike! I guess it is possible that some of the photos in the album have been mixed up at some stage, don’t forget the naming of each person is (in most cases) only written on the album below the photo so it’s possible some of these are not correct.



These all look to be the same woman, don’t they? What was she doing in Germany I wonder? Meg’s father’s brother, Cuthbert & his family, moved from Ireland to Germany during the years 1843 to 1848 but by 1870 he had settled in Australia so it wasn’t them she was visiting.

Ah but wait here’s another photo taken in Homburg of a Mr & Mrs Nugent:-


Aged very badly I’m afraid, fixed it as best I could. As mentioned, Edith Frances married John Joseph Nugent so one would have thought this photo to be them but John Nugent died in 1888 and as Edith was born in 1850 she would have only been 38 when he died, surely the woman in this photo is a lot older than 38? On studying the woman very closely she looks awfully like Meg in the previous 4 photos, what do you think? Sisters or the same woman? Perhaps whoever named the photo in the album had forgotten that Edith Frances remarried to Cuthbert John Clibborn in 1910 but no the fashions for after 1910 would have been quite different. So I’m at a loss for this one, might find something more later.

And that’s it apart from three spots in the album that have no photographs but are named as:-

D Coffy, Dora Coffy and Dora Coffy neé Fh.

Unfortunately the only person I’ve been able to identify (in the photos) with any certainty is father William & daughter Margaret. The branch up next has been a lot more illuminating, coming soon to a blog near you….

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Death of Mary 1849-1873: https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:FRYY-G57


Death of Margaret 1857-1892: NZ Cemetery Records, Nelson, NZ


and her death notice in the Australian Newspaper:-


Marriage & Death of Charles 1852-1917: Victoria, Australia


Birth of Theobald 1846-1919: Archives of Christ Hospital School, Hertfordshire.


Marriage of Theodora Frances 1861-1884: Catholic PRs, Rochfortbridge, Meath.



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