11 April 2009

Thomas Richard & Charlotte Vivienne Roydhouse

Update on this photograph posted here in December last year.


Thanks to the well known Photo-Sleuth Cathy Mann we have been able to identify this family with about a 95% certainty:-

Father - Thomas Richard Roydhouse, born 1862

From left to right:-

Beryl, born 1885 - Norah on her knee, born 1892
Ivy, born 1891
Charlotte Vivienne nee Green, mother, born 1865
Jessie, sister to Thomas, born 1870
Ruby, born 1883
Johnson, born 1890
Thomas Garnet, born 1887
{A further son Bernard was born in 1897}

The Roydhouses were visiting family in NZ from Australia and we can even pinpoint the time frame the photo was taken. They left Australia late 1893 and were back in Sydney by Oct 1894. This photograph was taken by the missionary the Rev Dr William Gunn who was in NZ and obviously visiting the Roydhouse family at a residence known as 'Ngaipu' in the Wairarapa - see previous post for more details.

Since my last post I've heard from one of Dr Gunn's descendants who tells me that he was visiting NZ during this time frame. One down only about 44 to go Cathy!

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