11 June 2009

Duggleby Photograph Album - or is it?


I found this small photograph album in an antique shop in Cambridge last Sunday, rather the worse for wear but what I found inside was quite intriguing. It held seven small photographs, none of them named except for a couple with a small message written on the back.


Also inside was this 'In Memoriam' card, sitting loosely between two pages so I wasn't sure if it had been with the album originally or not, next step to find out.


Duggleby is a name I've never heard of so I thought it might be easy to research, wrong again Dawn! I started off with a hiss & a roar but it soon fizzled out and the album's owner is still a mystery to me!

Here is the story:-

Births Dec 1897
Duggleby  Stanley Zealand    Malton  9d 408   
Deaths Mar 1898
Duggleby  Stanley Zealand  0  Malton  9d 293

Michael & Allys were living in Malton in the 1901 census:

10 Castlegate, Malton, North Riding, Yorkshire
Michael Duggleby head mar 31 butcher born Cottam, York
Ally M wife mar 26 born Queensland Aust
Alfred F son 7 born Qld Aust
Irene L M dau 5 born New Zealand
Archie W son 2 born Malton, York
Bernard W son 4mths born Malton, York

Michael & Allys weren't in the 1911 census so I looked at passenger lists and found them on board the vessel 'Friesland' which left Liverpool on 29 Apr 1903 bound for Philadelphia USA. From then on I found them living in Davenport, Scott Co, Iowa in each census upto 1930. They had 3 more children before Allys died sometime between 1912 and 1920. During the time they were living in America Michael took frequent trips home to the UK and to Canada. He had quite a few siblings and some had also migrated to the US & Canada so I expect he was visiting them and the others back home. On his last voyage in 1936 he was accompanied by a Margaret Duggleby aged 55 housewife so I'm presuming Michael married again sometime between 1930 & 1936, most probably in the USA.

Cottam_ChapelCottam Church, now derelict

Michael was born on 9 Aug 1869 at Cottam Grange, Langtoft in Yorkshire, son of Alfred Waldby Duggleby and Mary Hannah nee Simpson. The Dugglebys seem to be well documented in various places on the Internet. I started to wonder why he was in Australia where he met & married his wife as his occupation of butcher didn't seem like the job to be taking him out of the country. Obviously they had been to New Zealand on their way back to England so I thought perhaps he was visiting a relative here. Bingo - or so I thought!

NZ Marriages
1882/642 Hannah Duggleby & Jabez William Rowntree

NZ Births
1896/2488 Duggleby  Irene Louisa Mary  Allys Mary & Micheal
1890/15750 Rowntree  Jabez William  Hannah & Jabez William
1883/8164 Rowntree  Alice Mary  Hannah & Jabez William
1886/7306 Rowntree  Ethel  Hannah & Jabez William

NZ Deaths   
1897/1472 Duggleby  Edwin  35Y
1928/10254 Rowntree  Hannah  75Y
1927/3401 Rowntree  Jabez William  75Y

Great, it looks like Michael was visiting another relative, Hannah born about 1853 and died in Eltham in 1928. Hannah & husband Jabez William Rowntree are both buried in the Eltham Methodist Cemetery. Jabez was born in Pocklington Yorkshire so Hannah & Jabez may have already known each other before they emigrated to NZ.

Hannah & Jabez had three children, one of whom, Alice Mary, was a Staff Nurse during WWI and went overseas with the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces in 1818. She must have come home again as she seems to have married a Mr Culling, she died in 1955 aged 72. That's all I know about Hannah & Jabez's children.

That was the easy part - now we come to the frustrating part!

Try as I might I just cannot find any connection between Hannah & Michael - and I still can't! However, I did stumble over a Duggleby family tree on the Internet that gave Hannah's parents as William Duggleby and Ann nee Carr. According to that tree she was born on the 5 Mar 1849 at Bishop Wilton, Yorkshire & baptised there on the 30 Mar 1851. I've emailed the person as they have a copy of Hannah's marriage certificate but no reply as yet.

Bishop Wilton is not too far from Cottam but it may as well be the moon - as far as I can see there is no relationship between William and Michael - if there is it must be back a few generations and Michael & Hannah probably wouldn't have known each other.

Fortunately the NZ marriage certificates give the parents' names (including the mother's maiden name) of both the bride & groom so I really need to look at her marriage certificate to find out for sure who her parents were.

As I said there were very few hints in the album itself but two of them were addressed to Hannah so it seems like the album should have been hers but none of the given names mentioned are in Hannah's family although they are in Michael's, stranger and stranger.

love-from-emily-small emily2


This message was written on the back of the first photo, both photos look like the same woman to me.

emily1 unknown-man

Nothing written on these, perhaps taken on the same day and maybe husband & wife? Does this woman look like Emily, same person or just related?

baby-winifred baby-back

Baby Winifred obviously has an older sister named Marjorie. Michael has a sister named Lois born 1876. Both Lois & Emily are names in Michael's family tree.

woman-with-hat-small young-girl

Nothing on these either. First one might be an older Emily, she looks to have the same eyes & nose. The young girl looks like none of them! There is no photo on the front page of the album but there are names written there as if there had been once, none of these names have turned up in the course of my research:-


Maybe there is no connection between the photos and the memoriam card and I'm barking up the wrong tree? It just seemed like too much of a coincidence that the photos were addressed to a Hannah and that there was a Hannah Duggleby getting married in NZ around the same time frame, more or less, as the photos & the card. I had thought some of the people mentioned might have been from Allys' side of the family but the photos all came from Scarborough and her siblings were in Australia (as far as I know).

I forgot to mention that Hannah (dau of Wm & Ann) had quite a few siblings but none of her sisters were named Emily, Lois, Kitty, Ada, Maud, Ella or Lucy and none of her brothers' wives were either.

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If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Duggleby family please do contact me, I would love to hear from you. All the information on this family may also be seen on WorldConnect here.

Dawn Scotting

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