06 April 2009

The Last of the Maxton Family Photos

These are the last of the photos that aren't identified and may or may not be connected to the Maxton family. Actually, before I was able to post these I found out that B J Jordan is the brother of Mary Johns JORDAN who married William ROYDHOUSE and whose son, William Francis, married Annie Maxton - so there's the connection for that one. Many thanks to Cathy Mann for the above details.


The woman's photo was taken in Opernplatz, Frankfurt, Germany by the photographer J B Ciolina, nothing else known.

The gentleman at the end has faded so much I doubt anyone would recognise him, no details.


I posted the Mayor back on the 1 Dec, heard nothing more.

The lady with the cat is Kate Wrigglesworth, daughter of the well known photographer of Wellington, better known as Kate Gair the actress. Interestingly she met and married a German doctor, Professor Schachner, while on tour in Australia. There might very well be a connection between her and the woman above.

I can't make up my mind if the last woman is the same one as the middle one, don't think so, that pose must have been a popular one in that era. Or they could have been taken by the same photographer, no photographer's name on the middle one though.

So there you are the end of the Maxton saga - at least until I hear from other descendants. Many thanks go to all the descendants who have contacted me so far and helped work out who some of them are. I'm happy in the knowledge that all of the photos are going to good homes where they will be appreciated and loved. I have a few more photos of the DAVIES family whom Samuel Maxton's sisters married into which I will post soon.

  • Please do contact me if you are descended from any of these families as I will retain the scanned copies I have of the original photos.

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Cathy Mann said...

Many thanks are due to you, Dawn!
I have been over the moon since discovering these photos, and am now in contact with others who descended from the same families!
And I think I have found a new addiction :)sleuthing photos is ever so much fun.
Big round of applause for your great work.